The 4 Best Sights for Glock 34 – Reviews 2022

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The Glock 34 is a long barreled Glock pistol designed for tactical operations and shooting competitions. Its longer barrel and longer slide gives you a long sight radius, which makes it easier for you to shoot fast and accurately.

A good set of sights is critical for such a pistol because Glock stock sights, well, kind of suck. A good set of Glock sights are going to be eye catching and easy to see in day and night times. Competition shooters and tactical shooters have very different needs, so we will look at both styles of sights for comp and tac shooters. Both users need sights they can easily see, are fast on target, and will stay in place during the recoil of the 9mm cartridge. Iron sights should also cut down on glare for bright lights, and night sights should glow brightly when the lights are out.

A Glock that prizes accuracy needs a set of sights that do the same, and below we’ve collected the 4 best sights for Glock 34 handguns.

XS Big Dot Tritium

For unparalleled defensive shooting, the XS Big Dot sights are hard to beat. When you start shooting defensively, your main focus is going to be to get that front sight on target and starting putting warheads in foreheads. The Big Dot makes this extremely easy to do because it’s massive. The sight is compatible with standard holsters, which is a fear some have when it comes to bigger sights.

The Big Dot tritium sights are perfect for the day because the primary mass is a large white dot. This dot is easy to pick up during the day, the night, and any other time. What makes it extremely easy to using during the night is the tritium insert built into the front. Tritium glows brightly during low light situations.

The XS system is one of the best defensive shooting sight option out there. If your focus for the Glock 34 is police or home defense work you’d be hard pressed to find better sights. These aren’t the best for shooting beyond 30 yards, but inside of thirty yards you can absolutely dominate your target. These should be on anyone’s list of the best sights for Glock 34.

XS Sight Systems 24/7 Big Dot Night Sights

Meprolight Night Sights

Meprolight night sights are the perfect option for the tactical shooter. Those looking for something they can rely on regardless of the time of day. Police officers may find themselves in situations in which they transition from an extremely bright day into a dimly lit drug house. In these situations, they need a set of sights they can depend on. The Meprolight night sights are made by a famed defense company that produces a wide variety of sights and optics for militaries across the world.

Meprolight night sights are extremely bright during the night, and they are extremely easy to pick up. Meprolight Night Sights are made entirely of steel, so they replace the cheap plastic sights with nice solid chunks of metal. The Meprolight sights are very easy to install and can be done at home; however, if you don’t feel confident hit up the local gunsmith.

These sights also work well during the day. Once you draw your Glock 34 and get on target you’ll notice how bright and white the sights are during the day. This gives you a reliable set of sight regardless of where and when you are. The Glock 34 is an excellent tactical weapon, and it’s extremely accurate and powerful, so why use cheap plastic sights? If you are relying on this weapon to defend your life, invest in a good set of Night sights, like the Meprolights. These are easily among the best sights for Glock 34 pistols.

Glock: Meprolight Tru Dot Night Sight

Truglo Fiber Optic Day Sights

The Truglo Fiber optic sights are the most visible sights I have ever seen or used. These are not glowing sights, are not designed for night time use. These bright sights are made from fiber optics and feature alternating colors for the front and rear sight. The front sights have a bright orange circle around them, and the rear sights are simply green. This makes it easy to differentiate from front and rear sights in an instant.

The Glock 34 fires the 9mm round, which can be potent if used with the right ammo and is even capable of taking down medium game. As a hog buster, the Glock 34 would work extremely well when equipped with these sights.

The Truglo Fiber optic sights are entirely made of steel, so they are tough enough to take the challenges of the field. These sights would also work well for competition shootings because they are simply so easy to pick up and get on target. These sights are much larger than normal Glock sights, but they still fit standard holsters and are snag free.

These sights are designed for daytime use, but still work well at night. Not as good as night sights, but their bright nature allows them to pick up the minimal light in the environment. These are some of the more versatile sights, and for those with issues picking up their standard Glock sights won’t have issue finding the TruGlo sights.

TruGlo Fiber Optic Handgun Sights

Burris Fastfire

I’m going to go a little out there with this one. We’ve been talking almost exclusively about iron sights. Standard pistol sights that have dominated the last two centuries of pistol fighting. Here is what’s crazy: I suggest the Burris Fastfire (see full specs), which is a miniature red dot optic.

Red dots on pistols are a growing trend. It began with competition shooters looking to cut their times down, and has spread into the world of tactical shooting. A red dot on a pistol takes some training but is ultimately quicker to get shots on target and to make easier long range shots.

One excellent example of a pistol red dot sight is the Burris Fastfire. The Burris Fastfire is a superbly small optic that mounts onto the rear of the Glock pistol. It can co witness with the standard iron sights on the Glock 34. This will require a red dot scope mount:

However, once in place, the Glock 34 can become a long range can-busting, butt-kicking pistol.

The Fastfire has a 4 MOA reticle that can be seen in both day and night conditions. This red dot is adjustable for brighter days, and darker nights. The Fastfire is completely waterproof and has a 20,000 hour battery life. This Glock sight will give you a faster shooting, more accurate option for long and close range shooting. It’s the 21st century; sometimes, the best sights for Glock 34 pistols are red dots. Just check out the video below (yes, the Burris Fastfire is mounted on a Ruger Mark III, but the same principle applies: fast acquisition of targets and accurate shooting).

How to mount the Burris FASTFIRE 3 on the Glock 19 Gen 4 MOS

See and Shoot

The Glock 34 is an all around excellent pistol, hampered by Glock’s cheap plastic sights. Swapping sights on the Glock 34 is the best change one can make to a Glock pistol. Choosing a set of sights should be done based on your shooting needs and should be a careful consideration. Maybe you need night sights or maybe you want a red dot. To each their own, but to be truly satisfied, you need to evaluate your shooting needs and focus on fulfilling those needs. Good luck!

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