The 4 Best Double Reed Duck Calls – Reviews 2023

best double reed duck call

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The art of using a double reed duck call is a sensitive one. A double reed duck call needs to produce a low raspy call. The call needs to be capable of producing a loud but realistic call. This is what distinguishes a good call from the rest of the junk. A good call also needs to be weather-resistant, and designed for many seasons and many seasons’ worth of use.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best double reed duck calls on the market. Check them out!

Buck Gardner Double Nasty

Buck Gardner is a pretty well-known brand when it comes to animal calls. They make a variety of affordable, high quality calls that appeal to a broad degree of hunters. The Buck Gardner series are perfect for beginners, but seem to remain popular with experienced sportsman.

The Buck Gardner Double Nasty is a double reed design and is made almost entirely from acrylic. Acrylic material is a polymer material that is resistant to water, humidity, high and low temperatures. This material also floats.

The Double Nasty is designed for calls at both clear and medium ranges. This is an excellent tool for those looking to bring the ducks close before they shoot. The Double Nasty has a double reed with a tone board that is hand sanded that allows a broad range of different calls. You can produce ringing hails calls or just straight pure duck calls at the low end of the sound spectrum.

The Double Nasty duck call also has spit technology. This sounds gross, but anyone who has ever blown into a duck call would know that spit can cause issues. This spit technology guarantees you can blow even when the call is full of spit. Again, it’s gross, but a necessity for hardcore hunters. The Buck Gardner double nasty is perfect for any hunter looking to get into the sport, and is priced well enough for any hunter to afford.

Duck Commander Miss Priss

The Duck Commander crew has brought the sport of ducking hunting to the masses. The popularity of duck hunting has exploded, and the Federal duck tax stamp set records this year as new hunters hit the marsh. The Duck Commander Miss Priss is designed after the Duck Picker and is designed specifically for the female hunter (though anyone can use it, female, male, and anyone in between).

First and foremost, this pink thing is easy to see. If you drop it in the dark, you won’t have an issue spotting it. The Miss Priss is outfitted with the same double reed system the Gunning series calls have. This system is typically a custom piece, but the Miss Priss is completely affordable. The Miss Priss is designed to mimic the call of a mallard hen for close and medium range callers. The call is designed to be very, very, easy to use.

The double reed system makes it easier to just blow and call a duck. The Double reed system is friction fit to ensure a loud and raspy call to attract the ducks to you. The Duck Commander Miss Priss is made entirely from polycarbonate that is weather resistant and capable of floating. The Duck Commander is perfect for the lady in your life or any pink enthusiast in general. Hands down, it’s one of the best double reed duck calls.

Duck Commander Premium

Two Duck Commanders in a row may not seem fair, but listen to me about this. The Miss Priss is an affordable, effective duck call, but it’s one of their affordable models. The Duck Commander Premium is a bit different. This Duck Call is for the seasoned duck hunter or perhaps the intermediate hunter. This double reed call is built using a slotted double reed system. This allows duck hunters to vary their calls greatly.

The Duck Commander Premium (see full specs) call can range from loud to soft with ease. The Duck Commander call is one of their more famous calls, and it’s for a good reason. When sitting in the duck blind you may hear ducks calling way off in the distance, and without the right call you won’t be able to call back to them. With this call you can reach out to ducks over a thousand yards away. The call is also versatile enough to bring them in as they get closer.

You can give long, loud calls, and short raspy calls with ease. Switching between the calls is easy, as long as the hunter knows what to do, and how to use the call. The call is made from a high quality acrylic and is fitted with a cork slotted reed system to ensure easy cleaning. Everything about this call is high quality, including the price, so keep that in mind. But if you’re willing to shell out the smackers, this is likely the best double reed duck call period.

Duck Commanders Teach Conan To Make Duck Calls | CONAN on TBS

Echo Call Diamondwood

The Echo call Diamondwood Timbers call is probably the best looking duck call I’ve ever seen. However, do looks matter when it comes to performance? In general, the answer is not really, but the Echo Calls Diamondwood both looks and performs extremely well.

The Echo Call Diamondwood (see full specs) is made from acrylic, but gives the appearance of wood at the bottom of the call, and a clear mouthpiece that has a crystal like shape and design. Needless to say it doesn’t matter what a call looks like, but hey this one looks great.

The Echo Call Diamondwood is a double reed duck call that is easy to use and highly efficient as well. These calls—Diamondwood or Timber calls—are extremely popular with duck hunting guides, and serious duck hunters. This system is designed to be used at close range. At close range you can tempt even the most cautious duck. This duck call is designed to bring in the ducks nice and close, making it possible for you and your shotgun to pick and choose the duck you want.

The Echo Call Diamondwood is one of the best double reed duck calls. It’s attached to a not-cheap price, but it is well worth it. The Diamondwood call is always in high demand since it’s one of the top choices for serious shooters.

Echo Diamondwood Timber Call


Duck hunting is an exciting and dynamic sport that allows anyone of nearly any age to get out and return to Mother Nature. Every year the number of duck hunters that hit the blind grows significantly. To meet this demand, we have a massive amount of new manufacturers hitting the stores with their duck calls. The problem is that there are some many that it is hard to distinguish what’s great from what’s crap. So we did it for you! Buy high quality duck calls and accept nothing less than perfect. Good luck!

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