The 4 Best Hunting Blind Chairs – Reviews 2023

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So why get a decent hunting blind chair? Obviously comfort. Imagine this: it’s early, it’s cold, and part of you wants to reach over and hit snooze on that alarm clock. But you don’t. You climb to your feet, dress, gun up, and head to your hunting blind, cause today we are bringing dinner home. Sitting in that old wood blind, on that 2 x 4 bench gets old fast, and if you’re tired of that you’ve come to the right place.

We are going to talk about hunting blind chairs. A good blind chair needs to be lightweight and easy to tote. You don’t want to carry 50 pounds worth of Lazy Boy. A good blind chair should also fold into a compact package this way you can carry through the woods without crashing and tumbling. Lastly, as we mentioned, it needs to be comfortable!

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best hunting blind chairs on the market:

Primo Double Bull Hunting Blind Stool

Let’s keep things simple. Simple is affordable, and simple is less likely to fail when you need it most. The Primos Double Bull Tri Stool is simple. It’s a canvas and aluminum chair that folds when it’s not needed. The folding nature also makes it easy to tote to and from the hunting blind. The Primos Double Bull Tri Stool is designed in that triangular shape for a reason, to resist restricting movement. The triangular shaped seating allows you to pivot without depending on a pivot device on the chair.

The Tri Stool can hold up to 300 pounds. The legs are easily locked for carry and an included shoulder strap makes it easy to manage with your rifle or bow. The chair has a flared backrest so you lean back and relax a bit while waiting those long morning and evening hours. The chair is wide enough for the women who run the world and comfy enough for those long hours of waiting that hunting often involves.

The triangular shape also helps ensure steady blood flow to the legs so you won’t be stumbling when you recover that deer or turkey or goose. The chair weighs a mere 6.5 pounds and comes in a camo and black finish. It’s also built to be high enough for the most common blinds. It’s also one of the cheapest options for blind chairs. It’s like the best hunting blind chair for the money.

Primos Ground Blind Product Review

Browning Huntsman Hunting Blind Chair

When you take your first look at the Browning Huntsman’s chair, you’d probably think that’s an office chair! Admittedly, it does resemble an office chair quite a bit, but once you start looking at the finer details, you’d see that the Chair has a bit more going for it than your office chair. Unless your office is a deer blind and you are enjoying the good life. The Huntsman chair does feature a full-sized seat and backing for increased comfort and back support.

The chair doesn’t feature traditional padding; instead, it utilizes mesh material to support the body (see full specs). This is Browning’s Tech mesh. The benefits of this material are numerous. It’s water resistant, and when exposed to water it dries incredibly fast. The use of mesh also gives you more room to sit, a more robust chair back, without adding significant weight.

The Huntsman Chair also features three legs that can be independently adjusted to compensate for rough terrain. The feet are round and use a ball joint to auto stabilize the chair. It pivots on a 180-degree plane and allows the shooter to silently spin the chair to dial a shot in. The chair’s height is adjustable for us tall guys. Of course, the system folds up easily for carrying, and weighs 13 pounds. Hands down, it’s among the best hunting blind chairs.

Browning Camping Huntsman (previously named Shadow Hunter)

Millennium G100 Blind Chair

If you’re the type of guy who wants to get a little chance with his blind chair then we have a choice for you. It’s not the cheapest option, but it is one of the more robust and the lightest options on the list (see full specs). The G100’s biggest draw is its modularity. I’ll get this out of the way now. You can attach an arm and monopod shooting stick to rest your rifle on. This ensures you have a stable, all-in-one platform for shooting whatever your chosen game is.

The Chair itself has a silent 360 swivel device and can adjust from 13 inches to 18 inches in height. The design is made from aluminum and is made to last. The aluminum features a powder coat finish for rust resistance. The three legs are independently adjustable with self-stabilizing feet.

The pad is one large piece of taught material that forms a sling seat. This gives the user a comfortable, and robust place to rest. The design folds away for easy carry and weighs only 7 lbs. Plus it has the ability to hold 400 pounds, which means if that, even if you’re Jabba the Hutt’s slightly smaller sibling, you’ll feel comfortable on it.

Millennium Tree Stands G100 Ground Blind Chair.

Guide Gear Swivel Hunt Chair

If you are looking to keep thing nice and light, then the Guide Gear Swivel hunt chair is for you. This small but strong chair is designed for the tree stand or the deer blind. It’s a minimalist take on the blind chair, but it still provides a versatile and comfortable option. If you are hiking out to your blind, you likely want something that’s lightweight and easy to carry overall. This is that chair. It’s very light at only 11.19 pounds.

It is a steel frame so it’s still strong and reliable for shooters up to 300 pounds. The steel is power-coated for corrosion resistance. The Guide Gear chair has a 360-degree swivel function that allows you to spin and engage a target. Best of all the swivel function is silent and you are capable of slowly and silently spinning yourself into position. The cushions are a thick 2.25 inches thick and it’s plenty comfortable for those early mornings and long evenings.

The Denier fabric, and polyurethane coating makes it extremely durable when faced with both normal wear and tear and elemental exposure. The whole chair folds up into a small package and comes with a carry strap to make it easy to carry and move within your hands, or even strapped across your body. The Guide Gear’s seat has a height of 16 inches and a total height of 30 inches. It should fit in any standard hunting blind. It’s an excellent minimalist seat, with a great swivel feature and a compact design.

Rest Them Dogs

Going hunting should be a recreational event. At least, these days it is. Taking the time to commune with nature, to respect your prey, and harvest your own foods connects us to our roots. However, that doesn’t mean we need to ache and be sore all day after. The best hunting blind chair can make a long hunt a relaxing one. Good luck!

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