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best paddle holster

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A handgun paddle holster is defined as a type of holster where the holster is secured by flat plastic piece or leather that is worn inside the pants. This flat piece has friction to prevent the entire holster from being pulled away when the pistol is drawn.

Paddle holsters are an enormously popular form of OWB carry, and as a result, there are a high variety of different kinds of paddle holsters as well ranging from leather to kydex to nylon and plastic. But with so many options, how can you know what is the best paddle holster?

Ultimately, there is no “best” paddle holster as it is a subjective question and everybody has their own preferences. But while we can’t tell you what the top paddle holster will be, we can still provide you with 4 high quality suggestions:

Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Open Top Hip Holster

Uncle Mike’s is a big name in the firearm accessories world, and as you may have already guessed before reading this section, they have their entry in the paddle holster market as well. Is the Uncle Mike’s tactical holster as revolutionary as the Fobus holster like we just discussed? Probably not, but it is still very high in quality and sports some neat features that set it apart from the competition, namely the fact that its body’s lead edge has been cut down for a faster draw.

The Uncle Mike’s is also one of the best paddle holsters if you’re looking for the most adjustable product, and it has air vents that make wearing it a breeze (literally). The Uncle Mike’s tactical holster will ride close to your body at a mid height. The vertical rake on the holster also means that unlike most paddle holsters, Uncle Mike’s can be worn either behind the hip or in the appendix position, something that’s more difficult to accomplish with the Fobus.

Blackhawk! SERPA Holster

The SERPA holster from Blackhawk! is unique in that it is one of the most secure holsters of any kind, paddle or non-paddle. This is due to the auto lock button release on the side that will only release the weapon when pressed. If you press this button with the flat of your index finger, as is recommended by most if not all tactical instructors, you will naturally be indexing the weapon when drawing it. And since the pistol can only be drawn when the button is pressed, the chances of a bad guy grabbing your pistol from your holster are brought to a minimum. When re-holstering the weapon, you will hear a distinct click that indicates the button release has been re-engaged.

The SERPA also features a low cut design in the front for an overall faster draw. Out of all of the paddle holsters in this article, the SERPA is the most unique but also requires the most practice, since you’ll want to make sure you press that release with the flat of your finger rather than the end of it (if you don’t, your finger could be on the pistol’s trigger when drawing rather than in the safer index position).

Fobus FOJ357 Standard RH Paddle Holster

While there’s no denying that semi-auto pistols are the most common sidearms of the 21st Century, many traditional shooters choose to stick with the tried and true revolver. If you’re one of these people, here’s the best paddle holster for you. The Fobus FOJ357 paddle holster is practically the same holster as the first Fobus holster we explored; only it’s designed to accommodate a revolver. You will definitely be able to draw your snubby faster out of this holster than a typical leather holster, and all Fobus holsters carry a lifetime warranty to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Like all other Fobus paddle holsters, the FOJ357 holster is extremely lightweight, highly durable, and high riding for enhanced firearm retention.

Fobus Standard RH Paddle Holster

The best thing about the Fobus paddle holster isn’t its immense popularity (it’s arguably the most popular paddle holster for semi-auto pistols), but rather the fact that this holster is practically maintenance free. That’s right, this holster doesn’t sweat and there’s no need to oil it, even when you put it through its paces in tough environments.

The Fobus makes use of rubberized paddle and a reinforced steel rivet attachment system. Fobus holsters were originally developed for the military and security forces of Israel, and are highly regarded as being of the most revolutionary holsters of all time due to its highly durable plastics, state of the art design, and injecting molding system. What’s more, is that Fobus holsters are very high riding for excellent firearm retention, while also coming in at a lightweight two ounces. These are among the best paddle holsters period.

What is the Primary Benefit of a Paddle Holster?

The main benefit to using a paddle holster is that it is much easier to remove from your person. This comes in handy for people who do a lot of work that requires them to remove their firearm from time to time throughout the day. In contrast to this, a more traditional holster attaches to the belt and has less flexibility in getting it on and off. So the primary benefit to the paddle holster is you are no longer dependent on a belt. The primary trade off to this is that paddle holsters are significantly larger and bulkier than most other kinds of holsters, and thus are not meant to be used for concealed carry.

But for field work or when OWB carry will be more desirable than IWB, the revolutionary paddle holster is easily the most convenient and secure holster that you could ask for. We’re not saying it’s a universal holster system for your pistol or revolver, but we are saying that it is one that fulfills a lot of necessary purposes and will therefore be a very valuable and well-used addition to your existing holster collection.

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  1. I agree that the Serpa is the best all around holster on the market today. It’s only drawback is its bulk. It doesn’t lend itself well to concealed carry with light clothing. Also, you mist TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN with it. The Serpa has gotten a bad rap because of NDs caused by improper training and poor technique.

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