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best sks stock for the money

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The SKS rifle is one the more famous Russian firearm designs due to its cheap price, its cheap and affordable ammunition, and its effectiveness. As many owners will testify the wooden stocks that come with their rifles from former Communist countries are in various states of disrepair. The old SKS wood stocks vary from absolutely gorgeous too it looks like it had a fight with a wood chipper.

SKS wood stocks are hard but still heavy and weak to element and chemical exposure. The modern replacement stocks are made from a variety of materials that not make the lighter, but tougher, and more resistant to the elements. Modern stocks can benefit the weapon in a variety of different ways, including form and function.

Below you’ll find our recommendations for the 3 best SKS stocks for the money. Take a gander, why don’t you?

Advanced Technology SKS Stock

When you are looking to choose function over form you can choose a simple, lightweight, polymer stock. Modern polymers have been used extensively in modern weapon design and have slowly begun completely replacing wood and polymer on handguns and rifles. The Advanced Technology or ATI SKS stock is a polymer stock that’s very lightweight and made from a Dupont Zytel material that is known for its strength and resistance.

The ATI Stock is a traditional rifle stock and complies with state laws regarding “assault” weapons. The stock is complete with an adjustable cheek riser and is completely resistant to chemicals and weather conditions. The ATI SKS stock also uses their famous and renowned Scorpion recoil pad. The ATI stock features a checkered fore end and a grip for increased control. It’s also much easier to use an optic when it is equipped with a cheek riser.

The ATI SKS stocks extensive use of polymers does not only reduce the weapon’s weight but greatly reduces its price. The ATI stock is extremely affordable, as shown by its price above. This is quite the bargain for the budget conscious looking to update their classic rifle. The stock may lack the beauty of a wooden stock but is durable and extremely lightweight. If you’re on a budget, this might just be the best SKS stock out there.

ATI SKS Monte Carlo Gunstock Installation

Advanced Technology SKS Strikeforce Stock

The SKS is a dated rifle compared to modern choices. Even though it is a dated rifle it is still quite viable in terms of ammunition, fire rate, accuracy and of course it’s famous reliability. While some prefer to keep a traditional rifle traditional there are others who like to shake things up. The Advanced Technology Strikeforce stock is an option for those who want to modernize their SKS just a bit.

The Advanced Technology stock is made from lightweight but durable polymer materials that make the stock stronger than wood and lighter too. The end of the stock has three small sections of picatinny rail to attach grips, lights, and lasers. The stock come with a lightweight gas tube cover as well. The stock has a modern pistol grip design for increased control and comfort. The stock is a collapsing M4 style stock with six different positions. This is a blessing for those wearing body armor or those with shorter arms.

The stock also has the ability to fold to the left for easier transport and storage. The weapon can be fired with the stock folded, but at a significant accuracy and range reduction. Both sides of the stock are also outfitted with QD points for attaching a sling. The Advanced Technology stock is a drop in design and very simple to install and uninstall. It’s well priced and a great addition to your SKS. The product should be on any list of the best SKS stocks.

ATI SKS Strikeforce Gunstock Installation

SKS Choate Stocks (from

The SKS is a Russian design and so is the classic Dragunov sniper rifle, and they actually mix well. The Dragunov stock mixes the classic sniper rifle aesthetic with the streamlined nature of the SKS. This gives your SKS a vertical pistol grip that’s considered a thumbhole stock, just like the Dragunov. This is an all polymer stock that’s rocking a nice cheek rest for use with an optic. This is an invaluable addition to your SKS rifle. The standard SKS stock isn’t designed for use with an optic so the comb is low. The added cheek rest makes using a stock much more comfortable.

What’s really great about this stock is that it’s just a drop in stock. There are no necessary changes made to your old warhorse. This allows you to swap the SKS back to its historically correct configuration easily. This is a must-have in my opinion for any classic military surplus rifle.

This stock will beat most assault weapons ban laws as well because it is considered a thumbhole stock. The stock also adds two sling swivels for use with modern two point slings. It also offers a spacer to allow you to add or take away about an inch from the length of pull. For most Americans that extra inch makes the rifle a bit more comfortable to shoot. Warsaw pact guns tend to be a little small for American shooters. This is one of the best SKS stocks period.

How to install a SKS rifle into a Choate stock

Parting Shots

The SKS is an incredibly popular rifle, so it’s no surprise the weapon receives an extreme amount of aftermarket support, and best of all, it is one of the few semi-auto rifles that in its original configuration is legal throughout the country.

The only issue, like we’ve said earlier, are the wood stocks, which can gouge, scratch and swell with heavy use. But these problems are easily fixed. All the stocks I suggested above are drop in models. Drop in meaning these kits do not permanently alter the rifle. This allows you run the gun hard and at the same time preserve the original stock. With just one prudent choice in selecting the right SKS stock, you can bring your rifle into the 21st century. Good luck!

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