The 3 Best Remington 700 Stocks for the Money – Reviews 2023

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The Remington 700 rifle has a long and storied history. The 700 has served hunters, police, and elite military units like the Marine Corps Scout Snipers for decades. The popularity of the rifle has guaranteed one can be found in nearly any caliber. The Remington 700 also has a huge market of accessories, from optics to bipods to stock systems. The Remington 700 comes in a wide variety of different models, but users may feel the need to customize further.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the Remington 700 stock, but there are some people who may want or even require something different. A 700 should provide the shooter with increased comfort and stability, two important factors in making long range shots the 700 is known for. Therefore, the stock should also be durable and capable of withstanding recoil for more powerful rounds like the .30-06 and up. These stocks should provide the shooter a platform that maintains the overall accuracy of the weapon.

Here, in our humble opinion, are the 3 best Remington 700 stocks for the money:

Hogue Overmolded Stock

The Hogue Overmolded series of stocks have been long favored for the overall comfort they provide the shooter. Hogue is a premium weapon’s accessory company, and the Overmolded series is one of their most popular rifle lines. The Hogue Overmolded stock for the Remington 700 is designed to be rugged, lightweight, and comfortable. The stocks are made entirely from synthetic materials, and reinforced with fiberglass for added strength and rigidness. This strength is furthered by Hogue’s unique skeleton insertion.

The stocks (see full specs) are built on a small but strong skeleton and precisely fitted to the weapon. This skeleton allows the stock to be stronger but remain lightweight. The stock skeletons allow the action and barrel to simply drop in. There is no gunsmithing required and the swap takes only a few minutes. The stock is incredibly durable and resistant to moisture and water, as well as being scratch and ding resistant.

The weapon is textured in Hogue’s unique cobblestone pattern. The Hogue Overmolded stock for the Remington 700 features a varminter fore-end, which is designed to maximize grip for shooting in the standing position. Hogue outfits their stocks with the well-known Hogue recoil pad that significantly increases comfort when shooting powerful calibers. This is one of the best stocks for Remington 700 period.

Magpul Hunter 700

Magpul knows how to build gun stocks. Actually, they know how to build anything related to guns and make it both affordable and high quality. The Magpul 700 Hunter stock is no different. Like all Magpul products, it’s the highest quality available at a more than affordable price. The Magpul Hunter 700 is made primarily from polymer and suited for both tactical and hunting use. Although primarily polymer, it does have an aluminum bedding block. The Hunter stock is surprisingly lightweight and is superbly strong.

The Hunter 700 stock comes with the same grip their shotgun stocks do. The grip is a combination of a normal straight stock and a pistol grip. It really gives the best of both worlds in comfort and control. The Hunter 700 comes with a rear sling point and is dimpled with drill points for the addition of a front sling swivel.

You can adjust the length of pull via spacers from 13 to 15 inches. This allows a variety of different shooters to comfortably use and fire the weapon. The Magpul Hunter 700 can be fitted with a cheek riser kit for increased comfort, although the standard comb is already extremely comfortable. One of the most modern stocks available, the Magpul Hunter 700 is also, bar none, one of the best stocks for Remington 700 (SPS Tactical rifles especially).

Magpul Hunter 700 Stock - Features & Install

Remington Synthetic

Remington themselves have entered the aftermarket for the Remington 700 by offering their own brand of unique synthetic stocks. These synthetic stocks utilize a tough polymer that is just as strong as wood, without the downside of using wood. Synthetic stocks are not affected by moisture, and do not ding and scratch as easily as wood. They also require less maintenance and are known for their longer life span.

The fiber glass reinforced material is high strength and durable, as well as lightweight. The Remington stocks (see full specs) also come in a variety of different finishes. The stocks come with Remington soft rubber, recoiling reducing butt pad, and integrated sling swivel studs. The Remington 700 stock does not require any special bedding to ensure accuracy, and installation requires little skill. The entire installation is a simple drop in procedure, requiring some basic tools, but a gunsmith is optional.

The stock has a standard straight comb for use with medium and low level optics. This stock is exceptionally comfortable to shoulder and its 13 and ⅜” length of pull is comfortable for all but the smallest of shooters. The Remington stocks are extremely comfortable to shoulder and their reduced weight make them much more comfortable for long periods of carry. The stock is an excellent option for the hunter, or field man, looking for something lightweight, but sturdy, while tending to his or her duties. Sometimes, the best Remington 700 stock is made by Remington.

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Accuracy counts

The Remington 700 is a renowned and favorite rifle among marksman. Throughout its extended history it has proven itself as a reliable, and accurate platform capable of engaging targets at extended distances. The best Remington 700 stocks, therefore, play a very important role in the ability of shooters to make accurate shots. The decision to employ an aftermarket stock should be made with this in mind. The 700 is a tank of a rifle, and anyone looking to upgrade their model should choose a stock that can keep up with the rifle.

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