The 4 Best Red Dot Sights for the Money — Reviews 2023

best red dot sight for the money

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Each shooter must have the capacity to acquire the target precisely and rapidly under an assortment of conditions. When at a shooting range, one has a great deal of time to target, yet in reality, everything moves far more quickly. With s harsh territory, foul climate, and elevated amounts of anxiety, even an experienced marksman must sometimes falter. The answer to such problems often is finding and getting the best red dot sight for the money.

The vast majority of people generally mix up searching for a red dot sight, thinking it is a laser. In any case, you need to realize that there is a major difference between the two tools. A laser sight radiates light onto your target; the red dot sight, in contrast, produces a red dot on the glass of the sight. A red dot sight is exceptionally exact and a lot less conspicuous to potential enemies than laser sights, and one should certainly get this sight over a laser if these qualities are required

So which are the best red dot sights for the money if you don’t want to spend a lot? Well, here are our 4 recommendations.

Burris Fastfire

Are you after a futuristic, high quality red dot that won’t break the bank, yet will make Doc Brown exclaim “Great Scott!”? Well here it is. The Burris Fastfire (see full specs) may not do 88mph, but it does give you a fantastic red dot for your AR. Designed to be lightweight, easy to use and rugged enough for law enforcement or military work, the Fastfire features a lifetime warranty, tool free windage and elevation adjustment, low battery warning indicator and is built of the highest grade material. Mounts directly to a standard Picatinny rail, you’ll find this is one of the best red dot sights for the price anywhere.

RioRand Holographic Red and Green Dot Sight Reflex

The exclusive RioRand Red/Green Dot Sight comes with a top notch airplane grade aluminium amalgam, stun verification, mist-proof, and is water safe.

With three different reticules, it comes with a Basic Weaver-Picatinny Rail Base so you can easily mount it on your guns. Yes, it provides endless eye relief to all its users and has multi-coated lenses. The kind III anodized muted dark finish provides cutting edge looks. Its wide and highly high-pitched field of perspective makes it just the prefect choice.

Aimpoint Micro

The Aimpoint Micro (see full specs) is another law enforcement grade red dot that is right at home on top of your favorite AR-15 (or any other type of) rifle. Designed to be lightweight, battery friendly and to work well with almost any sort of firearm, this is the best choice for a red dot for your hard working hunting rifle, truck gun, three gun competition or tactical carbine. Weighing less than four ounces, the Aimpoint Micro fits any standard Picatinny or Weaver rail, offers windage and elevation adjustment and is built to be parallax free. Not much more can be said about the gold standard of traditional red dots, except that there is little reason not to own one of these fine sights.

Field Sport Red Dot Sight

The Field Sport Red Dot Sight has four reticules and is great for quick terminating of moving targets. This model is light weight and not just that, it is water-safe too. This has shockproof features that improve your execution in all kinds of atmospheric conditions. The four reticules it has offer an endless amount of relief to the eye, and with that, offers revised parallax too. The Implicit pica tinny mount base to make simple sight remounting possible, it comes with a mount base (Picatinny) that is in-built in the entire piece. Just the right choice, this will certainly make the entire hunting process easy and fun for you.

The Field Sport Red Dot Sight is one of the speediest kind of reticules to put on the target and gives the best increment in hit likelihood on all the close quarter touching targets. This red dot sight helps you stay concentrated on your target. When you are shooting with both your eyes open, you should be able to stay in contact with whatever is going on around you, and that you are able to manage new circumstances as they emerge.


Ideal for shooting at a longer range or even shotguns, the red dot sights are here to supplant traditional iron sights. These are exceptionally valuable for seeing your target extremely well. With not much price difference, the choice comes to down to your preferred features.

And if you’d care to maybe get a scope instead of a red-dot sight, we have plenty of articles on those too. Please check them out here.

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