The 4 Best Marlin Model 60 Scope Mounts & Rings – Reviews 2024

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The Marlin Model 60 is one of the most popular rifles in the United States and has been for decades. One of its weak points, however, is its small sights, and the rifle begs for an optic. But without a proper scope mount, an optic is pretty much useless unless you like being frustrated. A good scope mount secures the optic down, with zero play and absolutely no movement.

A scope mount needs to fit the Marlin Model 60 properly and is essentially a semi-permanent addition, and the more lock down bolts the better. Since the Marlin is a light rifle, the mount itself should not add a lot of weight to the weapon. On a .22 caliber rifle like the Marlin Model 60, the recoil is nil, so you can use a lighter weight scope mount without durability concerns.

Here are our recommendations for the best Marlin Model 60 scope mounts and rings:

Leupold Rifleman 2 piece

Leupold is a name commonly associated with tactical operations by police and military, as well as high-end hunting scopes. But Leupold has actually jumped into the rimfire market, which is a major part of the shooting market in general. Leupold offers a high-quality option for mounting a scope to the Marlin 60 in a rock-solid fashion. The Leupold mounts the optic high, but this isn’t an issue for the Marlin model 60.

Often a scope mounted high on the weapon could suffer from scope torque and decrease the life of the optic. Since the Model 60 is a rimfire .22, there is almost no recoil and no scope torque. The advantage of mounting the scope high then allows shooters to use the Marlin Model 60’s iron sights. The Leupold mount allows the user to instantly swap from a magnified option for longer range to a non-magnified option for close range without any extra work.

The Leupold scope mounts allow easy mounting for any rimfire optic and offers a 1-inch ring for 1-inch scopes. This 2 piece mount is easy to install on the Marlin Model 60, and allows the user an option for a versatile amount of optics. When paired with something like the BSA Sweet .22, you get a superb and accurate addition to your rifle. These are some of the best Marlin Model 60 scope rings.

Unboxing .22 rimfire 3/8 medium profile scope mounts

Accushot Premium

The Accushot Premium brand 2-piece mounting system is for low-recoiling weapons like airguns and .22 caliber rifles such as the Marlin 60 This means the mounts should be used exclusively for low recoiling weapons, which allows the mounts to be extremely lightweight. The mounts themselves are precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and are capable of lasting for decades when used with the proper weapon.

The finish is anodized black matte, which is a hard finish and is evenly applied over the scope rings. The Accushot Premium High Profile optics are also designed to work with Dovetail scope rails. These rails are extremely common on Marlin Model 60s, and mounts designed for Picatinny rails are not compatible with a Dovetail rail. The Accushot Premium also has a reversible locking plate that is capable of locking down the scope to the Marlin Model 60.

The Accushot Premium 2 piece mount has a stop-pin to prevent both the optic and the mounts from moving on the rail. The bottom of the mounts has dual locking screws that utilize Allen head screws to secure the mount to the scope rail. The Accushot Premium is also ridiculously affordable, making them the best Marlin Model 60 scope mount for the money.

UTG Accushot medium height scope rings unboxing and overview.

Umarex Lock Down

Umarex is an interesting company. They produce a wide variety of airguns, guns, and even own the Walther brand. They also produce a wide variety of .22 rifles, and they also produce a wide variety of accessories for .22 rifles. The Umarex Lock down is a single piece scope mount that fits a wide variety of .22 rifles, including the Marlin Model 60. The Umarex lock down is made from durable and lightweight high quality aircraft grade aluminum.

The Lock Down can easily mount to the Marlin model 60 and secures the one piece scope mount to the weapon with four locking bolts. Four bolts seem excessive, but this does lock the weapon down like its nobody’s business. The mount itself has a full-length clamping bar that utilizes those four screws perfectly. The Umarex Lock Down accommodates 1-inch scopes and the rings are rather unique. They feature an integral wrap around rings to provide a mounting method that removes stress from the scope.

The Umarex Lock Down has a dual recoil pin locking system to prevent wear and tear on your scope and secure after a day of high volume plinking with the Marlin Model 60. The Umarex Lock Down is easy to install and has all installation screws included with it—and should be on anyone’s list of the best Marlin Model 60 scope mount.

1 Piece Dovetail Scope Base Mount UNKNOWN FACTs

Redfield 22 See-Thru Rings

Redfield is mostly known for making scopes, but that’s not to say they can’t make scope accessories. The Redfield rings are designed explicitly for Dovetail mounts like what’s featured on the Marlin Model 60. The Redfield rings are made entirely of metal and are designed to accommodate 1-inch scopes. They are specially made from aircraft-grade aluminum and made in the USA.

The See-Thru name comes from the fact that below where the scope mounts, both rings have small see-through circles. These See-Thru circles are designed to allow you to still see and use your iron sights. These See-Thru circles are perfect for allowing you to transition to iron sights for close-range shooting quickly. The Marlin Model 60 comes equipped with the ideal set of iron sights to make it easy to shoot with the rings and a scope attached.

The See-Thru rings are perfect for shooting at any range and are also well designed for hunting with your Marlin Model 60. The Model 60 was my game getter when I was a kid, and a scope only made me more lethal to small game like squirrels and rabbits. The Redfield mounts are a little higher than usual and will allow you to accommodate scopes with large 40mm objective lenses. The Redfield See-Thru rings are incredibly well made and are an excellent option for rifle scope rings. This is without doubt one of the best Marlin Model 60 scope mounts around.


An optic is an excellent addition to any rifle, but without a proper mount that expensive scope is nothing but a nice paperweight. A scope mount is what secures the weapon, what locks it down and keeps it from moving. A good scope mount can add an extra feature to your weapon and even make it more versatile. If you buy a rifle, and you invest in a scope, why not invest in a quality mount?

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