The 4 Best Deep Concealment Holsters — Reviews 2023

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The total and complete explosion of concealed carry in the last few years has brought with it a wide variety of holsters. Some of these are creative and work wonders; others can be considered medieval torture devices. More people than ever are carrying and these folks are seeking a way to carry as covertly as possible; hence, the rise of deep concealment holsters.

First, a good holster has to be comfortable. These holsters are often worn in close contact with the body and can rub, pinch, and prod if they are poorly made. People are easily discouraged from carrying a firearm if it’s not comfortable or easy to conceal.

The following holsters are perfect for everyday carry, and most can be worn with any attire. These are our recommendations for the best deep concealment holsters on the market:

Bulldog Nylon Ambi Cell Phone Holster

The Bulldog Cell Phone Holster is probably one of the most brilliant ideas for a holster in the last ten years. In this decade, we’ve seen the rise of two things, bigger and bigger smart phones, and smaller and smaller guns. With the Bulldog, they finally meet in the middle. The Bulldog is designed to be worn outside the waist and is disguised as a phone case. The Bulldog is built for the .380 subcompact family of firearms, like a Ruger LCP or Smith & Wesson Bodyguard (don’t expect your 1911 to fit in this!).

The Bulldog Cell Phone Holster can be worn essentially anywhere you can carry a phone. It can be worn with any style of dress, including formal and business wear. The holster makes carrying the weapon comfortable and easy to access. There are no issues when it comes to drawing the weapon, and it can be done fast and effortlessly. The Bulldog is the most covert holster out there.

The holster has a Velcro closing device, and a steel riveted belt loop. The Belt loop is important because it stops anyone from ripping it off, and supports the weight of the weapon. The Bulldog Cell Phone Holster is made from strong nylon and completely conceals the weapon. The Bulldog is an excellent and well built holster that is easy to carry in nearly any situation. Surely, this is among the best deep concealment holsters.

Uncle Mike’s Inside the Pocket Holster

The Uncle Mike’s Inside the Pocket Holster is, you guessed it, a pocket holster designed to be utilized with small semi-automatic handguns like the Ruger LCP and S&W Bodyguard 380. The pocket holster is molded for each weapon, and this is important for proper fit and use.

If you choose to pocket carry, it’s absolutely necessary that you obtain a proper pocket holster. Without a proper holster, something could come in contact with the trigger and cause an accidental discharge. The Inside the Pocket Holster allows both men and women the option of carrying concealed almost regardless of what they are wearing.

The Inside the Pocket Holster is an excellent way to carry a small firearm, and is perfect for nearly anyone looking for an easy to carry holster.

UnderTech Undercover

The UnderTech Undercover is more than a holster, it’s a combination holster and shirt. The holster that’s built into the shirt places the weapon under your arm like a shoulder holster. The shirt itself is made from a high quality material that wicks sweat away and is acting like a second skin. The UnderTech Undercover shirt is perfect as a deep concealment holster since it can be worn as an undershirt without anyone being the wiser. The Undertech is perfect for those who looking a method to carry while jogging or in the gym.

The UnderTech Undercover can hold either a subcompact, or compact weapon with ease. This is the major advantage of the UnderTech, you can carry a weapon like the Glock 19, with its impressive 15 round capacity, and it’s still concealed. Most deep cover holsters restrict you to a small 9mm or 380 ACP single stack semi auto, which are often difficult to shoot accurately at any distance besides point blank.

The UnderTech Undercover has two pockets allowing you to carry a weapon on one side and an extra magazine on the other. The UnderTech Undercover holster is made in the USA and is used by agencies like the DEA, U.S. Air Marshals, and the Secret Service as a way to carry a weapon in deep concealment when on an undercover assignment. The UnderTech Undercover is among the best deep concealment holsters for large handguns or those in general looking to carry an easy to access weapon.

Desantis Belly Band

The Desantis Belly Band is designed to be worn around the body similar to a garter belt but with a bit more comfort. The Desantis Belly band is perfect for the average concealed carrier, allowing them to hide a variety of small frame semi automatic pistols or snub nose revolvers. The Desantis Belly Band is perfect for those who wear a shirt and tie to work since traditionally there are very few options outside of an ankle holster for those in business casual.

The Desantis Belly band is complete with a holster, magazine pocket, and accessory pocket for things like handcuffs, or a badge for police officers who are undercover. The belly band also provides deep concealment for women whose shirt are traditionally not long enough to cover a waist holster. A belly band can disappear under a simple t shirt with ease, easy something as light as a tank top. This is one of the best deep concealment holsters if you’re active since it allows you to carry while doing high impact exercises like running.

No One Knows

The most important factor all of these holsters share is the fact they can be hidden from sight so easy. These holsters are all easy to access, fast to draw, and most importantly disappear with ease. When it comes to deep concealment and comfort you cannot go wrong with these holsters. They do only make a gun disappear, but are comfortable, and easy to access when the cards are down.

And if you’d prefer a more conventional concealment holster–say, an inside the waistband holster–please check out our IWB holsters for more info. Happy concealing!

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