The 4 Best J Frame Holsters – Reviews 2023

4 Best J Frame Holster

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The J frame is a frame size regarding Smith and Wesson’s smallest revolver size. While Smith and Wesson developed the term J frame, these days it is used to acknowledge a particular class of small, compact, revolver. With an explosion in concealed carry popularity the J frame is an obvious choice for the revolver aficionado. Choosing the right holster however can be daunting. The most important function for any holster is to be both secure, and facilitate a fast draw.

Since a variety of companies produce J frames they all deviated a bit here or there in size. It’s important to find a holster that is adaptable and flexible to accommodate a J frame made by S&W, Ruger, Taurus, or even an old school Colt. The vast majority of revolvers are steel and need some support to remain comfortable. The best J frame holsters will be strong enough keep the weapon in its proper position but comfortable enough for all day wear for the user.

Uncle Mike’s Inside the Pocket holster

Uncle Mike produces a wide variety of gun holsters and has been for decades. They had a reputation for producing budget friendly holsters that are simple, but are also high quality and durable. The Uncle Mike’s Pocket holster is no different.

The Inside the Pocket Holster is a popular choice for J frames and pocket carry is often the easiest method of concealed carry for a variety of people. You can pocket carry in nearly any style of clothes and a cover garment is not needed. The Uncle Mike’s Pocket Holster is a very lightweight holster made for numerous small firearms, and they fit the J frame well. The Uncle Mike’s holster is made from very soft material to guarantee comfort. When you are carrying a gun in your pocket you need a comfortable holster to prevent chaffing, and protect you from all the sharp corners and pokes and prods a gun has.

The holster features a stretch of material that encircles the entire holster. This grippy material is designed to keep the holster in your pocket when you draw your firearm. It seems hokey, but it works wonders. The holster stays in the pocket even with the rapidest of draws. Even in looser fitting slacks the holster really grips inside the pocket. The Uncle Mike’s Pocket Holster is simple in design, durable in nature, and is a practical way to carry a firearm. This is undoubtedly one of the best J frame holsters on the market.

Fobus Paddle Holster

The Fobus is made primarily of Kydex, and Kydex is the newest generation of holster making material. Kydex is primarily a polymer material designed to be molded to specific firearms and is known to be both flexible and durable in its construction. The Fobus Paddle Holsters are outside the waistband holsters that utilize a paddle to ride on the hip. This negates the use of a belt, although a belt will help to keep the weapon secure.

The holsters are custom molded for a J frame and used a passive retention device. Passive retention means the operator does not have to disable a device to draw the weapon. The weapon stays in the holster securely but does not have a button, strap, or any other form of locking device. The retention relies mostly upon tension to secure the weapon.

The paddle is very comfortable and conforms to the body well. The paddle itself is made from a thin layer of Kydex that allows it to flex and bend to conform. The holster is a bit stiffer and holsters the weapon high and strong. Drawing from a holster that features passive retention, and rides outside the waist is probably one of the fastest methods of getting a gun on target. The Fobus holster is also affordably priced and is a very comfortable holster for all day carry. It’s hard to beat the Fobus Paddle Holster as an outside the waist option.

Blackhawk Inside the Pants Holster

When it comes to maximizing concealment and draw speed there is no better compromise than an inside the pants holster. These holsters go between the body and the pants, and the weapon is held secured by an out facing clip or clips depending on the model. The Blackhawk is a nylon holster that is capable of holding a small revolver, like our buddy the J frame.

The Blackhawk inside the pants holster is an open top design and does not have a retention device. The tension is generated between your body, your gun, and you pants. This holds the weapon in place and is often more than sufficient. Since the weapon is hardly exposed it is near impossible for someone else to grab your weapon.

These holsters are often one of the best choices when it comes to concealment. The Blackhawk holster can be worn with shorts, flip-flops, and a t-shirt. Inside the Waistband, aka IWB holsters like the Blackhawk is an excellent option for concealed carry in hot weather. The holster is made from a soft and comfortable material, which is comfortable when it’s rubbing directly on your skin all day. The Blackhawk Inside the Pants holster is among the best J frame holster options for total concealment and is lightweight, comfortable for all day carry.

Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters can be a source of contention among gun enthusiasts. Some argue they are difficult to draw from, and way too far away from the hand. Others argue the ankle holster is easy to draw when seated, and can be worn in typical office wear with ease. If you decide you’d like an ankle holster it is important to know how to choose a quality model.

The Uncle Mike’s L.E. ankle holster is designed to be high quality, comfortable, and capable. Capable of carrying your weapon all day, without the risk of it sliding up and down, shifting, or becoming a boat anchor on your ankle. The Uncle Mike’s L.E. holster comes with an anchor system that attaches above your holster to hold to the weapon in place. Instead of a single band supporting the weapon, you get two for increased support.

The Uncle Mike’s L.E. ankle holster is capable of holding a variety of small handguns, J frame included. The Uncle Mike’s interior bands are backed up with a soft interior material that prevents being rubbed raw. The holster utilizes a thumb snap retention device to keep the weapon stable. This thumb snap is adjustable and can be moved to a variety of different positions to better fit the weapon.

The Uncle Mike’s L.E. holster is probably the best J frame holster for ankle carry if one went that route. The holster remains comfortable, is easy to draw from in the right position, and is capable of supporting both an air weight J-frame, and a standard model without any stress regardless of weight.

Parting Shot

This is only 4 of many, many holsters out there. These four do meet the necessary requirements to be a good holster. They are adaptable to a variety of different companies J frames, they are strong, secure, comfortable, and aid in all day carry and a swift draw. They are also quite affordable, and represent an excellent value for the modern concealed carrier.

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