The 4 Best Goose Calls on the Market – Reviews 2021

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Goose hunters are dedicated individuals, willing to spend hours soaking wet, freezing, and shivering just to take a shot at the migrating geese. To improve their chances of drawing these big beautiful creatures is the use of calls. These calls need to be capable of producing a wide variety of different calls. Geese are very vocal animals and use up to 20 distinct sounds to signal a variety of different things. A call needs to have this style of variety.

Geese calls should also be easy to use because anything overly complicated may require too much focus. Focusing on just making the call means you may not be giving the actual animals enough attention. These calls should also be resistant to the weather, including being waterproof, and unaffected by the cold. A good call should allow the user to master geese language with a bit of practice.

Here are, in our humble opinion, the 4 best goose calls on the market:

Buck Gardner Canada Hammer

Buck Gardner is a well known and respected brand of game bird calls. The brand stretches far and wide, and is known for its quality. The Canada Hammer is no different, which gains its name from the fact that geese season and the migration from Canada to the south falls hand in hand. Using the Buck Gardner Canada Hammer you can certainly hammer away at geese all day long. The Canada hammer is a short call, small enough for the pocket, or to be draped around the neck.

The Canada Hammer is a clear design with a black color to the upper area. The call utilizes a hand shaved reed that performs like a musical instrument. The Hammer is perfect for all experience levels, from beginners to experts. Beginners will have no issue summoning geese with some basic hails, and as their experience grows they can use the Canada Hammer to perform a variety of different clucks, hails, and calls. This is the best goose calls for the money.

Flambeau Max 4 Long Honker Goose Flute

Before short reed calls became the current rage for goose hunting, the standard was flute calls. Some experts still testify to the greatness of the flute, and they are certainly still popular with traditional goose hunters. The flutes are longer than basic single-reed designs but are still capable of performing at an entirely different level. The Max 4 is capable of producing long, deep, bellowing calls that carry over a field, a lake, or marsh with ease.

The Max 4 is capable of producing honks, moans, and murmurs—and can carry over great distances. The Max 4 allows callers to produce deep or very sharp sounds, and could change at will the style of call to mimic nearby geese. The Max 4 is made primarily from synthetic materials that provide more volume than traditional wooden flutes.

The Max 4 is easy blowing, and doesn’t the user go red in the face trying to produce long and low calls. The call is capable of mimicking the mellow tones of Canadian geese with little effort. The Max 4 maybe somewhat longer and less pocket friendly than a single reed call but it is lightweight and easy to carry around the neck, or in the pack. This is easily among the best goose calls.

Bushnell Performance Series Primos Honky Tonk Goose Call

The Bushnell Honky Tonk is a newer addition to the traditionally optics based Bushnell lineup of products. The Bushnell Primos brand is made from extremely high quality materials that are weather and temperature resistant. Even after long periods of time in the cold of heat the call will work when called upon. The Honky Tonk is a short reed design that allows for a wide variety of different calls.

The Bushnell Honky Tonk is capable of producing a these calls with little blowing, and the call really makes efficient use of the user’s blows. The Honky Tonk is extremely reliable, and Bushnell took careful measures to ensure the call would work in all situations and all goose-hunting environments. The Honky Tonk is easily to disassemble and clean so getting it dirty isn’t an issue.

The Honky Tonk’s design is patented and quite unique. There are very few calls that are capable of being disassembled and cleaned with ease. The calls design also allow users to transition from low pitched moans to higher honks with little necessary transition work. The Honky Tonk is one of the best goose calls, but coming from Bushnell, we’d expect nothing less.

Rich and Tone Goozilla Call

The Rich and Tone calls Goozilla is part of their Quackhead line of optics designed for bringing monster geese into shotgun range. The Goozilla call is a perfect beginner’s goose call. The time necessary to learn to use the call in relatively minimal and its design prevents beginners from going too loud, too fast. The call is considered a medium range goose call, which is good for beginners since they often do not understand the fine points of controlling volume on a goose call.

The Goozilla goose call is made from weather and temperature resistant polymers that will last decades if cared for properly. The call is a clear and clear blue call that uses the blue call to prevent it from being lost if it is accidently dropped. This is critical in the early morning as the sun comes up. The Goozilla is a short reed design that is small enough to be easily pocketed and could even fit in a shotgun shell elastic holder. The price is also comfortable for new hunters not sure how much they’d need to invest into their new sport.

Goose Callin’

The best goose calls on the market are not complicated devices. They are relatively simple and can be mastered by nearly anyone. A good call can make all the difference between a successful goose hunt, and a day of simply bird-watching. Even a beginner’s call can greatly increase your chance of a successful hunt!

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