The 4 Best Glock 26 Pocket Holsters – Reviews 2022

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The Glock 26 is easily one of the most popular concealed carry handguns in the world. It’s just small enough to pocket carry, but it’s on the larger side of pocket carry weapons. Because of its large size a pocket holster needs to be strong, and supportive. A good pocket carry holster needs to stay in the pocket when the firearm is drawn, and the holster should protect the weapon from sweat. A good Glock holster should also keep the weapon comfortable and ride nice throughout the day.

Below are what we consider the 4 best Glock 26 pocket holsters on the market:

Galco Pocket Protector

The Galco pocket protector comes from a company famed for their leather holsters. Starting as the humble Jackass Leather Company, Galco quickly evolved into one of the best leather working holster makers in the United States. The Galco pocket protector is made entirely from leather, a material I’d trust Galco to work with any day of the week. The holster is specifically designed for front pocket carry, and is fitted to work in any front pocket.

First thing you’ll notice is the holster itself is bigger than a standard pocket. Since the material of both the holster and the pocket is malleable the holster will fit everything but your skinny jeans. This extra size is on purpose and is designed to allow the pocket the retain the holster when the user draws the weapon. Gun comes out, holster keeps in place.

The holster’s rough leather exterior is another aid, as well as the holster’s wing. This wing digs into the pocket and keeps the holster from moving, or flipping to an awkward angle. The square shape design breaks up the exterior look of the weapon, and keeps anyone from guessing at what exactly is in your pocket. The Pocket Protector is simple, lightweight, and quite affordable—easily one of the best Glock 26 pocket holsters for the money.

Galco pocket protector holster review

Desantis Nemesis Cargo

The Desantis Nemesis Cargo is for people like me who wear cargo pants of some kind on a daily basis. Outside of people who simply enjoy a little more pocket than most, cargo pants and BDU’s (see our article on BDU’s) are often used as a working uniform. I fall into the second category and am incredibly thankful for a cargo pocket option. Typically, people wearing cargo pants at work are in active jobs, moving around a lot, and often carrying work equipment.

The Desantis Nemesis Cargo holster makes it possible me to carry my firearm and an extra magazine throughout my day to day job. Carrying a belt of tools and a pocket full of flashlight, pocket knife, and cell phone leaves very little room for a handgun. Also climbing ladders, going up and down obstacles and stretching in odd directions are all uncomfortable with a traditional pocket holster. In a pair of cargo pants though, the holster rides low and out of the way, and stays comfortable.

The Nemesis is of course larger than a traditional holster and holds the Glock 26 rather well. With all the extra space, Desantis was wise enough to include a magazine pouch built into the holster, a handy feature to have. The holster is made from synthetic materials and weighs a mere 3 ounces. The Nemesis cargo pocket is the only answer for those of us who rock cargo pants on the daily, and luckily it’s a well made option.

The DeSantis Nemesis holster review

Desantis Pocket Tuk

The Desantis Pocket Tuk is actually a two-in-one holster that is designed to function as either an inside the waistband holster or a pocket holster. The Desantis Pocket Tuk comes with an adjustable and removable clip that attaches with a single screw near the bottom of the holster. As a pocket holster, it is perfectly suited for the Glock 26. The holster is built to be exposed to the elements and to sweat as an IWB holster, so it’s really overbuilt for pocket carry.

One of the best features addresses one aspect that pocket holsters often fall flat on and that is reholstering. Often to reholster a pocket carry weapon, you have to remove the holster from the pocket or play an annoying two handed pocket game. The Pocket Tuk has a reinforced mouth that keeps the holster open and easy to find, and easy to reholster. When it comes to drawing the firearm the holster stays in place in the pocket. This is due to the little wing at the bottom, and the round exterior leather.

The inside of the holster is a softer leather, designed for total concealment. The holster is low to offer a full grip on the weapon, so right out of the gate you get a rock solid grip on the weapon. The holster is comfortable in both its roles, but really excels as one of the best Glock 26 pocket holsters you can buy.

DeSantis IWB Holster Review - Glock 26

Active ProGear Wallet Holster

Something a little different when it comes to pocket holsters is the idea of a wallet style pocket holster. The Active ProGear holster functions as a wallet and seats in your back pocket. The concept makes it easy to comfortably and discreetly carry a firearm. It places the firearm where someone is unlikely to look, and allows the user to carry comfortably. The holster allows users wearing a button down, tucked in shirt an effective method to carry a firearm concealed, and in comfortable manner.

The Active ProGear holster is made entirely from a non-slip material, and protects the finish of your firearm during daily carry. The ProGear holster may be a little thicker than a normal holster, but its thickness is unlikely to draw attention. The holster disappears well, is suited for both men and women’s clothing. The holster is designed mostly for back pocket carry, but can fit in the front pocket, as well as jacket pockets, and even in a purse.

The outside of the holster is made from a “non-slip material.” This rough texture grips the inside of the pocket and holds the holster in the pocket as you draw the firearm. Inside the holster is smooth and prevents friction as you draw your weapon, giving a nice and smooth draw. Made entirely in the United States this 6 ounce holster can give a bad guy a nasty surprise when he asks for your wallet.


The Glock 26 offers a lot of firepower in a compact package, more so than most pocket sized guns. There are a variety of different holsters for a variety of different pockets. You have a lot of options, and a lot of different ways to carry your Glock 26. The best Glock 26 pocket holsters are comfortable and easy to carry, and the four we’ve recommended would fit the bill. Good luck!

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