The 4 Best Night Sights for Glock 19 — Reviews 2023

best night sights for glock 19

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Why get night sights for your Glock 19? Well, the Glock 19 is a highly acclaimed handgun, but its stock sights, like on a lot of pistols, are lagging.

So what should you buy for it? Sure, you can get fiber-optic sights, but the problem is, can you guarantee you’ll only be using the handgun with proper lighting? If the lighting is bad or, even worse, non-existent, those fiber-optic sights aren’t much better than the stock sights. In other words, if something goes bump in the night and you have your Glock 19 in your nightstand, you’ll need night sights. After all, it makes no sense to have sights you can only see in perfect lighting, unless you only plan to be punching holes in paper with your gun

There are a lot of different products out there (and most of these will fit any Glock, not just Glock 19’s), and we’ve narrowed for the narrow down the field. We’ll go over each night sight, then talk about what criteria you should consider when purchasing the right night sights.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best night sights for Glock 19 handguns on the market:

Trijicon Night Sights for Glock Pistols

When you think of night sights, if the word “Trijicon” doesn’t pop into your head in short order, you aren’t thinking about night sights hard enough. While some night sights rely on luminescent paint or fiber optic rods, Trijicon uses high visibility tritium tubes. Tritium is a faintly hydrogen isotope that has long been used to illuminate gun sights where reliability and brightness were absolutely crucial. Trijicon Glock 19 night sights are absolutely top of line, and feature a sapphire jewel over each tritium lamp to protect it and evenly distribute the light, a 12 year warranty from date of manufacture, and each lamp is also cushioned in silicone rubber to further protect them from shock. If you want the best Glock 19 night sights, you can’t go wrong with these ones.

Glock 19: Trijicon Night Sights

The Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for Glock

Like the Trijicon, MeproLight uses radioactive tritium to provide battery free illumination that requires no ambient light to make your Glock 19 night sights glow. Well regarded in the military and law enforcement world, Meprolight Tru-Dot night sights are a fantastic bargain and typically run quite a bit less than their nearest competition, while providing an unquestionable high quality night sight that is as rugged as the Glock 19 you mount them on. Made of a rugged metal construction and featuring tritium illuminated dots in a basic no frills, no gimmicks package that offers up to 15 years of usable light, Meprolight is the hands down choice for basic, yet rugged Glock 19 night sights.


TruGlo Bright-Site Night Sights for Glock

We’ve seen night sights that are illuminated just by tritium, but we also know that fiber optics make for a fantastic sight. Fiber optic is famous for its rich, highly visible glow in low and full light conditions, and its ability to stand out against targets. Well, the folks at TruGlo decided to combine the reliability of tritium with the sight picture that only fiber optics can provide, and have given us the TruGlo Bright-Site. Made of machined steel, and featuring revolutionary tritium illuminated fiber optics, these Glock 19 night sights allow you to perfectly transition from low to no light conditions without ever losing the brilliance of your sight picture. Perhaps the best compromise of any night sight on the market, this hybrid fiber optic/tritium night sight is a real stand out in a field full of top shelf choices.

TRUGLO TFO Brite-Site: Best Sights Ever

Ameriglo Tritium Night Sights for Glock Handguns

As simple as it is solid, the Ameriglo is our last tritium illuminated Glock 19 night sight to be reviewed and offers a few unique features. While most night sights use two tritium lamps in the rear sight, the Ameriglo uses a single lamp, designed to help you quickly line up on the illuminated front sight. It’s designed to be a more reflexive, instinctive sight that only requires lining up the front sight dot above the rear sight dot without the complexity of two dot rear sights. If you are not a fan of two dot rear sights, or prefer the streamlined simplicity of the Ameriglo, this is the best night sight for Glock 19 pistols. It’s also friendly to your budget as it is to your instinctive shooting methods.

AmeriGlo Pro I-Dot! Big Dot Night Sights with a Twist

Why Glock Night Sights?

Night sights for the Glock 19 are something we realistically never want to have to think about, but need to. The only practical and realistic reason to install night sights on a concealed carry handgun is against that awful moment, when you might be called upon to use your gun in the line of duty or to protect yourself or your loved ones against a violent attacker or intruder.

Because we cannot know if and when violent crime will visit us, it is imperative that our guns be ready to use at a moment’s notice. While it would be nice to simply take a Glock 19 out to the range for a fun day of punching holes in paper and knocking over tin cans, the reality is you may be called upon to use it and under less than ideal circumstances. For this reason, there are illuminated night sights that replace your factory sights.

The best night sights for Glock 19 handguns typically use vials of slightly radioactive tritium which will reliably glow for about twelve years before fading. When installed on a Glock 19, these night sights will give you a glow in the dark sight picture that requires no batteries, or has to be charged up by exposure to light. Used by militaries and law enforcement professionals the world over, tritium night sights are a proven, safe and rugged way to ensure a firearm is useful even under the darkest conditions. Regardless of which night sight you choose for your Glock 19, there are many top quality ones designed to fit both your wallet and your shooting style. And with any luck, you’ll rest easy knowing you have them, but never had to use them.

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