The 4 Best Sniper Scopes for the Money – Rifle Optics Review 2023

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Snipers are a battlefield’s nightmare. Silent, deadly, and accurate, a sniper is expected to perform at the top level of being a professional soldier. However, a sniper relies on his equipment, and that equipment must be top notch.

A good sniper scope needs to be tough enough to survive a battlefield. A sniper values accuracy and precision over anything else. One shot one kill is their mantra. This means their scopes must be reliable and be able to hold zero regardless of the conditions they are in. They must also be remarkably clear, as the sniper is charged with taking out armed enemies, and in the fog of war a shovel can be mistaken for a rifle. A sniper cannot make that mistake. A sniper’s optic cannot fail, and must be precise and durable. He may only get one shot.

Here are the 4 best sniper scopes for the money:

Trijicon AccuPoint

Trijicon and military service go hand in hand. Since Trijicon is most closely associated with the ACOG, their Accupoint scope is a bit more uncommon—but then again a battlefield sniper is the most uncommon of soldiers. The Accupoint is first off hard as nails. The Accupoint (see full specs) is, of course, waterproof, fog proof, shock proof, and built to be tough. These rugged and highly dependable optics are more than capable of meeting the harsh demands of the battlefield.

The high-definition lenses provide brilliant optical clarity, with amazing light transmission from the optic’s large 50mm objective lens. This optic is remarkably clear and provides absolutely no distortion. The Trijicon Accupoint has a magnification of 5 to 20 power and allows the shooter to place shots at remarkable distances. The scope features an aggressive sun shade that prevents the telltale glare caused by the sun reflecting off the lens. This sun shade also prevents any possible forward light emission.

The AccuPoint is built on a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum and sealed to prevent any entry by dust, debris, and water up to ten feet. The Accupoint has a battery-free illuminated reticle that is powered by the light around the shooter. If you want the best sniper scope period, then there’s only one choice: this Accupoint.

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Burris FullField 2

The Burris Fullfield 2 is used extensively by marksmen looking for a tough and dependable optic for precision long-range shooting. It’s a 4.5-14 power optic with a wide 42 mm objective lens that features a high-definition, high-performance glass that provides a very clear picture and wonderful contrast. The glass is multi-coated and provides no glare.

The Burris Fullfield is perfect for those looking to extend their shooting range with a more powerful magnification. The 14 power optic allows for a clear and consistent sight picture at extended ranges. The optic has a 3.1 to 3.8-inch eye relief which is a comfortable distance if using the powerful rounds like the .338 Lapua or RUM rounds. This prevents the combination of recoil and a scope for giving a nasty black eye. Yet this scope scope is surprisingly lightweight for its power at only 18 ounces.

This scope also uses a ballistic plex reticle for effective holdovers at extended ranges. The reticle’s center crosshair is very thin, allowing for easy view of the target at long ranges. These holdovers can be matched to any caliber or bullet weight. The ballistic flex reticle is uncluttered and easy to use. The Fullfield is one of the best sniper rifle scopes period.

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Redfield Revolution

The Redfield Revolution is the successor to the popular Accu Range line of optics. It’s a legacy sniper’s optic, and for years the Marine Scout Snipers used the Redfield scopes on their M40 sniper rifles. It might not look it, all shiny and chrome-looking, but it really is an oldie but goldie. It comes in a variety of different magnifications, but 3-9x40mm is probably the handiest magnification for someone looking for a sniper optic.

Snipers are required to not only shoot at long ranges, but the nature and speed of modern war also require snipers to make short-range, rapid-fire accurate shots too. The 3 power magnification is perfect for close range precision, and the 40 mm objective lens provides a clear sight picture by absorbing a large amount of light. This is compounded by the fully multi-coated lenses that provide optimal light transmission. These coatings provide a multi-layered, vapor-deposition coating that provides a near perfect amount of light transmission.

The Accu-Range reticle provides holdovers for out to 500 yards and is both simple and accurate. The Accu-Range adjustments are precise and easy to make with ¼ MOA at a hundred yards. The Redfield Revolution is also tough; we get a waterproof, fog-proof, shock-proof optic made from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum. The Marine Corps can’t be wrong: the Redfield Revolution is one of the best sniper scopes for the money.

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Vortex Optics Crossfire 2

Vortex is pretty well known for their awesome lines of budget optics so if you were looking to save money on an optic fit for sniping then you could do a lot worse than a Vortex. The Crossfire 2 is a variable scope of course and it has a variable zoom from 6-18 power. This is plenty powerful for anyone looking to reach out and touch a small target. The glass is clear enough to ensure you’ll see the target no matter how much daylight you have left.

The Crossfire 2 is a single piece tube which adds to the strength and even the precision of the optic. It’s water- and shock-proof, of course, and nitrogen purged. Vortex’s proprietary coating is a strong and rigid coating that not only provides excellent light transmission but protects the lens from scratches and abrasions. The Crossfire 2 even offers a longer than average eye relief.

The purpose is to allow plenty of room for shooters to absorb recoil from shoulder pounding rounds like the .300 Winchester Magnum. Too short of eye relief and you’ll be catching a scope to the eye. The Dead Hold BDC allows you to tailor the bullet drop compensator to your particular round and loading. The Crossfire 2 is an all-around excellent optic that’s versatile and affordable—one of the best budget sniper scopes around.

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One Shot, One Kill

A sniper’s optic must be as precise and accurate as the sniper behind it. The three most important elements to a shot are the rifle, the shooter, and the optic. For generations the optic was what differentiated the sniper from the common infantrymen. A sniper must be able to rely on his optic, without it he is blind. And we hope, in this article, you’ve found the best sniper scope for your needs. Good luck!

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