The 4 Best Coyote Hunting Lights – Red & Green Predator Spotlights Review 2023

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So why get a coyote hunting light? It’s simple. Coyotes are one of the most challenging predators to hunt in the United States. They’re little, mean, and clever. And they are one of the few animals that you can hunt at night with a spotlight or flashlight (state laws might vary, however).

Coyotes are almost entirely nocturnal predators so hunting in the late evening and early morning is preferable. A powerful light allows you spot and identify the animal and allows you freeze them temporarily. You’ll be killing their natural night vision and buying yourself a few seconds to take a clean and accurate shot. So, your light needs to be powerful, it needs to be easy to shine and maneuver with, and needs to be small enough to carry and use.

Here are our reviews of the 4 best coyote hunting lights on the market:

The Gerber Myth Red and Green Predator Spotlight

Hitting the open trails at night, armed for coyote with both a rifle and a spotlight is a fun and satisfying way to spend an evening. Using the Gerber Myth is a sure way to make the night a bit more successful. Gerber outdoors is into just a bit of everything, from knives to spot lights they cover it all. The Gerber Myth is something to believe in, and it’s a powerful and easy to carry spotlight. The Gerber Myth uses a pistol style design that makes it easier for a single hunter to handle it.

This system is run entirely on a rechargeable battery and you can charge in your home, or in your vehicle. The Myth has two settings which allows it to double as a flashlight and a spotlight. Setting it to 100 lumens allows you to safely navigate your terrain without giving away your entire position. The second setting is the 600-lumen spotlight setting, this is the one you use to stop coyotes dead and their tracks.

The Gerber Myth can be conveniently attached to a almost any standard camera tripod to give you a stable platform that can be positioned in the back of a truck, in a large tree stand, or simply in the field with you. The Gerber Myth also comes with a green and red lens attachment to create a low light profile for simple navigation purposes. The Myth is affordable and made to hunt so it’s tough and ready to rock and roll—one of the best predator hunting lights period.

Brinkmann Q Beam Light

Now, not everyone who shoot coyotes is doing it recreationally and actually “hunting” coyotes. Many farmers, ranchers, and property owners like to rid their property of coyotes for one reason or another. These folks kill these coyotes for a purpose: to protect their cattle or other animals, to make sure their families are safe, and to get rid of a major pest. Dispatching these predators is typically done via vehicle so a vehicular option is one excellent means to hunt coyotes down.

The Brinkmann Q Beam is one of the most affordable and lightweight spotlights out there. It is designed to be used inside a vehicle, and the entire system is powered through a car power adapter. The system simply plugs in and is ready to go. Because it doesn’t rely on a battery it can generate a heckuva lot more power. The Q Beam hits with a massive 1200 lumens from a 100-watt bulb.

If you are cruising and scanning for coyotes you won’t have any issues spotting them. This cannon of light will stop them in their tracks and will easily allow to you differentiate between coyote and baby deer without issue. The Brinkmann Q Beam is also superbly affordable, and the perfect choice for the mobile hunter. Hands down, it’s one of the best coyote lights for the money.

Orion M30C Red and Green Predator Light

The next two spotlights are going to be perfect for the lightweight, minimalist hunter. It can be challenge to handle both a spotlight and a rifle when hunting by yourself. In this case, you may want to go with a weapon attached spotlight. The first will be the Orion M30C.

The Orion M30C is designed to be attached to your rifle (see full specs), or it can be carried by hand. You can quickly detach it for a simpler hand mounted light. The Orion M30C is small, but powerful. It has 3 different modes and provides a variable number of lumens. The settings are 700, 400, and 75 LED lumes. This takes it from a nice normal flashlight, into a beam from the sun contained in an aluminum body. For such a small light, it is quite powerful at 700 lumens. The Orion M30C can be attached to a Picatinny rail, a scope, or even directly to the barrel.

The Orion M30C uses a rechargeable battery system that can be charged with both AC and DC power with the right adapter. The light beam is available in both red and green choice. Using read and green tricks most animals since they can’t see either of those spectrums very well. It also helps preserve your natural night vision as well. The Orion is powerful and even comes with a pressure pad for instant activation. This should be on anyone’s list of the best coyote hunting lights.

Streamlight Long Gun Light for Predators

The Streamlight brand is well known and respected for their weapon lights. Law enforcement professionals use them worldwide and are depended on day and day out. (Well night in and night out, I guess.)

The Streamlight Long Gun Light is built off their TLR 1 body, but is much more powerful and features a much larger lens. The Long Gun Light is designed to mount to a Picatinny rail system and is perfect for the shooter and hunter using an AR15. The AR 15 is one of the best choices for coyote hunting and this bad boy makes it even more so.

The Streamlight Long Gun Light is made from anodized aluminum, just like your AR 15. It’s tough, dependable, and waterproof. It packs a 775 lumen beam that tosses a beam both forward and to the peripheral of the light. The beam reaches out to 438 meters and has a 48,000-candela peak beam. This light is superbly lightweight, barely bigger than a pistol light. That’s great for keeping the weapon light and handy. The downside is the smaller batteries means less run time.

The run time is only 1.75 hours, and it runs off 2 CR123A batteries, so pack a few for the night. The light works with a standard switch, and it comes with a pressure pad system. The pressure pad allows you to turn the light on and off instantly with just a little push of the pad. It also allows you to instantly turn the system on and off, to make use of the flash technique of spotting. The Streamlight is a powerful and compact light that is perfect for popping coyotes with your AR15 (or any other rifle you can mount it on!).

Spotted – The Best Coyote Hunting Lights

Getting a good spotlight is pretty simple, the trick is finding one powerful enough to spot the beady eyes of a coyote. The above options are all designed to be used by hunters, and for spotting small and cunning game. A good spotlight makes all the difference when it comes to a successful coyote hunt. Pair a good light, with a good rifle and you’re ready to go! And pick up a copy of Understanding Coyotes if you’re really hardcore about hunting coyotes.

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