The 4 Best Small of Back Holsters — SOB Holster Reviews 2022

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Small of the back holsters fade in and out of popularity and have both detractors and proponents. The small of the back holsters offers a high level of concealment, and an easy method to draw. The small of the back holsters should be comfortable of course, and easy to carry throughout the day. The holster should be made from a quality material, and designed to withstand years of heavy use.

SOB holsters should support the weapon, and keep it nice and steady throughout the day. The weapon should be easy and simple to draw from. The main advantage of a small of the back holster is how easy it can be concealed while being quite comfortable.

Here are the four best small of back holsters on the market:

Universal SOB Holster

The Universal SOB holster is a Yaqui-style holster that can be worn inside (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB). Yaqui style means it is essentially a loop of leather designed to conceal the middle portion of the weapon, with the grip sticking out one end, and the barrel sticking out the other. The advantage is that that holster is essentially universal: it can carry everything from a commander sized 1911 to a full sized Glock 17.

The Universal SOB allows the user to choose between using either an inside the waistband carry or an outside the waistband carry. The metal clip is designed for inside the waistband, and the use of a metal clip guarantees the weapon will be supported throughout the day. The outside the waistband uses two dual belt loops that hold the weapon taut to the body, which aids in concealment, and overall support.

The Universal SOB holsters are hand sewn with dual stitching to provide the holster with a long service life. This holster would be excellent if the user carries multiple firearms and potentially changes guns to fit the situation. Anyone who concealed carries knows that it’s easy to carry a big gun in the winter but a lot harder in the summer. The user can swap guns out without having to change the style of holster they use, which means their draw and carry method can remain the same. This is one of the best small of back holsters period for the money.

Gould and Goodrich Gold Line

Designed to fit a variety of different Sig and S&W pistols, the Gould and Goodrich line of holsters are known for their quality and their beauty. This holster is exclusively worn outside the waist. The Gold Line series is made from premium leathers and dual stitched to support the weight of the all steel Sig Sauer pistols. The Gold Line is made from vegetable tanned leather by American tanners. The Gold Line holds the weapon nearly upside down, which presents the weapon in a smooth and natural way, which encourage a solid grip and a quick draw.

The Gold Line features a passive retention system, which means there is nothing the user has to deactivate before drawing the weapon. This passive retention can be adjusted via a tension screw for those who want a little more, or a little less, tension on their weapon. The Gold Line’s horizontal carry method lends itself well to concealment, and breaks up the typical pattern of a firearm, making it harder to detect under clothes.

The Gould and Goodrich design is incredibly attractive and is comfortable against your skin. This product is one of the best small of back holsters when it comes to support and overall daily comfort carry.

Pro Tech Concealed

The Pro Tech concealed holster is a semi-Yaqui style holster that is worn inside the waistband. The holster is made from nylon, which keeps the cost low, and the comfort level high. As a nylon holster, it does fit a wide variety of weapons in a specific size class. This holster is designed to fit medium and large frame pistols like the 1911, the Glock 17, or the Smith and Wesson M&P series.

The Pro Tech does use a metal clip, which is not only more secure but more durable and capable of withstanding abuse and punishment. The main retention comes from the holster, belt, and body pushing together. This is a passive system that does facilitate a smooth and fast draw. The Pro Tech holster is reinforced with both the sewing technique utilized and the addition of reinforcement nylon. The pressure points are double stitched and the nylon is bonded.

The Pro Tech is ambidextrous, which means the clip can change sides easily. The Pro Tech concealed holster is very easy to use and very comfortable to wear. You’ll notice the edges are turned over to prevent any fraying. The Pro Tech is an affordable and simple solution to small of the back carry, and should be on any list of the best small of back holsters.

Blackhawk Check Your Six

The Blackhawk Check Your Six holster, or the Six as we’ll call it for brevity’s sake, is an all leather small of the back holster designed to be used to carry a handgun out of the way of the main rifle. This is not your traditional small of the back holster but does fill a specific need many realize when trying to wield and rifle and carry a handgun at the same time. The holster keeps the handgun at the ready, but out of the way of your long gun.

The way the holster presents the weapon is absolutely wonderful. It is almost like the holster is handing the weapon to you. The retention device is passive and designed to be tightened with a tension screw near the trigger guard.

The holster may not be designed with concealed carry completely in mind, but it does do the job well. The handgun is held close to the body and fits in with the natural contour of the body. The holster keeps those sharp edges from digging into the body, and the two leather loop design provides support and comfort throughout the day.


Small of the back carry may remain controversial but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Users who prefer this method should be educated on what makes a good holster, and what is a good holster. SOB carry is an effective method for concealed carry, but only paired with an effective holster, and we hope you’ve found the best small of pack holster for your needs here.

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