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The Marlin Model 60 is a classic firearm that has been a favorite of shooters and plinkers for decades. The classic design is simple, reliable, and accurate.

But the Model 60 is also quite plain and could easily be upgraded. When upgrading any gun you should always invest in quality parts; anything less will make your weapon less reliable. Upgrades should also modify the weapon is a positive manner that makes it easier to use, more accurate, and in the case of a plinker like the Model 60, it should make the weapon more fun to fire.

Here are, in our humble opinion, the 4 best Marlin Model 60 mods on the market.

AVAWO Hunting Bipod

The AVAWO hunting bipod offers Marlin Model 60 shooters a lightweight durable platform that allows shooters to increase their accuracy and comfort while firing. The Model 60 is an excellent small game rifle and over the decades it’s been in production it must’ve taken untold numbers of rabbits, squirrels, and other small critters. The AVAWO bipod allows the shooter to maintain a consistent and stable hold while getting on target and offers a supported shooting position.

The bipod is a folding and extending bipod that aids in capitalizing on both size and effectiveness. The bipod is capable of extending its legs from 6 to 9 inches in length, and each leg is independent. This independence allows the shooter to compensate for uneven ground. The bipod itself is made from hardened steel aluminum and is durable and rugged. At the same time the bipod weighs only 10 ounces, which is important since you aren’t looking to add weight to your weapon.

The AVAWO bipod uses spring loaded legs and is black anodized to prevent rust from building up. The feet are circular and made from hard plastic and ribbed for great grip. The bipod moves forwards and backwards in a pivotal motion that ranges roughly 20 degrees. The bipod can easily attach to the Marlin Model 60 since it attaches to the bipod sling swivel. This should be on anyone’s list of the best Marlin Model 60 mods.

Tech Sights

The Tech Sights is a dovetail set of replacement sights design specifically for the Marlin Model 60. The Model 60 does come with a completely suitable set of sights that function well for basic shooting. However, they are far from precise and are designed for shooting during optimal shooting conditions. These open sights are quite outdated when it comes to iron sight technology, and it’s completely understandable that one would want to change these old school iron sights out.

The Tech Sights are completely modern and replicate the same kind of iron sights you would find on a modern AR 15 or even a military issue M16. These sights are known as peep, or aperture sights. These specific Tech Sights are modeled after the standard M16 sights. So they are easy to use, reliable, and highly adjustable. The rear peep sight has both windage and elevation attached to it. Adjustments are easy to make, and can be done without a tool.

The front sight is a standard AR front sight with a dedicated set of wings that act protect the front post. This keeps the sight from being struck and being knocked out of zero. The rear sight mounts further back that standard Marlin iron sights, and this gives you six extra inches of sight radius, which makes precision shooting much easier. The tech Sights are an excellent way to modernize your rifle and easily some of the best Marlin Model 60 accessories.

Vortex Crossfire 2 Rimfire

The Vortex company has been producing high-quality, decently priced firearms for some time now. These optics range from tactical red dots to extremely high quality tactical rifle scopes. The Vortex brand has branched outwards to include the rimfire realm. This has opened up a new line of optics that will work hand in hand with your Marlin Model 60. The Crossfire series, for example, is quite popular with AR owners and hunters, and now they have a rimfire variant for your Model 60.

The Vortex Crossfire 2 is a 2 to 7 power scope (see full specs) that is lightweight, compact and well made. The Crossfire 2 features a 32 mm objective lens, which keeps the scope small and light, while providing enough power and light transmission to make accurate and precise shots possible. The Vortex Crossfire 2 has a fully multi coated lenses which increase light transmission, and reduces glare to almost nothing. The scope uses a standard 1 inch tube that is a single piece design. A lot of these features are hard to find on a rimfire optic, but Vortex has jumped into the ring with this awesome design.

The Vortex Crossfire 2 is made from aircraft grade aluminum and is extremely overbuilt for the .22 long rifle round. This scope could easily handle more powerful calibers, but is best suited for rimfire rounds. The simple V plex reticle makes accurate shots easy and precise, and this is easily one of the best rimfire scopes and best Marlin Model 60 mods for the money.

Marlin 795 with Vortex scope

Uncle Mike’s QD Sling Swivels

Installing sling swivels on the Marlin Model 60 isn’t extremely difficult. It can require some drilling and tapping depending on the configuration you choose. Uncle Mike’s came up with a simpler, more ingenious method of attaching a sling to a .22 LR rifle like the Marlin model 60. These sling swivels are quite different than your standard drill and tap. You do have to drill and tap the rear sling stud and swivel. However, the front sling swivel attaches to the tube magazine on the front of the rifle.

This allows you to place the sling swivel at different lengths and alternate where you place your sling. Installation is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes with the proper tools. The sling swivels lock using a spring loaded plunger. This system allows you to instantly loosen and remove the sling swivel with ease.

The sling swivels will fit all basic rifle slings, from the uber-tactical to the basic leather hunting sling. Slings slide through the swivel with ease for easy adjustments. The sling swivels are coated with a semi-rubberized finish that protects them from rust and wear. They are machined to be exact and looks wonderful. They are also quite rattle proof and allow you to hunt without disturbing game. Uncle Mike’s came up with a genius idea, and it’s certainly one best Marlin Model 60 upgrades period.


The Marlin Model 60 is a simple weapon that’s been around forever. Because it’s been around for so long the rifle has a huge following, and a large amount of aftermarket support. This aftermarket support is both good and bad, which can result in users buying cheap, poorly made goods. Always be mindful of what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from. Invest in goods that come from high quality companies, and don’t settle for anything less than perfection.

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  1. the model 60 is a great rifle no madder what price point . Dependable and fairly customizable if you do some research. If I was bugging out and could only have one that 60 would be it. My 4 mods if I had to do it again would be.
    sling first off
    a good scope I love the idea of the tech sights but my 60 year old eyes say scope.

    I would careful
    ly polish and maybe a dip trigger.
    I have no experience with a bipod so I think that it would be a boyds stock maybe the rimfire hunter in nutmeg.

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