The 4 Best Hunting Fanny Packs — Reviews 2021

Best hunting fanny pack

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A hunter’s fanny pack is defined as a fanny pack that is devoted only to packing the most necessary essentials of a hunter who is out on the field. A hunter’s fanny pack is a far cry from any daily fanny pack, a jogger’s fanny pack, or even a fanny pack that’s designed for concealed carry. Additionally, almost all hunters keep their packs loaded up with gear and ready to go on a minute’s notice.

Because they are intended for different uses than other fanny packs, hunter’s fanny packs are designed differently as well. For example, hunter’s fanny packs have to be made out of a quieter material as to not disturb any game, have neutral colors, and be water resistant and ready to hold up against the elements.

Here are 4 of the best hunting fanny packs on the market:

ArcEnCiel Hip Pack

The ArcEnCiel pack is constructed out of a high quality canvas and nylon construction, along with a detachable and adjustable strap to keep it secure on your hip and torso throughout your hunt. This is a pack that is equally at home for trekking, tactical missions, camping, and hunting alike. The ArcEnCiel is a unique fanny pack on this list not just because it is neither too bulky nor too compact, but because it features extra pockets and is also MOLLE compatible. This is one of the best hunting fanny packs period.

ALPS Outdoorz Little Bear Lumbar Fanny Pack

ALPS is well known for producing high quality hunting fanny packs and other outdoor apparel and equipment. When you’re a hunter on the go and need to have all of your gear in one sport, this is the fanny pack for you.

Weighing in at just one pound and eight ounces, the ALPS features a shoulder harness that is fully adjustable and connects directly with the padded waste belt, meaning that the pack will be securely strapped to you at all times. In terms of compartments, you’ll find one main large compartment, two side pockets, two waist belt pockets, and an additional front compartment for a total capacity of five hundred cubic inches.

Badlands Ambush Backpack

If you desire a fanny pack that has multiple compartments and pockets in order to keep all of your gear highly organized, then this is definitely the bag for you. The Badlands Ambush Backpack features three separate large compartments and six smaller pockets, not counting an additional pocket where you can keep your water bottle. This assortment of compartments yields a total carrying capacity of eight hundred and fifty cubic inches, but no extra weight has been added: the Ambush pack weighs just one pound and eight ounces. The top hunting fanny packs need not heavy to be tough and durable.

Allen Company Excursion Fanny Pack

A pack that has been tested for the utmost durability, the Allen Company Nomad Fanny Pack is only for those who are the roughest and toughest hunters around. Featuring a main compartment, 2 water bottle pockets, and an outside pockets for the smaller accessories, all of the fabric on the Allen Company Nomad pack are fully waterproof, and the zippers are specifically designed to be pulled silently as to not alert your game. Allen Company is also a brand you can trust, as they make high quality sports and outdoor gear for the most combative of situations. This should surely be on any list of the best hunting fanny pack.

The Necessities of a Hunting Fanny Pack

There are obviously many more proven and high quality hunters’ fanny packs out on the market, but we feel that the four we have listed offer the best combination of performance and popularity and earn the top of our list.

When looking for a fanny pack for hunting in general, you want to avoid a pack that’s too bulky or heavy while simultaneously avoiding those that are too small to hold all of your equipment. That’s why each of the four packs that we have listed are medium sized packs.

All of these packs, while light, are also constructed out of high quality and water resistant/waterproof materials, with properly sewn seams. While having a waterproof fanny pack is not a requirement for a hunter, having one that is at least water resistant definitely is. You don’t want your highest quality items, such as a metal flashlight or your GPS, to become ruined just because the rain drops could seep through your pack.

Your pack also needs to be quiet to move around and to open and close. Too many hunters have been within the reach of their game only to spook it away by opening a zipper or their pack rubbing itself against their clothing.

Another consideration to take into account is that your fanny pack must have a wide and easily adjustable belt strap in order to keep the weight of the pack distributed evenly. Some of the higher quality packs also offer straps with a small compartment for storing knives, binoculars, or a flashlight. A nice addition to have is for that strap to be adjustable and removable if desired.

Last but certainly not least; all hunters’ fanny packs should have a large pocket in the center that will carry the largest items. We also recommend that your pack have multiple smaller compartments on the outside in order to keep things better organized and to store your smaller or easy to reach items. Again, all four of the hunting fanny packs that we have suggested offer a large compartment and then some additional smaller ones.

As far as items that should be carried in your pack, we recommend that you carry the following items:

– Snake Bite Kit
– Insect Repellent Lotion
– Spare Shoelaces
– Water Purification Tablets/Water Filter
– Water Canteen/bottle
– Toilet Paper
– Flashlight (w/ spare batteries)
– Matches, lighter, and/or magnesium flint striker
– First Aid Kid (preferably custom)
– Space blanket
– Poncho
– Nylon Cord
– Hunting License/Tags
– Spare Ammunition

While this may sound like a lot of items, the best hunting fanny packs–like, ahem, the ones we recommend–will be able to carry all of these things and much more as well.

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