The 4 Best Magnifiers for Eotech – Reviews 2023

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As we know, Eotech red dot sights are some of the best rifle sights on the market. Rugged, durable, combat proven and American made, they are the pinnacle of technical achievement in the holographic sight world. However, like many red dots, they do not offer any magnification. They are essentially an optical sight, providing a red dot that is most useful at iron sight ranges. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, today’s soldiers, law enforcement, and private citizens sometimes need a low level of magnification to accompany their red dot.

To that end, the market has been flooded with a bewildering array of red dot magnifiers. Some are sold by Eotech, others are high quality competition-level sights, and some just utter garbage. They all do the same thing, though, and that is to provide a small level of magnification to a red dot, taking it into the realm of a low powered rifle scope. We tossed the garbage aside, and found 4 of the best magnifiers for Eotech.

Eotech GS33

If you want a magnifier for your Eotech, the best one is made by Eotech. Sure it’s the cost of the Eotech itself, but there is no denying the logic of mating an Eotech sight with an Eotech magnifier. Designed to quickly flip away from or in front of your Eotech for rapid transition between magnified and unmagnified sighting, the GS33 (see full specs) offers fixed 3x magnification and is built to the same exacting standards of an Eotech sight. If you need a mission capable Eotech 3x magnifier, you simply will not find a better one out there.

EOTech G33 & XPS2-2 Review

Vortex VMX-3T Optics Magnifier

The VMX-3T is typical of its type. Vortex Optics is known for quality scopes and this is no exception. Like the Eotech, this is a 3x power magnifier, and features a nitrogen purged aluminum body that is shock-, fog- and water-proof. Flip over base allows quick transition between magnified and unmagnified optics. Honestly, this is one of my favorite magnifiers as it is an ideal balance between cost and performance. Ideal for sport shooting, hunting, patrol rifles, or home defense guns, the VMX-3T is a budget-priced example of the best magnifier for Eotech sights.

Vortex VMX 3T 3x Magnifier Review

Bushnell 3 Power Magnifier

Another entry in the best magnifier for Eotechs is this 3x offering from Bushnell. Built to the same quality as other Bushnell products, this is a great all around wallet-friendly magnifier. This comes paired with a pivoting base, which means you have the the utility of a magnified red dot when you want it–and when you don’t. Built with coated optics and a nitrogen gas-purged tube, the Bushnell is water, fog and shock-proof, and will provide many years of reliable service.

TMS AR Magnifier

When paired with the Ade Advanced Optics flip to side mount, the TMS AR is one of the best Eotech magnifiers in this price range and is ideal for hunters, target shooters, or knockabout ranch rifle work. It features a fixed 3x magnification, a 30mm tube, fully coated optics for maximum clarity, and adjustments for windage and elevation without even touching your Eotech. Built for the demanding but budget conscious shooter, if you are looking for a simple yet highly effective and solid Eotech magnifier, then take a good hard look at this setup. This would make for a great Eotech and magnifier combo.

Aimpoint pro, Vortex swing mount, TMS magnifier, KAS backup sight

Magnifying the Eotech

Because the Eotech is a non-magnified sight, some shooters will want the benefits of magnification to go with it. There are a great many reasons a person may want a magnifier, and the greatest of which is to simply extend the range on their rifles. US Special Forces and elite law enforcement teams use magnified optics so they can quickly transition between close quarters combat and engaging targets at a distance. The same reasons some of the best fighting men on earth magnify their Eotechs apply to private citizens.

Be it for a home-defense carbine, or your favorite hunting rifle, a magnified Eotech gives you the best of both worlds: a high quality red dot sight and the magnification to reach out and touch someone. The best magnifier for Eotechs will be built to high standards of quality. There is no sense in buying an expensive sight and buying a cheap optic.

However, there is a place for inexpensive yet functional magnifiers. All magnifiers should include a flip to side mount, so you can transition between a magnified and unmagnified sight. Better quality magnifiers, such as the ones sold by Eotech, will also be compatible with night vision goggles and be built to higher standards of optical clarity than a standard sporting optic. Remember, Eotechs are serious tactical equipment, and most magnifiers are built to that standard and priced accordingly.

But if you are willing to drop the coin, you will find that it is worth every penny, as you come to enjoy the best of both worlds. Magnified Eotechs are an accepted and popular tactical standard and to that end, there is no reason a private citizen should not enjoy the same benefits and advantages that the military does on their rifles. No matter which magnifier you choose, you bring your rifle squarely into the 21st Century with cutting edge technology. Go for it!

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