The 4 Best Remington 770 Bipods for the Money – Reviews 2021

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The Remington 770 is the modernized and budgeted version of the venerable Remington 700 rifle, which is well-known for its accuracy and dependability. There isn’t much you can do to improve the 770, but a bipod is a welcome addition to any rifle. A good bipod should provide a stable and steady platform for the shooter.

The bipod needs to be tough and dependable, as well as easy to use and lightweight. A bipod should be wiggle free, and the legs need to be strong, capable of withstanding the recoil of centerfire rifles.

There is, however, a major caveat: The majority of Remington 770 rifles don’t come with a swivel stud but a fixed, plastic one. The following bipods all will only work with swivel studs so it’s important for you, if you have a plastic stud, to attach a swivel stud (hopefully by a gunsmith) before you buy any of the following.

This is a common upgrade of Remington 770s and it’s not uncommon to find one of the used market with an installed sling swivel stud, or even a Picatinny rail. You can also use an additional aftermarket stock--for example, the stocks by Boyd for the Remington 770 come equipped with a metal sling swivel stud. I would not suggest a bipod that clamps to the barrel because these bipods can affect the accuracy of your rifle and stress your barrel unnecessarily. If you truly want an upgrade the Remington 770 take the time and spend the money to do it right.

With that warning in mind, here are the 4 best Remington 770 bipods for the money:

UTG Tactical Op Bipod

In recent years, UTG has gained a reputation for producing a variety of rifle goods at discount prices. These goods vary greatly and range from simple red dots to AR 15 handguards to the UTG Tactical Op Bipod. This bipod is designed to mount to either a Picatinny rail or the swing swivel mount. The entire bipod is made from high quality but lightweight aluminum for a long lasting, durable tool.

The UTG Tactical allows you some room to pan left and right for those on call windage or necessary leads in the field. Speaking of in the field, that is where the UTG Tactical shines, in situations that have active targets, like deer or hog. The ability to pan allows the shooters to maintain stillness while making those small adjustments to get a humane shot. The UTG Tactical features rubberized foot pads for increased grip on most surfaces and to minimize slipping.

The legs fold and collapse, allowing the weapon to be compact and easily stored when equipped with the bipod. The Posi-lock legs get the bipod upright and tight and is capable of resisting any slip. The UTG Tactical Op is an excellent bipod for this using a Remington 770 in any caliber, but would probably work best with a lighter .243 or .223 round due the bipod’s low weight. But since the rifle is already light, you can keep it that way.

Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod by B&T Industries

If you are looking for something both remarkably simple and extremely tough for your Remington 770, you could not go wrong with B&T Industries’ Accu-Shot Atlas bipod. The Atlas is an incredibly well-built bipod, designed to stand up to any rigors thrown its way. The Atlas is simple and easy to install with minimum fuss. Once installed you have a rock base to increase your accuracy and get rounds on target.

The Atlas (see full specs) offer 30 degrees of left and right pan for a broad range of adjustment. This gives shooters the option of use a more solid service and still being able to engage targets to the left and right. The Atlas bipod also offers 30 degrees of cant, which allows the shooter to observe and shoot at up or down angles with barely any position change.

The addition of pan and cant allow the shooter to set up on uneven terrain and adjust until on target with ease. The Atlas is also capable of adjusting its height from a low profile 4.75 inches to a nice and high 9 inches. Once equipped on your Remington 770 there is never a reason to take it off. This is one of the best bipods for Remington 770 rifles period.

Atlas Bipod by B&T Industries

Caldwell XLA Pivot

The Caldwell XLA Pivot is the bipod you’ll want if you are hunting or shooting in an environment where the prone position isn’t an option. This could be due to high brush, or grass, or something on the ground like snow or water making getting down incredibly uncomfortable. The XLA could also be handy for a handicapped shooter or one plagued with arthritis who simply physically cannot lie on the ground. The XLA is available in tall heights up to 27 inches.

At 27 inches, the shooter can be comfortably taking a knee while balancing their weapon on the bipod. This opens up a wide range of options for shooters to use brush and foliage as camouflage and have a rock steady mount to aid in accuracy. The design attaches to the Remington 770’s swing swivel stud (remember, you’d need  gunsmith to add the swivel stud if you rifle doesn’t have one already) and locks down tight. The legs are spring loaded and notched to be used at a variety of different lengths.

The pivot portion of the XLA pivot allows shooters to compensate for up to 20 degrees. The bipod features an amazing finish that is capable of withstanding nearly any environment and resisting rust. The product fills a specific niche for shooters and fills it very, very well. In other words, if you like standing up while shooting, this is the best Remington 770 bipod.

Harris Engineering Hinged Based BiPod

The Harris Engineering bipods are some of the best out there if you are looking to use your Remington 770 as a bench rest weapon. The Harris Engineering bipod is rock solid, and extremely sturdy when mounted to the weapon. They’re also known for their reliability and their non-slip legs even when firing powerful rounds like the .30-06, the 308 Winchester, or even the .338 Lapua.

The Harris bipods are capable of extending and collapsing from six to nine inches to give the shooter some additional height for different shooting positions. The rubberized base pads grip to almost any surface and mitigate slippage, even when faced with heavy recoil. These bipods are an excellent addition to any rifle, but they are designed to attach to swing swivels instead.

Once mounted to the sling swivel, it is rock solid and bolts down very nicely. These bipods are very easy to install, tough as nails, and easy to adjust to make that perfect shot. Harris bipods are very popular, and for good reason, they are the closest thing you get to a portable bench rest. These are easily among the best Remington 770 bipods.

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch BiPod and Remington 700


The bipod is incredibly useful on any rifle and even some pistols. They increase the shooter’s accuracy potential and provide a mobile and stable platform for the shooter to use in the field. It’s institutional in military and police operations, hunting, competition, and simple plinking. Indeed, the best Remington 770 bipods are as essential as rifle scopes—and maybe even more so in some situations!

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