The 4 Best Magpul Stocks for Rifles or Shotguns – Reviews 2022

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Magpul is one of the biggest firearms accessory manufacturers in the world and often considered one of the most ingenious. Magpul’s firearm accessories are second to none, and the stocks they make for weapons are terrific, showing innovation in a previously stagnant field. Magpul stocks can transform the weapon from an Average Joe rifle or shotgun into something truly wonderful. With Magpul form follows function, and Magpul accessories are known for their level of quality.

Here are the 4 best Magpul stocks for the most popular rifles and shotguns.

Magpul MOE Fixed Stock

While the majority of people may enjoy their carbine AR style rifles there is something to be said about a fixed stock. People building an accurized AR 15s, either a Sniper or designated marksman’s rifle, would be keen to stay away from a carbine collapsible stock. These stocks tend to have play and small amounts of movement, which makes it difficult to maintain a good sight picture when using a powerful magnified optic.

The Magpul MOE fixed stock is an upgrade to the standard fixed A2 style stock. The stock provides a generous amount of upgrades compared to the original A2 stock. The Magpul MOE stock is very stable and rock solid while being lighter in weight. The stock weighs only fourteen ounces and has a thirteen and a half inch length of pull. The MOE fixed stock provides three options for sling mounts. The bottom rear of the stock, and two optional sling mounts are at the front and rear, designed to use 1.5 inch push button QD swivels.

The Magpul MOE stock is outfitted with a rubber butt pad that is designed to give the user a very positive shoulder weld. The stock has a sloping cheek weld to give the user a solid platform for a cheek rest when using an optic or iron sights. The bottom of the stock has knock out bosses on the very bottom this allows adding an accessory rail. This rail can mount something like a monopod to increase rifle stability. If you’re using an AR-15 or similar rifle, this is likely the best Magpul stock on the market.

AR-15: Magpul MOE Rifle Stock Review and Install

Magpul MOE Carbine Stock

We mentioned those popular carbine stocks, and here is the Magpul variant of the popular M4 carbine style stock. The MOE, aka the Magpul original equipment stock, is an excellent overall stock for AR or similar carbines. The Magpul carbine stock is a simple drop in replacement stock for AR 15s. The stock will fit any standard carbine length tube.

The MOE carbine stock utilizes an A frame design. This design offers a lot of advantages over the traditional M4 stock. The A frame design cuts down on the overall bulk of the traditional M4 stock, and aids in preventing any snagging on the body, clothing, and tactical vests and plate carriers. The release latch is placed on the inside of the A frame, which protects it from being accidentally activated. The traditional M4 style stock does not shield the release latch, leaving it wide open.

The MOE carbine style is a six position stock with rear and bottom mounts for 1.25 inch slings. There is an additional lanyard hole is perfect for those looking to use their own custom para cord slings. The stock itself weighs about half a pound and allows almost 4 inches of adjustment. This MOE stock is an excellent replacement to any standard stock, and comes in a variety of different colors to match your environment.

Magpul MOE Carbine Stock

Magpul Shotgun Stock

Another firearm Magpul has jumped onto the accessory market is the Mossberg 500. One of the most popular shotguns in the world, the Mossberg 500, is no stranger to the accessory market. The Mossberg 500 has tons of different stock options; however, not all of them are very good. The Magpul SGA stock is an exceptional stock that takes advantage of the Mossberg 500’s ambidextrous safety by keeping the stock traditional. Foregoing a separate pistol grip and shoulder stock, Magpul has designed a traditional stock that is not so traditional.

The Magpul shotgun stock utilizes a strong and well defined pistol grip that guarantees a strong but steady hold on the weapon. The stock itself is solid and can withstand thousands and thousands of full powered shotgun rounds. The Magpul shotgun stock allows the user to easily manipulate the ambidextrous safety tang. The stock itself in is ambidextrous and user adjustable.

The stock is capable of using a variety of different spacers that provide users a customizable, but firm length of pull. The butt pad is soft and and does reduce the heavy recoil associated with the 12 gauge shotgun. The Magpul SGA stock can also use a variety of different cheek risers. The SGA stock is a traditional but customizable, high tech stock, and if you have a Mossberg 500, the best Magpul stock period.

Magpul SGA Stock & MOE Forend + SGA Sling mount Install | Mossberg 500

Magpul AK Stock

The magic of Magpul can never go too understated. They make gear that is durable, functional, and simply affordably. In an industry where you can spend hundreds of dollars just for a rail system it’s nice to see a company come out and produce reliable and rugged gear in a reasonable price range. The AK47 series of rifles is old, and by today’s standards they are a bit out of date. The Magpul MOE AK stock is the perfect companion for a modernized AK.

It utilizes the same A Frame design made famous by Magpul. This design is rugged, and incredibly strong. It’s simple, and lightweight. This combination of features makes it a very solid choice for the AK Operator. What’s great is that the polymer Magpul uses is well known for its durability but also allows for easy installation via the rear trunnion.

This stock will mount to almost all AK 47, AKM, and AK74 type rifles. When compared to a standard AK stock you are getting a lighter package, a higher and more comfortable cheek weld, and the ability to use QD slings. It’s better than the old AK stock in every way.

Install and Review of the Magpul MOE Stock

Magpul Stocked

The best Magpul stocks again are not just out there to make your weapon look cool. These accessories show not only a high level of quality but are clearly designed by someone who uses and has used the weapons extensively. Magpul means quality, and a Magpul stock is a weapon upgrade that everyone should seriously think about. Good luck!

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