The 4 Best Tree Stand Harnesses – Treestand Safety Reviews 2023

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Bow hunters know a tree stand is one of the best ways to successfully complete a hunt an animal, and they know too it also adds an element of danger to the hunt. Given the very real risks of falling from your stand, it is crucial to wear a tree stand harness. A quality tree stand harness will not only keep you safe in case of an accident but adds stability when leaning forward to take a carefully aimed shot at your game.

There are about fifty zillion ways to make a harness that attaches to a tree, and not all of them are made equally. We dismissed anything that was not camouflaged for starters and then moved on with a focus on comfort, durability and user ratings. Many safety harnesses are available in a wide range of sizes to fit nearly all hunters, and prices will reflect those size ranges. Ultimately, we narrowed down the playing field to what we think are 4 of the best tree stand harnesses on the market.

Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex

A lot of fancy buzzwords rolled into one name that does a great job of describing this fantastic tree stand harness. This lightweight and easy wearing design (see full specs) is padded where you need it most, and offers exceptional support in case of a fall. Designed to eliminate buckles and straps that can snag at the wrong moment, and engineered for optimal comfort and safety, this harness is ideal for the minimalist hunter or one who values simple yet effective gear. Available in most common sizes and featuring a shock absorbing tether, this is a fantastic product for any hunter who values efficiency and well thought out design—easily one of the best tree stand harnesses for the money.

Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex

EZ On Basic Harness

The definition of basic, this tree stand harness is almost deceptively simple. Offering little more than a functional and effective safety harness, it is rated for up to 300 pounds, and will do the job, albeit without much grace or elegance. Now for some folks that is fine, after all not everyone wants the same thing (but you’re a hunter, not a ballet dancer, so why are you expecting elegance?).

If you need a basic harness or are just trying out bow hunting to see if it’s right for you, there is certainly no reason to invest large amounts of money into your gear, which makes this a great little tree stand harness. What I really like about it, though, is the fact it doubles as a deer drag, which greatly adds utility beyond its nominal price. Hands down, this is among the best treestand harnesses you can buy.

Ironhide Safety Harness | Big Game Treestands

X-1 Bowhunter

A step up from the last budget tree stand harness we looked at, this offering from Hunter Safety System, includes an instructional DVD and careful design that eliminates dangling straps or buckles which can pose a serious safety risk. Designed to be an improvement over most entry-level tree stand harnesses, the X-1 (see full specs) is perfect for the beginner or experienced bow hunter. It offers a minimalist approach that also focuses on user comfort as well as refining common safety features. Ideal as a primary or simply a spare safety harness, there is no reason not to consider this product, which should belong on anyone’s list of the best tree stand harness.

Product Review: X-1 Bowhunter Safety Harness

Hunter Safety System Pro-Series Harness

This is a really nice tree stand harness. Designed from the ground up to be both innovative and comfortable, starting with the silent rubber coated leg strap buckles, all the way through the unique internal design of the harness system, this is a real game changer. From the outside, the harness looks and wears much like a vest, but inside, it’s a complete safety system ready to protect you in case of a fall or to provide support when taking that crucial shot. Reasonably priced and available in all common sizes, this is the must have tree stand harness for your next hunting trip.

Hunter Safety Systems - Instructional and Safe Use

Selecting and Using the Best Tree Stand Safety Harness

It is no exaggeration to say that a tree stand harness can literally save your life. It is perhaps the most crucial piece of safety equipment you can take with you into the woods when bow hunting, and to that end, must be chosen carefully and with great consideration.

The first consideration of course should be if it fits you. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for measuring to make sure the harness you want is available in your size. The next concern is to make sure it is rated for your weight. In fact, I like to add a little margin of error just to be safe. Now we need to look at design. Some are little more than bare bones basic harnesses, while others are clearly designed for long wear and comfortable use.

A poorly designed harness will not be comfortable and could even cause injury if you fall hard enough. Better to carefully choose one that features padding at contact points and a good webbing system that distributes your weight in case of a fall. A flexible tether is another important point, as it will absorb the shock of a fall, and reduce the potential for injury or bruising.

Some tree harnesses tethers will double as a deer drag, adding utility to your investment. Most though are carefully thought out and integrated garments that are as much safety gear as part of your hunting camouflage. Which raises another point. Pretty much any harness worth its salt will have some sort of camouflage on it. Modern hunting camouflage has evolved to a fine art and has also become inexpensive, meaning even the most basic of hunting gear can have effective camo on it.

Ultimately, the best tree stand harness boils down to not only personal comfort but personal preference. While most any well rated quality harness will do the job, as we know not everything is created equal, nor are the people who wear them. This life saving equipment should not be purchased lightly, and if budget is a consideration, at least choose from proven high-quality budget models. A little thought, a little effort, and some honest consideration of your needs will steer you into the ideal harness for you.

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