The 4 Best Hunting Tripods — Shooting Tripod Reviews 2023

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Hunting tripods are extremely useful tools that often get overlooked by the shooting community. While they provide an extremely stable rest from which to shoot and are therefore ideal for hunting, they are not as used as often as one might think. Certainly it isn’t that hard to hit minute of game animal from an offhand position, although one might use a tree or a log as an improvised support or rest, and it is entirely possible to do an entire lifetime of satisfactory hunting and sport shooting without ever using a shooting tripod.

But there is no reason not to. Shooting tripods are about as close to a portable rifle bench as you can get without actually lugging one into the woods. They are a no brainer for long distance hunting or for when you absolutely have to have a stable platform to shoot from. Here are the 4 best hunting tripods on the market:

Primos Gen II Trigger Stick

This is a pretty slick hunting tripod. As the ad says, you can adjust its height with the pull of a built in trigger and then lock it into place with a simple switch. This shooting tripod is not only perfect for providing a rock solid rest for when you absolutely must get a critical shot, but by removing the cradle, you can mount a camera or spotting scope on it, making it extremely handy in the field. Lightweight, easy to use and transport, this is one of the best shooting tripods period. It’s perfect for your next hunting or hiking trip.

Primos Trigger Sticks Gen 2 Tripod - Hunting Solutions

Caldwell Dead Shot

Hands down, this is probably the best hunting tripod on the market. Designed to be easily used from a sitting or standing position, this tripod does it all. Designed to fully support a rifle or crossbow, and to even accommodate rifles like the AR-15 with their extended length magazines, Caldwell brings an affordable, innovative and rugged shooting tripod to the market. Made of lightweight, yet rugged aluminum, the Dead Shot can fold up into an easy to carry unit yet quickly deploy in moments. Ideal for taking extremely accurate shots or just a long day prairie dog hunting, it’s hard to find anything wrong with this shooting tripod.
Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod with Aaron Davidson of Gunwerks

Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod

This one is a blast. Adjustable in height up to 68”, built of lightweight aluminum alloy, and featuring a 360 degree pivoting yoke, this shooting tripod is packed full of features. Special carbide tipped feet protect the tripod from wear on rock and hard surfaces while the rubber lined yoke protects the finish on your rifle from wear and tear. A sturdy velcro strap keeps the whole unit together when folded up, and it fits neatly in an included nylon bag. One of the best hunting tripods for your next hunting trip, and being so affordable, there is little reason not to buy one.

Vanguard Quest Shooting Stick

It’s a shooting tripod, bipod and monopod all in one. Easily configurable for desired height and type of operation, this lightweight and easily transported shooting tripod brings low cost and versatility to your next hunting trip. The rubber lined yoke is designed to securely cradle your rifle while offering a full 360 degree range of movement. Coming in at about 2.5 pounds, the added weight to your pack is hardly noticeable, and is easily justified for convenience and improved accuracy when hunting. Why risk missing an important shot when you can have a state of the art and flexible shooting tripod in your bag of tricks?

Why You Need a Shooting Tripod

As I mentioned, shooting tripods are an often overlooked piece of hunting gear that should be an important part of your equipment. I use one when I set up my deer blind every fall, as the idea of having my rifle in a more ready position is appealing, as is the notion of being able to have it fully supported while still being able to rapidly adjust my aim.

The best shooting tripods make the hunt easier and more successful, especially if you are hunting from a fixed location or have the time to set one up and scope out an animal from a herd. Long distance shooting is where a shooting tripod really shines. Kicking through the brush or timber requires being able to take a quick offhand shot but if you have a good place to set up or have spotted an animal or animals off in the distance, you often have the leisure to rig your tripod and take a slow, careful shot. At greater distances even a minor error can result in a big miss, so the added stability of a good shooting tripod can be critical to a successful hunt.

Some hunting tripods can also be used to mount your favorite spotting scope or camera on, adding to their usefulness. There is something to be said for having a spotting scope mounted on a tall, stable platform as you carefully scan the treeline for a deer or elk, plus the added bonus of having a great tripod for your camera to use all year round.

Ultimately, the role of the shooting tripod is to give the discerning hunter a superior platform from which to shoot than simply relying on offhand shooting or improvised supports. You’ll find using one improves accuracy, allows you to take longer, more difficult shots and expands your hunting opportunities. Because the best hunting tripods are lightweight, easy to carry and setup, and can be easily strapped to the outside of a backpack or slung over the shoulder. They are an affordable accessory, and one you will soon find is indispensable to your hunting and shooting needs. Additionally they aid in introducing people to the shooting sports by allowing greater control over intimidating looking weapons. Try one out, you’ll soon find like I did wondering why you haven’t used one before.

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