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So why get an ACOG for your AR 10? Well, the AR 10 is the AR 15’s older and bigger brother and therefore is a perfect platform for a Trijicon ACOG. The trick is finding the right ACOG for your rifle. Being the AR10 is a .308 rifle, you’d need to find an ACOG with a .308 reticle. Then you need to determine what kind of shooting you are going to be doing.

Because we are nice guys, we’ve gathered three diverse ACOGs for any kind of shooting and specifically for the .308 caliber round. We also tossed in a wildcard at the end, so stick around for that.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best AR 10 ACOG sights on the market:

The ACOG 3×30

The baby of the Trijicon .308 ACOG family is the ACOG 3×30 model. This particular model is perfect if your AR 10 is more of a carbine with a shorter barrel and designed for short to medium range shooting. Typically, you’d want a carbine to be light and compact and you shave ounces were you can. Since this ACOG isn’t super powerful, you can trim it down to a lightweight and svelte 7 ounces. Trijicon does this without sacrificing quality or reliability. The optic is still made from forged aluminum and is still a beast. It takes a lot to destroy an ACOG.

The 3×30 model is also only 6 inches long and is dual-illuminated (see full specs). The fiber optic red band across the top absorbs light and uses it to power the internal reticle. This makes the reticle glow a bright and easy to see red. At night, the tritium kicks in and illuminates the same reticle. This means you never have to worry about batteries. The optic is simply always functioning.

It features a fixed 3 power magnification and a bullet drop compensating reticle. The reticle is only ranged out to 600 meters. That’s what’s to be expected with a 3 power scope. Plus the simpler reticle means it’s easier for close quarters shooting. Shooters employ the Bindon aiming concept to engage at red dot distances without issue.

The ACOG 4×32

The classic ACOG is always going to be the 4×32, at least in my eyes. This was the model I was issued as a Marine (albeit for an M4) and shot expert with 4 times. This model is for any AR 10 owner who wants the best of both worlds: short-range compatibility with long-range marksmanship. The 4×32 model is the middle child of the ACOG family and can sometimes be ignored. However, it does give you the most versatility.

The optic is heftier than the baby, but that’s to be expected. It comes in at right around 15 ounces and is still only 6 inches long. The optic is still small for what it does and leaves plenty of room for night vision optics. This optic also uses the dual illuminated system to ensure you have always have an illuminated reticle. Speaking of reticle, this one is a bit more dynamic than most.

You can choose between an amber or red illuminated reticle. The reticle is a full line crosshair that is ballistically compatible with the .308 round. The reticle is dialed into different drop points and goes out to 800 meters. As always you use Trijicon’s multi coated lenses to provide you with a crystal clear sight picture. The 4×32 always comes an option for mounted iron sights for super close range combat—and therefore is one of the best AR 10 ACOG sights period.

ACOG 5.5×50

The big daddy of the ACOG realm is the Trijicon Ta55A ACOG 5.5×50. This massive ACOG is for the long-range AR 10 shooter who needs a little long range compatibility. The 5.5 magnification makes it the most powerful optic in the ACOG family and the 50mm objective lens makes it quite massive in design. This particular models weighs over 25 ounces with its flat top mount and is a foot long. It’s a big and powerful optic designed to reach out and touch a target.

The Trijicon ACOG 5.5 features the same bullet drop compensating reticle (see full specs) that’s been used on the other two optics in this article. This bad boy has the ability to reach out and hit target at 1200 meters. Of course, the shooter needs to do his job. The Trijicon ACOG 5.5 power optic is still battery free and features the same dual illumination system. This powerful and durable optic is still an excellent medium range optic as well.

Hitting man-sized targets out to 300 yards from a standing position is easy and even boring. The ACOG 5.5 is completely submersible, and can sink to a 100 feet before you run into issues. This is the only ACOG for long-range shooting and is, without doubt, one of the best AR 10 ACOG sights for the money.

CETME C Trijicon ACOG TA55

The Wildcard – RMR with ACOG Mount

So I’ve given you an ACOG for just about any task imaginable. For close range use, for long range use, and everything in between. If you want to increase the versatility of your rifle and optic combination overall, check out the Trijicon RMR on an ACOG mount. The Trijicon RMR is a miniature red dot sight that can be mounted to the top of the optic via a ring mount. This gives you a superb close-quarters combat optic for those situations where an opponent is in breathing distance.

The Trijicon RMR is the strongest and most durable miniature red dot on the market. It will last for just about forever and has no issues taking on the recoil of the AR 10. As a semi automatic rifle the AR10 has some recoil but not enough where it can’t be a close quarters gun. The miniature red dot’s 3.25 MOA reticle is easy to see and is a nice size. It’s easy to pick up on in a hurry and allows you to change in a heartbeat from long range to close range shooting.

This combination of mount and optic can attach to any standard ACOG. It fits with ease and is quite easy to adjust and zero to the weapon. This is a professional mini red dot made for pro gunslingers, but functions perfectly for hunting and competition.


The Best AR 10 ACOG – to the Tens

The AR10 is a capable and powerful rifle. It can be used for close quarters shooting, long range shooting, hunting, competition and more. Like any modern rifle a scope increases its accuracy, its range, and improves its versatility. The ACOG is likely the most combat tested rifle optic in the world, and on top of an AR 10 it greatly improves your shooting versatility. Good luck!

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