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Best IWB Holster for Shield

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The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield is one of the most popular compact semi automatic handguns on the market today, and for very good reason. Barely over an inch thick, chambered in either 9mm or .40 S&W, featuring a lightweight, but sturdy polymer frame, and all the standard safety and operating features of its big brother, the M&P series, the Shield consistently rates as one of the best compact handguns in America. The Shield is in great demand both by legal concealed handgun carriers but also by law enforcement and other professionals who may have need of a hard hitting, yet easily concealed handgun. As it is popular for concealed carry use, many people understandably want the the best IWB holster for Shield handguns.

IWB (inside the waistband) carry is extremely popular as it allows for deep and unobtrusive concealment, while leaving the Shield easy to access and draw from. Inside the waistband carry is just what it sounds like, where you fit your holster so it rides inside your pants, instead of outside. For some people who prefer the discretion of deep concealment, this is ideal.

In other cases, it is a matter of personal choice and comfort, as not everyone likes to have their handgun hanging off the side of their belt and possibly getting in the way or becoming visible when they bend over, or push back their jacket.

Regardless of the reason, a good gun needs a good holster, and there are a number of high quality offerings to suit all budgets on the market right now. The two most popular types of IWB holsters for the Shield are the “hybrid” holsters, made with a leather back, and a synthetic panel molded to the gun, and the more traditional open top holsters. To find the best IWB holster for Shield handguns, we’d therefore need to review both types.

The Galco Kingtuck

Like the name suggests, the Galco Kingtuck may be the “king” of M&P Shield IWB holsters. Designed to fit both the 9mm and .40 models, featuring a broad, and comfortable leather back panel that shapes itself to the curves of your body, and a precision molded Kydex front panel, and adjustable metal clips which can be moved to change the angle the holster rides at. Unlike many IWB holsters for the Shield, the Kingtuck is overbuilt for comfort, convenience and durability. With its double layer leather backing plate, adjustable draw angle, and professional grade construction, the Kingtuck is the best Shield holsters that you’ll ever need.

FoxX Hybrid IWB Holster

Designed much like the Galco, the FoxX Hybrid IWB holster for the M&P Shield features a rugged molded kydex front that fits both the 9mm and .40 caliber models, and can be adjusted for height and angle. The sweat shield provides traditional quality comfort, and when paired with the modern kydex front, you get the best design and materials with modern functionality. Designed to be a high quality kydex holster with the most in demand features, but at a price that won’t break the bank, this IWB holster for the Shield series is a durable and reliable contender for your daily carry needs.

The Pro Carry LT CCW IWB Shield Holster

This is as simple and basic an IWB product as you can get, and still have a good holster for Shield pistols. Made of soft, comfortable leather, and like other holsters, capable of fitting both .40 and 9mm models, the Pro Carry is a fine example of the appeal of simplicity. A classic open top leather holster that neatly slips into your waistband and is secured by a strong blued steel spring, this is the holster you want if you need an affordable option that won’t let you down.

Blade Tech M&P Shield IWB Holster

Departing from the two hybrid style holsters we looked at, the Blade Tech offering for the Shield looks more like a standard holster, but is designed to be worn inside the waistband. Capable of fitting the 9mm and .40 models, the Blade Tech IWB holster is made out of proprietary polymer and can be worn IWB, as a regular belt holster, or for appendix carry. If you are looking for what is literally a nearly universal holster for your gun that can be worn in nearly any position, on nearly any position around your waist, then the Blade Tech is likely the best IWB holster for Shield pistols.

Whatever Your Choice Is

The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield is a very popular concealed carry pistol, and IWB carry is one of the best ways to carry it. Safe, effective, and socially acceptable for its discretion, IWB carry of a thin compact gun like the Shield allows you all the protection of a concealed handgun, while maximizing your physical comfort. Inside the waistband holsters for the Shield come in a variety of sizes for a variety of uses. When choosing an IWB holster for your Shield, you should first carefully consider how you plan to carry your Shield. For many, a simple open top holster that is worn on your strong side is all the holster you’ll need. The main reason people carry their Shield IWB is for comfort and discretion, and to that end, a simple, basic holster will do the job.

However, many people, especially professionals, have much different needs for their IWB holster and Shield. For those who need or choose it, a quality hybrid holster such as we discussed earlier will do the job. Adjustable for height and angle, and capable of being worn pretty much anywhere on your waist, these hybrid holsters are designed to help you get your Shield out as quickly as possible, while providing the ultimate IWB holster experience.

No matter what you wind up choosing, the number of quality IWB holster options for the Shield ensure that you will have always made an excellent choice in an IWB holster. Which is the best IWB holster for Shield pistols in the end is up what yo think is important comfort- and budget-wise. Happy concealing!

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