The 4 Best Turkey Box Calls for the Money — Reviews 2023

Best Turkey Box Call for the money

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Today, the most popular kind of turkey call is the mouth call. There’s good reason for this. The mouth call doesn’t require your hands to use, it’s modern looking, and it works. But if you’re more of a traditionalist hunter or a hunter who wants a truly realistic sounding call, then the box call should be your first choice. While it is more expensive and bulky than the mouth call, the box call is also significantly more realistic sounding and will make it easier for you to bag your next Thanksgiving dinner, provided that you take the time to properly learn how to use it.

Here are the 4 best turkey box calls that you can use for catching your game:

Lynch 102S Turkey Box Call

This is a world champion turkey call that is designed with a two sided construction, giving you the ability to recreate the sound of either a gobbler or a hen. The pivot point is combined with an automatic lid stop to ensure that you make perfect notes on each stroke. In terms of material, the Lynch Box Call (see full specs) is designed with a rugged mahogany that definitely not only plays to the overall durability of the product, but to the realistic sound of the call as well. This is easily one of the best turkey box calls.

Primos Hook Up Magnetic Box Call

The Primos Hook Up Magnetic Box Call consists of a magnetic hinge that provides just the right amount of tension for each type of call. The strong magnet holds the paddle in place, and the paddle can also be removed for quieter carry while traveling. It’s perfectly understandable for why you may be skeptical about the magnetic pivot point making the actual calling easier. But Primos is a solid company with a strong reputation, and they produced the Hook Up Magnetic Box Call with just the right amount of friction and at the right angle to create a realistic call.

Primos Hook Up Magnetic Box Call

Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Box Call

H.S, which stands for Hunters Specialties, produces the Smokin’ Gun Turkey Box Call that will fit your needs if you’re looking for a high quality, all weather box call. The call is extremely well furnished on the outside with a nice stain that produces a smooth look and feel. The shape and size of the box allow it to sit very perfectly in a number of positions inside your pocket. The call is also nicely put together thanks to the screw on the hinge, and it closes very easily when secured by an elastic band. As this box call is all weather, it is very durable and also water resistant.

Woodhaven Real Hen Cherry Box Turkey Call Box

There is nothing wrong with looking good as long as you perform. The Woodhaven Real Hen Cherry Box is an excellent combination of what looks good and what works. This premium constructed box call is well suited for beginners and even old hands. It works and works very well. It produces clear and audible turkey calls that can alternate between clucks, cutts, and cackles. The Woodhaven Real Hen Cherry Box lets out some genuinely realistic two-tone raspy yelps. This box call comes with a plastic clip to help you with clicks, and a velcro strap to keep things together. The Cherry box mixes both form and function into a useful and good-looking package–one of the best turkey box calls for sure.

Wood Haven Calls The Real Hen

Using the Box Call

Any one of these turkey box calls will work very well for you, as they produce very realistic sounding turkey calls and are extremely well put together. Thousands of turkey hunters have relied on these calls in order to produce natural sounding game calls in order to catch their Thanksgiving dinner (or any other dinner, for that matter). All of the companies who make these four calls also produce calls for other types of game as well.

Regardless of whether you choose one of these four calls, or a different kind of call on the market, we highly recommend that you search for one where no chalk is required, one that will sound well even when it’s pouring outside (since the rain is one of the best times to hunt), one that’s double sided, and one that is water resistant and will hold up very well in tough weather.

The best turkey box calls are the most realistic sounding calls on the market, but they still require careful maintenance in order to maintain their effectiveness. Years of hard use are all it takes before a call will need to be retuned.

With regular use, the edges can wear down on a call or the screws can start to come loose. Dirt and grime can also cause a call to lose some of its effectiveness. Fortunately, a box call is very easy to tune. Start by cleaning the edges and the surface with sandpaper. You don’t want to sand the wood, but you do want to apply enough pressure to clean it. Listen to the sound the call produces and then adjust your box to how you would like the call to sound. For example, if the call sounds a little off still, you may need to adjust the screws a little more. You should be good at that point, but if not, you can still repeat the process of sanding and tightening until you find the right sound.

Like we mentioned earlier in this article, box calls may not be quite as popular as mouth calls, but that doesn’t mean that they should be overlooked. There are simply no other calls out on the market that will produce as smooth or realistic sounding of a call as a box call. With the right amount of practice and maintenance, any of the four turkey box calls we’ve recommended will be all you need to locate your game.

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