The 4 Best Appendix Carry Holsters – IWB Kybex, AIWB Leather Reviews 2023

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Appendix carry is the newest and fastest growing method for carrying a concealed handgun. It’s easy to draw from, and it allows users to get their gun on target faster. The best appendix carry holsters provide a very comfortable method of carrying a firearm for an extended period of time.

It also allows the user to get on target fast, so the holster itself should let the user draw their weapon rapidly. Another factor to consider is the weapon’s retention: the holster should keep the weapon in place in a safe and firm manner. Appendix carry is a fantastic method, as long as an appropriate holster is used. Here are, in our opinion, the 4 top appendix carry holsters on the market.

Blackhawk IWB Holster

The Blackhawk inside the waistband holster (allows for appendix carry) comes with the backing of one of the most well known tactical companies in the world. The holster has 21 different sizes, capable of holding dozens of different weapons. It takes a different road by being made from leather, instead of kydex or nylon. The advantage being leather is much more comfortable than any other material. When wearing a holster close to the body like an appendix holster, comfort is a major concern.

There is no active retention device on this holster, just a simple passive retention device. You can adjust the tension on your weapon by adjusting a single screw near the trigger guard. The advantage of a passive retention holster is the ability to swiftly draw the weapon without anything slowing the draw down. The holster does feature a shirt shield as well, this prevents the shirt from obstructing your pistol draw.

The Blackhawk IWB is an all around excellent leather appendix carry holster. The Blackhawk AIWB offers high quality leather without having to wait weeks and weeks to receive the product, and is built to last. This should be on anyone’s list of the best appendix carry holsters.

Blade Tech Klipt Appendix

Blade Tech has made a big splash in the holster world, developing holsters that are revolutionary in nearly every holster category. This is an appendix-style holster that uses Blade Tech’s renowned kydex molding to custom form the holster to the weapon. This aids in weapon retention, obtaining a smooth draw, and, of course, carry comfort. The Blade Tech has proven to be a lightweight, comfortable, and even stylish holster.

The Blade Tech has a very thin signature, which aids in concealment and reduces the tell-tale printing. Printing essentially declares you are carrying a gun, and can draw negative attention to those looking to conceal carry. The thin signature allows users to dress nice and light in summer, and not having to worry about utilizing a cover garment.

While the Blade Tech does use a polymer clip to secure the holster to the pants, this polymer clip is reinforced and capable of withstanding quite a bit of abuse. The holster itself is waterproof, and cannot be ripped or torn. Even though it’s made from hard polymer the holster is designed to fit the appendix area, which results in a more comfortable carry throughout the day. When you insert your weapon into a Blade Tech holster you receive a nice, audible click, letting you know the weapon is secure and you are ready to carry on. This is one of the most versatile and best appendix carry holsters around.

Concealment Express Appendix

The Concealment Express Appendix is designed to easily and comfortably carry medium sized Glock pistols, like the Glock 19, 23, and 32. This is an all Kydex design that uses a polymer clip to secure the weapon to the pants. While a belt may make carry more comfortable, it is not required with this holster. The clip attaches and secures itself to the point. The design is almost entirely tough polymer, with some metal screws.

The Kydex is .08 inches thick, which is thick enough to be strong, and last for years, but thin enough to be light and comfortable to carry. The holsters weighs a little over 2 ounces, which is really nothing when it comes to holsters. Kydex is slowly edging out leather as the best holster material as it continues to be lighter and stronger than leather.

This appendix holster allows the user to carry a larger and more powerful firearm than the standard concealed carry gun. This holster allows this to be possible, and to be comfortable, and relatively easy to do. For those looking to carry a large gun, the Concealment Express just might be the perfect Kydex appendix holster.

The Can Can Hip Hugger

The Hip Hugger, by Can Can, is made by and for women. Women are the largest growing group on concealed carriers in the country and few holster companies have stepped forward to recognize this. Can Can has made their name producing high-quality holster designed for a woman. Appendix carry is actually very friendly to women and often fits better with their clothing and body types.

The Hip Hugger is actually a complete band that surrounds the lower body and provides pockets for a firearm (or two), and an extra magazine (or two). The Hip Hugger positions the weapon’s pockets at the appendix area and the magazine pouches on the right and left hip. Because of the additional pouches, this holster is completely ambidextrous.

The Hip Hugger uses a nonslip grip surface to keep the holster and weapon in place. The design is tapered to increase the carry comfort. For total and complete retention around the hips, the Hip Hugger uses an all metal hook and loop system to hold the holster together. The Hip Hugger is an excellent option for daily concealed carriers, undercover policewomen, and non-uniformed security officers. The Hip Hugger offers a realistic and comfortable option for women and is without a doubt also one of the best appendix holsters.


Appendix carry has quickly proven to be both popular and controversial. The best appendix carry holsters allow a user to comfortably carry a gun and offer an option to swiftly get their weapon on target. The biggest consideration should be the holster used. The wrong holster can create an uncomfortable carry position, suffer from lousy retention, and potentially be very dangerous when using an inappropriate holster. Luckily, the holsters here aren’t such holsters. Good luck!

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