The 4 Best Holsters for Sig P229 – IWB, Pancake, Competition Holster Reviews 2023

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So what’s the right holster for the Sig Sauer P229? Since the P229 is an all metal gun, this means it’s a bit heavier than your typical plastic fantastic handgun. This means a good holster need to be supportive of the gun’s weight and be able to present it to the shooter without sag or compromise. A good holster will also retain the P229 and present it for an easy and quick draw.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best holsters for Sig P229 handguns:

Galco Combat Master Holster for Sig P229

The Galco holster brand is well respected and established as one of the premier leather holster companies in the United States. The Galco Combat Master is a pancake style leather holster that is suitable for both duty and concealed carry. It’s an outside the waistband holster that fits most common belt sizes. The Combat Master is great for duty work because it’s easy to draw from and is supportive for day in and day out carry.

The pancake style design keeps the holster nice and tight to the body, and this makes it easy to hide under a simple T-Shirt (see full specs). Regardless of who or how the holster is used, it’s a rock-solid platform for carrying a SIG P229. The open-top design makes the draw fast and ensures nothing gets between you and your gun. The P229 needs supportive holster as well (remember, it’s not the lightest gun in the world). The Combat Master uses a dual stitching pattern that supports the weapon and ensures the holster stays together no matter what stress is pushed on it.

The Combat Master is designed specifically around the SIG P229, meaning it’s cut and molded to the gun. This allows it to get away with being an open top design. The retention is passive, but works well due to the design and superior molding and crafting techniques.

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Galco Miami 2 Shoulder Holster for Sig P229

Galco finds its way on the list once more, with another leather holster. The Miami 2 is the premier shoulder rig for those looking for a supportive and comfortable option for carry a shoulder holster. The Miami gains its name from Miami Vice, where Detective Crockett carried a Galco with his Bren Ten. Ever since then, the Galco Miami and Miami 2 have been the most widely praised shoulder holsters on the market.

The Miami 2 is an all-leather holster that features a holster on one side and a dual magazine pouch on the other (see full specs). This gives three total magazines and with the 229 that could be up to 45 rounds of ammunition. Certainly, enough for most people. The Miami 2 is adjustable to a very large degree due to the design of both the holster and mag pouches. The Miami 2 is custom-molded and cut differently for each gun. This improves retention and your ability to draw the weapon.

The holster utilizes a small leather thong with a button snap to secure the weapon. The snap falls naturally where the thumb lies and allows for a quick and easy draw, while providing excellent security. The Galco Miami 2 is also customizable and allows the user to swap magazine pouches for a single pouch, a cuff pouch, and even a knife pouch. If you’re willing to shell out the dough, this is among the best holsters for Sig p229 period.

Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster

Comp-Tac International Holster for Sig P229

Even though the Sig p229 is slightly smaller pistol than its big P226 cousin, it’s still a popular option for competition. There is a reason SIG Produced the P229 sport and why it was popular. The Comp-Tac International is an incredibly popular series of holsters for competition shooters. They are simply Kkydex holsters that are designed for a rapid and confident draw. They are minimalist holsters and are cut all the way to the end of the ejection port.

This deep cut provides allows shooters to draw faster—much faster than a traditional holster. The holster also allows the shooter to get a good solid grip on their grip, which ensures the gun is in the hand and ready to take a shot. The gun itself is also pushed away from the body, which makes it terrible for concealed carry, but keeps it out of the way during competition. The away from the body style is perfect for easy draws, and allows you to wear magazine pouches, and shotgun caddies without them getting in the way.

StealthGear Revolution Sig P229 IWB Holster

The SIG Sauer P229 is the compact variant of the SIG P226 and it’s a popular option for concealed carry. It’s not the smallest gun, but does offer shooters a slight shorter option for carry. With concealed carry in mind, you must be selective of your holster. You need something that’s easy to draw from but conceals the weapon well. The StealthGear Revolution is one such holster. They not only account for concealment and draw speed but comfort as well.

The all-metal frame SIG P229 isn’t the lightest weapon out there so you need a nice and supportive holster. The wide clips on either side are quite accommodating to the the weapon’s weight. It allows you to comfortably carry the gun inside the waistband without sag or bunching up. The StealthGear Revolution is a hybrid IWB holster that features a Kydex shell and a soft polymer and suede backing. The backing is also cut to allow more air to pass through the system and reduce sweat that touches the gun.

The Kydex portion protects the gun and ensures it stays in place. Kydex is immune to most damage and allows a shooter to easily reholster. The fact it’s an IWB holster means it’s easy to conceal and easy to wear. What’s not to love? This should be on anyone’s list of the best holsters for Sig P229 pistols

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The Right Sig P229 Holsters

The SIG P229 is an excellent weapon for concealed carry, competition, and of course self-defense. You need a good holster to support it and help bear the weight of such a large gun. The best holsters for Sig P229 holsters make all the difference in carrying a handgun, but they need to match your intention with the gun. If you can match the right holster with your intentions you’ll be successful and a very happy camper. Good luck!

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