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The AR-10 is one of the more popular high-powered rifles in America. Because they use longer range cartridges (anything from 7.62mm NATO to 6.5mm Creedmoors) than their smaller AR-15 cousins, AR10’s are often built as long range target and hunting rifles, with a focus on big scopes and reliable bipods, and it is the bipods we are going to examine here.

While most bipods on the market are remarkably similar and only vary  in minor features and leg length (we go into what you should look for in the second half of this article), there is enough room ranging from the high end to the budget friendly models to warrant a closer look at four similar yet very distinct models.  These are, in our humble opinion, the best AR-10 bipods on the market.

Harris S-BRM

Harris Engineering  practically defines high quality bipods.  Our ultimate choice for the top AR-10 bipod is the Harris S-BRM.  In fact, this bipod is the default standard by which all other bipods are judged.  Designed to be permanently mounted underneath your rifle using either a standard Picatinny rail or sling swivel stud, this high end bipod features rubber-coated feet, spring-loaded legs, and folds up underneath the rifle for easy use and rapid deployment. With legs that extend from 6-9” and a 45 degree swivel head, it is the perfect addition to your favorite AR-10 and suitable for most any sporting or even precision tactical application.

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Caldwell XLA

A close second  is Caldwell’s XLA bipod.  While not as versatile as the Harris, in that it can only mount to a sling stud and thus requires an adapter to fit most AR-10’s, it is also generally cheaper while offering basically the same features.  What is nice is that Caldwell offers a number of different sized legs for this bipod, making it one of the better choices for the AR-10. With choices that range from the standard 6-9” to a whopping 13.5-27”, you are sure to find the right sized bipod for your shooting needs.

UTG Bipod

I recently had  the pleasure of buying a custom-built AR-10 and after my wallet finished screaming at me, I realized that it is possible to trim some serious money here and there by carefully shopping quality imports like UTG.  UTG is well known for offering affordable yet quality firearms accessories, and their Tactical  OP bipod  is no exception.  A very nice near clone of the similar Harris bipod, but usually much cheaper (price fluctuations do happen, though), this is likely the best AR-10 bipod for the money.  Featuring a panning head, spring loaded legs, unique posi-lock feature that ensures optimal stability, 3-6” extendable legs, a unique quick detach feature for Picatinny rail  use and the ability to install on a Picatinny rail or sling swivel stud (and even includes the adapters for each!) this is an incredible bargain in the wonderful world of AR-10 bipods.

CV Life Bipod

The CV Life Bipod is a little more heavy duty. This makes it an excellent bipod for the heavier AR 10. The CV Life bipod attaches easily and quickly to the picatinny rail of an AR 10 and locks down nice and tight. The bipod has the additional option of using a sling swivel if you choose. The Bipod is adjustable and the legs can go from 6 to 9 inches in length. The legs can adjust independently of each other for rough and uneven terrain. The legs are also under spring tension, so once in place they stay there. The bipod can also fold upward, placing the legs out of the way when not in use. It’s a strong, reliable bipod that gives you a stable shooting platform.

So What Makes the Best AR-10 Bipod?

In my mind the first thing to consider for an AR10 bipod is if it fits a standard Picatinny rail.  Most AR-10’s are already fitted with a rail system, and very few have a standard sling swivel stud. While there are adapters out there, I prefer out of the box and ready to go, without having to install more parts.

The  next consideration is if you need a panning or tilting head or not. This is most useful for hunting or tactical applications when you may need to move your rifle around to engage a non stationary target, or to simply better adapt to your position. Fixed heads work best on benches and for stationary targets.

Grip bipods are a compromise between a number of systems and essentially are best for improvised support or shooting from a stable position. They can be most handy with say law enforcement who may find their added function handy when shooting from an improvised rest  like the hood of a car.

One of the almost dirty secrets of the gun parts world is that while high end stuff is truly high end and wonderful, the average stuff can be just as good and often comes from the same factory with different names on it. If you don’t need elite tactical or high end sporting gear, you can save a ton of money and put it back into your gun where it matters the most.

Naturally the AR-10 bipod market is flooded with cheap clones, questionable knockoffs, and the odd bipod you wouldn’t want to put on a Red Ryder (not only will you shoot your eye out, you’ll waste money on junk).  Don’t buy an off brand or import unless the seller offers good warranty service, has an established reputation, and more importantly is highly rated. Good deals are out there, but you have to work for them (or let us do the work for you!)

Ultimately the choice of the best AR-10 bipod boils down to both budget and end use, but for most, a good quality 6-9” swiveling head bipod mounted under their rifle is just what the doctor ordered and will do everything you need. The AR10 is a popular hunting and target rifle, and the variety of bipods on the market reflect those most common uses. Good luck!

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