The 4 Best Glock Sights for Competition – Reviews 2022

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So why get competition sights for your Glock? Well, with the introduction of the Glock 34, the Austrian handguns have also become hugely popular on the competition front and for good reason (though, people have used other Glock models besides the 34 for these too).

One of the Glocks’ few downsides, however, are the stock sights—they’re both diminutive and, well, sort of sucky. They work but are far from perfect, especially for competition use. If you are looking to settle into competition shooting, take a look at our suggestion for Glock competition sights.

These are our reviews of the 4 best Glock competition sights on the market:

Vogel Dynamics World Champion Competition Glock Sights

Robert Vogel is a former law enforcement officer and world champion shooter is both IPSC and USPSA. To say he knows a thing or two about shooting would be a bit of an understatement. He took his expertise and designed a set of pistol sights for the Glock automatic pistol. These sights are not adjustable and are designed for the combat shooting disciplines of IPSC and USPSA, and would be perfect for 3 Gun.

Action shooting requires a balance of speed and accuracy. You don’t need to hit a small bulls eye, but you need to hit a torso sized target as fast as you possibly can. These matches are often won and lost by fractions of a second. The Vogel world champion sights are built to capitalize on that balance. The rear sight is completely blacked out and ridged to reduce glare and ensure the user finds the front sight.

The rear sight features a deeper, wider U shaped notch to give the shooter faster front sight acquisition. The front sight is a bright red fiber optic that emplaced in a metal front sight. The front sight itself is also rubbed to reduce glare. The end effect is a system set up to maximize the visibility of the red front sight. This cuts the time it takes it takes to get on target, without sacrificing accuracy. Hands down, these are among the best competition sights for Glock handguns.

How to Shoot Insane Double Taps with Bob Vogel

Meprolight Tru Dot Adjustable Glock Sights

Meprolight makes some excellent sights for combat and duty use. They produce some of the brightest and longest lasting night sights on the market. The idea to take their easy to see and easy to use sights and convert them to an adjustable model is genius. While night sights are most commonly associated with combat shooting they are quite useful for competition. In a competition role, you still need to be able to see your sights, and see them fast. Since competition relies on speed you need to see your sights as quick as possible.

The glow of Meprolight night sights (see full specs) ensures you can easily see and react regardless of the range conditions. Indoor and low light competitions are popular so shooters need an option for adjustable night sights. The Meprolight sights are very bright and easy to see. Adjustments are simple and easy and work for both elevation and windage.

Meprolight guarantees the tritium will stay lit for at least 15 years and give you a nice bright sight picture. These are one of the few adjustable night sight options for hunting and competition. They allow you to dial into a target at almost any range a handgun can hit. They retain the robust combat nature most Meprolight sights are accustomed to.


Burris Fastfire 3 Red Dot Sight

The world of optics on handguns has grown extensively in the last few years. So much so almost all major shooting competitions are opening up an optics class for handguns. This includes IPSC, most 3 Gun leagues, and more. Glock even took notice and introduced to MOS series. The MOS series are precut to allow the mounting of red dot optics like the Burris Fastfire 3 we have here (see full specs).

The Fastfire 3 is one of the best competition optics on the market. It’s incredibly easy to use and provides a bright and clear dot for the shooter to see and use. The Fastfire 3 is small, durable, and very lightweight. It offers shooters a 3 MOA red dot to act as the reticle, and the dot is easily adjustable for any brightness level.

A red dot optic on a handgun really opens up the possibilities for a handgun. A red dot optic allows shooters to hit targets at longer range with ease, and makes shooting fast and accurate a lot easier than iron sights. The Fastfire 3 is designed for competition and is priced affordably for new handgun optic shooters. The Fastfire 3 was one of the first, and is one of the best for shooters looking to step into the optics realm. Sometimes, the best competition sight for Glocks is a red dot.

Burris FastFire III - Review - Installation on M&P9L C.O.R.E.

Glock Perfection OEM Adjustable Sights

If you are on a budget and looking to get your Glock up to par for some serious competition shooting, then Glock has you covered. Seriously these are made and sold by Glock, and are considered OEM parts. Not only are they available, but they are affordable. They don’t cost much and are easy to install. They are designed to function with the standard Glock front sight.

The rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. This allows you to customize your sights for the way you shoot. This will increase your accuracy and allow you to compensate for any potential flaws in your shooting style. Sure, you should aim to be a better shooter, but that does take a bit of time. Being able to adjust your sights allows you to get that front sight on target and put holes where holes are needed.

As OEM sights, you know there will not be any issues with mounting the sights to your Glock. The added bonus of OEM sights is the fact you have likely already practice with your standard Glock sights, right? Well there is nothing new to learn with these sights, they look just like the classic rear Glock sight. If you’re a beginner and/or don’t want to spend a ton of dough, these are likely the best Glock competition sights for the money.

Glock adjustable and standard sights

The Best Glock Competition Sights Conclusion

With the Glock being the most popular pistol in the United States, it’s no surprise that so many are being used in competition. Glock are nearly perfect, but for competition if you really want to stand a chance you should consider improving your sights, and we hope with the options above you’ve found what you’re looking for. As a bonus, check out Roger Vogel in action!

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