The 3 Best Glock Ghost Ring Sights – Reviews 2023

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As a functional product, Glocks are pretty much ready to go right out of the box.  Give them a quick once over, dial in your sights to your favorite ammo, and you are good to go. This is a testimony to the claim of perfection that Glock makes for all their products.  Of course, while their guns are mass produced items, that doesn’t mean you have to accept the same cookie cutter standardized parts that roll off the production line in Austria.

One of the more popular changes to make to Glocks is to replace the standard factory sights with ghost ring sights. Now, ghost ring sights are really cool, inasmuch as they are some of the fastest sights to use in a combat situation. Long popular on shotguns and the better sort of submachine guns, there are also several versions available for most common Glock pistols.  Take a look and decide if ghost ring sights are right for your Glock.

Here are our recommendations for the 3 best Glock ghost ring sights on the market:

Ameriglo Green Ghost Ring Sight

This is a pretty slick ghost ring sight with two easy to see green dots that direct your eyes directing to the ring. Ideal for low light conditions and every day use, this sight is also ribbed to cut down on daytime glare. The Ameriglo sight fits all popular Glock models and offers a refreshing upgrade over standard factory sights. Featuring tritium inserts for true night sight functionality, they are both advanced and simple to use. Affordable enough to experiment with yet rugged enough for even demanding law enforcement duty, these are some of the best Glock ghost ring sights for the money.

Ameriglo Tritium Night Night Sight Set for GLOCK®

ARO Tek Tritium Ghost Ring Night Sights (from

ARO Tek Tritium night sights are an excellent option for the Glock enthusiast. The ARO Tek Tritium sights feature two tritium vials in the rear and one in the front. During the day they operate like standard ghost ring sights, but when things get dark they function more like three dot night sights.

These sights are available for both standard Glocks and large frame models. The standard Glocks will use the 0.180” high sight and the large models will use the +1.160” high front blade. These are precise, easy to use, and perfect for both concealed carry and competition.

Aro-tek sights for Glock 19

Dead Ringer Ghost Ring Sights

Dead Ringer was the original creator of Ghost Ring Sights for the Glock pistols. These high visibility circular sights were designed for both close-quarter’s shooting and long range shooting. These sights allow for quick and reactive shooting that allows you to hit your target over and over with ease.

The circular sight portion is bright orange and on the outside there is two green dots. Both offer sighting systems for easy engagements. The front sight is a bright green orb that’s also quick and easy to pick up when you start shooting. Best of all these sights are made from metal and designed to last day in and day out. The Dead Ringer Glock ghost ring sights are the original Glock Ghost Ring sights and continue to be among the best.

Not a sight but something just as necessary . . .

Glock OEM Sight Tool

The best ghost ring sights in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t install them.  This factory  Glock sight tool allows you to quickly change out sights on any model Glock pistol, and is of course a must have item if you are switching to ghost ring sights. Designed by Glock to be the most efficient and robust form of this tool possible and made of hardened tool steel with a magnet to retain the tiny front sight screws and protect them from lost, this is a must have tool for working on your Glock.

Fixxer brand glock front sight tool glock 34

Glocks, Ghost Rings, and You

Glock pistols have been popular for several decades now and do not really require any further introduction. Because of this, there is a robust market for upgrades and options. Ghost ring sights are one of those popular upgrades because of the  many tactical and technical advantages they offer.

Ghost ring sights have long been popular on shotguns and submachine guns, both weapons which offer less direct accuracy, but with practice offer greater potential for accuracy than one might expect. One way to enhance that accuracy is through easy to acquire and use sights which permit rapid target acquisition.  One can think of a ghost ring as a sort  of reversed peep sight. Instead of staring through the aperture and lining up a front sight, one lines the rear sight up with the front aperture, and places both on target. The end result, more complicated to describe than use, is a sight that will quickly get on target, and allow you to quickly get back on target; crucial both in sporting competition or actual combat or tactical settings.

The ghost ring sights we looked at in this article all use mildly radioactive tritium inserts to give “night sight” functionality. With a half life of seven years, tritium provides a battery free way to deploy illuminated sights with an “always on” function. This alone makes them superior to standard factory sights, but when combined with the advantages of a ghost ring sight, this puts them heads and tails over a standard set of sights.

Sure, the best Glock ghost ring sights aren’t cheap. A good bit of that is the tritium, which has to be renewed every seven years (from manufacture, not installation) if you wish to retain the night sight features. However, the minor inconvenience of replacing tritium vials pales when compared the benefits of using it.

Ghost ring sights are also stupidly easy to install. Simply remove the slide from an unloaded gun, use your Glock sight tool to unscrew the small nut holding the sights in place, switch out sights, reverse the procedure and there you have it. Brand new shiny sights.  After that, all you have to do is make any fine adjustments as you dial in the sights with your ammo of choice, and then you are golden.  The best Glock ghost ring sights are an amazing upgrade over standard sights and are a worthy investment that could even save your life. Good luck!

  • Owner of, Boyd Smith is a major handgun enthusiast, and although he owns Glocks, he prefers the revolving wheel type. His go-to guns are a Smith & Wesson 642 Performance Center for carry and a Ruger GP100 in the nightstand biometric safe (he has kids). He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. It’s OK if you think he’s a wimp. Email him.

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  1. Just picked up a G23 with the Snake Eyes on it for a crazy price. The person had them installed by a gunsmith and couldn’t stand them. He said he wasn’t paying to have them taken off. Bad news is he got pissed at the Glock and seems to have abused it. Good news is I got it way cheap and after having my armorer friend look at it and it’s ok internally but the slide is gouged. He never admitted to it but he was pissed that he had the sights put on and hated them.
    As to the Snake Eyes, I think they’re alright. I never minded stock Glock sights but this is an improvement somewhat. Inside of 10 yards, they just pop right to the target. Can the same be done practicing point shooting with stock sights? Absolutely. I got it cheap and it came with them on. 100 rounds through it and okay so far. If I ever want them off, I’ll take them off and put on some different sights.

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