Glock Night Sights vs Trijicon – Which Are Better? (ANSWERED)

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The Glock pistol series likes to claim they are perfect, but that’s just marketing jive. Glock pistols overall are wonderful guns, reliable, simple, and perfect for mass production. One thing that has always been a weak point on Glock pistols is the sights.

The cheap plastic sights that are included work, but they are far from perfect. So what is a Glock aficionado left to do? Upgrade, of course. The Glock pistol is the AR 15 of the pistol world. If you are upgrading you might as well upgrade to night sights or adjustable sights or just something beyond the standard right? Who do you go to for new sights?

Well you can go to Glock, yes they make nice OEM sights, they just only include on special edition and law enforcement versions of their pistols. There is also Trijicon, one of the biggest and most respected night sight manufacturers in the world. Today, we are looking at both and which is the better fit for your Glock automatic pistol.

Glock Night Sights vs Trijicon Round 1: Glock OEM Night Sights

If you are going Glock, why not go Glock, all the way? Glock OEM night sights are simple, and effective three dot sights for all Glock pistols. They are the same height and style of traditional Glock sights and install easily enough. These are three dot iron sights that all glow. The main difference outside of glowing is replacing the U-shaped target rear sights. The simple three dot system works and has for decades.

The biggest testament to these sights are the fact that militaries and police forces around the world use these sights with their Glock pistols. This means these sights are trusted and depended on by professional gunfighters, and for good reason. Like Glock pistols, they are effective, reliable, and complement the user’s shooting ability. Glock OEM night sights aren’t as fancy as other sights, but they are undeniably one of the best combat night sight options for Glock pistols.

These sights are also remarkably affordable. They are well below the market standard for the average price. They will work with all generations and all standard models of Glock pistols. If you own multiple Glocks you can outfit them all with the same sights without having to learn different sighting methods. Unfortunately. there is no discount for bulk buys.

Glock OEM night sights

Glock Night Sights vs Trijicon Round 2: Glock Adjustable Sights

Sticking with Glock as the sight manufacturer, let’s look at adjustable sights. Why would you need adjustable sights versus fixed sights? Well, competition shooters can greatly benefit from the ability to dial in their sights, and really pull out every inch of accuracy possible.

Secondly, there are two models in the Glock line that are popular for hunting: the models 20 and 40. Both could directly benefit from adjustable sights. When hunting animals, you want to hit a small target that is the animal’s kill zone. In that situation, you need to hit that target to remain humane and may have to do it in low light.

Oh, did I forget to mention these are high viz sights? The rear sight is a target style most Glock users know, and the front dot is a high visibility fiber optic. This allows you to get a quick and efficient front sight focus. This mix of adjustable rear and high visibility front sight gives the end user options for both speed and accuracy.

These sights are surprisingly affordable for the front and rear combo. They are easy to use and very easy to install. They adjust left to right without issue, and they even come with a mini screwdriver for the adjustments. The only downside is they won’t work on the single stack models, which includes the 36, 42, and 43. This isn’t a big deal since small guns really don’t need adjustable sights.

Glock adjustable and standard sights

Glock Night Sights vs Trijicon Round 3: Trijicon GL1010

Trijicon is one of the premier aftermarket companies for creating night sights. Their sights are incredibly popular with both police and military units and are extremely well made. The GL1010 sights are dedicated night sights and are one of the most respected models. The GL1010 is designed mostly for self-defense but are excellent sights overall. These sights are still very capable in the daylight as well as the dark.

The front sight features a bright orange ring that is fixed to the front sight. It’s designed to catch the eye during the day for speed shooting. The center of the front sight is where the tritium insert is located. These tritium vials are guaranteed to stay bright for 15 years. That’s quite some time for a pair of sights. The Trijicon irons sights are made entirely from steel for durability and you have the ability to rack off your belt or a table.

The Trijicon rear sight is serrated and features two tritium vials. The serrated surfaces reduce glare and help produce brighter and easier to see tritium vials. The rear sight as has a rear U cut which helps you pick up and find the front sight in a quick and efficient manner.

Trijicon hd night sights POV and some shooting

Glock Night Sights vs Trijicon Round 4: White Outline Front Night Sights

In celebration of the ATF working to make suppressors easier to use, we are going to talk about Trijicon Suppressor height sites. Suppressors are often so large and round they make using sights nearly impossible, so suppressor height sights are needed. Suppressor height sights stand significantly higher than standard sights and allow you to easily shoot over suppressors. These sights are also night sights.

They feature two rear tritium vials that are small but glow brightly. The front sight has a tritium vial that’s surrounded by a white luminescent paint. This makes the front sight easy to see, and easy to pick up. This makes it easy to see and use during the day.

These sights are also really handy if you are using one of the Glock MOS pistols, which allow for the mounting of a red dot sight. These sights will allow you to co-witness with your optic in case it goes down. As you expect from Trijicon sights, these are well made, premium-priced sights.

Suppressor height sights

Sighting In

Regardless of the sights, you choose you should always choose quality options. Glock is well known and reputed enough for making Glocks, so why wouldn’t their sights rock? Trijicon makes optics used by military forces around the world, so I ask the same question. Either option will give you a high quality, and dependable set of sights. Good luck!

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