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best night sights for glock 23

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The Glock 23 is one of the premiere self-defense pistols. The everyday Joe who’s carrying concealed, the 23 are awesome compromises of comfort and power. There isn’t much one needs to change on the Glock 23 but the sights are one of them. A good set of night sights opens the world up for the shooter. Why? Regardless of light limitations, you can always engage your target.

Night sights shouldn’t limit a shooter during the day and the sights should still be fast and easy to acquire. Night sights should glow nice and bright. If you are swapping Glock’s plastic sights and spending a bit of money you should choose metal as well. Metal sights are a lot tougher and much more dependable. Here are the 4 best night sights for Glock 23 pistols:

Ameriglo Ghost Ring

This unusual set of sights looks something more akin to aperture sights found on long guns. These are not common pistol sights, but they have been proven to be highly effective as night sights, and they also perform well during the day. These sights excel for those who may have decreased vision and are forced to wear glasses.

The sights feature a rear ring and a front post. Inserted on the left and right side of the rear sight ring are glowing tritium inserts. The front sight features a tritium inserted in the middle of the post, surrounded by a bright white paint. The paint does not glow and is designed to be used during the day when the tritium inserts are not glowing. At night, the sights appear as traditional three-dot variety, and during the day the ring itself is used.

The sights themselves are very easy to acquire, and allow for rapid engagement, perfect for self-defense, which is one of the main uses of the Glock 23. The Ameriglo Ghost ring sights are assembled from steel and are tough as nails. The rear sight is serrated to reduce glare from ambient light. The tritium inserts glow brightly and are incredibly easy to acquire in the dark. These are among the best night sights for Glock 23 period.

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Trijicon HD GL101O

Trijicon is one of the world’s best sight makers, producing sights for everything from sniper rifles to the industrious Glock 23 handgun. Their sights are known to be rock solid—optics and sights you can count on in a fight. The bright and tough sights make a large claim with just their name, and they back it up. These all-metal sights are tough enough to last in the harshest non-permissive environments.

The Trijicon HD GL101O sights use tritium inserts that are capped with a sapphire jewel. Tritium is an extremely bright substance that glows for years before it even begins to dim. The sapphire cap and the use of protective aluminum cylinders protect the tritium inserts from both the recoil of the snappy .40 Smith and Wesson cartridge and the harshest of cleaning solvents.

The Trijicon night sights are incredibly bright in the dark: their glow is ridiculously easy to see. The inserts are surrounded by a bright white ring that is designed to be used during the day, making these sights an excellent option for a self-defense pistol like the Glock 23.


Truglo Tritium Sights

The Glock 23 is a reliable pistol that also happens to be very affordable. Likewise, the Truglo Night sights are an excellent option if you are trying to avoid breaking the bank. These night sights use extremely bright tritium inserts. When the lights are lowered, the tritium insert glows intensely, making them easy to acquire regardless of the light situation.

The Truglo night sights are manufactured from steel and CNC machinery for an incredible fit and finish. These sights are precision made and hold up wonderfully over the years. The design is flattened and any harsh angles are turned to smooth curves that allow for a snag free design. These Truglo night sights will fit in with any standard Glock 23 holster without modification.

The tritium inserts glow a bright green and adjust automatically for the level of light around the sights. Installation is very easy to do, but if you’re not sure the best bet would be to see a gunsmith. The installation only takes a few minutes and a sight tool is required. This Truglo is among the best night sights for Glock 23 if you’re a budget shooter.


XS Big Dot Tritium Sights

These Big Dot tritium sights are not designed for target or competition but designed for combat. These sights are designed purely for self-defense and for placing rounds on a bad guy. These sights are not typical for most handguns, but they work perfectly for a firefight. The huge front sight is very easy to acquire, easy to see, and easy to use in the middle of a fight.

The XS big dot sights (see full specs) feature a tritium lamp inset in the center of the optic, surrounded by a healthy dose of white paint. These sights are designed to get a shooter rapidly on target; the shooter can see this huge front sight with ease, and place it on target. The rear sight is plain, but the center of the rear sight features a single tritium lamp. Using this sighting is literally dotting the I: the rear lamp is a vertical line, the front sight is a simple dot.

The XS big dot sights are made from metal and ridiculously tough. Although the sight is bigger than usual, it fits in holsters with ease. The XS big dot sights are built to last and designed for use within 25 yards. These are likely the best Glock 23 night sights if you use your handgun primarily for the self and home defense.

Shooting with the XS Big Dot Night Sights

Own the Night

The Glock 23 is an excellent pistol chambered in the common .40 Smith and Wesson. As a defensive handgun it is extremely reliable and very capable. But the Glock 23 has a single flaw and that is its poor stock sights. If you are upgrading, you should go with night sights for they allow more versatility for different times of the day. And we hope you’ve found the best night sights for Glock 23 pistols here. Good luck!

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