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best 30mm scope rings

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Thirty millimeter scopes are becoming increasingly more popular as shooters realize that the slightly larger tube offers greater long range accuracy potential. While the size difference between a standard 1 inch tube (25.4mm) and a 30mm (1.18”) is seemingly nominal, the increased size permits a larger internal adjustment range, which means you can better engage targets at a greater distance. Because of this, and because many fine quality European scopes feature 30mm tubes, there has been an increasing demand both for 30mm scopes, and their accompanying 30mm rings.

In the quest for the best 30mm scope rings, we looked at a lot of rings and reached a couple of conclusions. The first is that like most scope rings, unless you are buying very high end, there isn’t a lot of difference, and secondly, 30mm scopes are really cool. Check out these rings, you should be able to find the best 30mm scope rings for your optic and rifle.

Quick Detach 30mm Rings

I think if I were to run a 30mm scope, these would be the rings I’d buy. What makes them one of the best 30mm scope rings is the fact they have a quick detach throw lever. While seemingly inconsequential, it’s actually quite cool for when you don’t manage to have a screwdriver handy and you can still take the scope off the rifle. As an added bonus these are really well made rings. Heavy duty construction, with non-marring polymer lining, and a robust three screw construction make these rings suitable for hard duty or sporting use. These are the rings to use if you depend on your rifle for anything other than putting holes in paper.

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High Profile Weaver/Picatinny Rings

The best 30mm scope rings work on industry standard Weaver AND Picatinny bases. Built with a see through high profile, these rings allow a rapid transition between optics and irons, giving you the best of both worlds, and allowing your rifle to remain functional in case of scope failure. Ideal for tactical or hunting rifles, high-profile see-through rings also are a must if you have a scope with an objective lens over 40mm or so. Long range shooters and hunters will benefit most from these rings as they allow for giant scopes and the emergency use of iron sights without tools.

Vortex Pro Series Riflescope Rings

Low Profile See Through Rings

Low profile rings are suitable for normal sized scopes, that is to say those with objective lenses under about 40mm. As a bonus, these rings are see-through, which will permit use of many iron sights, giving the ever popular failsafe in case of optic failure. Built of aircraft grade aluminum and then black matte anodized, this product is among the best 30mm scope rings. If you need a rock solid and reliable set of 30mm rings without breaking the bank, you can look no further.

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High Profile 30mm rings and Picatinny Base

This one is pretty damn sexy and allows the entire scope to be easily moved without fidding with both rings, and permits fast removal and replacement of the scope assembly. A high profile, see through design means you can transition to backup irons without removing the scope. The single piece base design lets you take the scope off and replace it without affecting zero which is a time and ammo saver. If you are looking for the best 30mm scope mount, this one is the best of several worlds, offering a rugged single piece base, the see through construction, and is fully compatible with standard Picatinny rails.

Which Scope Ring is Right for Me?

Well, like everything that depends on what you are using. If you are like most shooters, a simple set of low profile rings will do the trick. They hold the scope low, and will work with most common rifle scopes. These are especially suitable if you plan to primarily use optics, and just need to get your scope bolted down to your rifle. High profile rings are a must if you have a large target scope, or if your particular rifle or shooting style demands a higher mounted scope. A quick detach feature on rings will allow quick removal or replacement of optics, and are useful for transport, or separate storage of expensive optics.

Another feature people look for is a see through design, which allows existing iron sights to be used in case of optic failure. While this is rarely a concern with modern, high grade optics, it can happen, and no hunter or law enforcement officer wants their rifle to become useless until they pull damaged or broken optics off. To that end, see through rings were developed, which give you all the performance of a scope with the redundant security of irons. Obviously medium and high profile rings will give the best performance in that regard, as they have more room to work with.

It’s hard to get excited about scope rings. After buying a gun and a scope, rings are usually an uninspiring afterthought bought on a price point or whatever happens to be available that fits. While understandable, this isn’t always the way to get the best 30mm scope rings. With just a couple more minutes of thought and care, you can ensure that you’ve perfectly matched your optics, rings and rifle together in an ideal trifecta that will do exactly what you want it to do. Scope rings are the “weak link” between rifle and scope, and it behooves you to do it right the first time. There are a lot of great options on the market, and the best ones stand out not on price, but on features that go above and beyond simply being a set of rings.

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