The 4 Best EoTech Clones – Knock Off Eotech Reviews 2023

Best EoTech Clone, knock off eotech

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The EOTech holographic red dot optic completely changed the nature of close quarter’s battle optics. Adopted by militaries across the world, the EOTech is a reliable, durable, and capable combat optic. The only downside is its high price because everybody knows EoTechs are not cheap optics. Certainly you get what you pay for, but for those of us not going to war, does an EOTech warrant the cost?

Luckily, the popularity of the EOTech design opened up an entirely new category of optics: the holographic, open red dot–great knock off Eotechs, if you will. There are many high quality, and affordable holographic optics out there that allow the shooter to shoot just as straight and just as fast as the EOTech while saving quite a bundle on his or her wallet. Here are the 4 best EoTech clones we could find.

Dagger Defense

The Dagger Defense red dot reflex sight is a perfect example of quality meeting affordability. The Dagger Defense is constructed from rough and tough durable aircraft grade aluminum, this provides a hefty, but sturdy optic capable of withstanding field conditions. The Dagger Defense red dot use a square-shaped window to super impose either a red or green dot that acts a reticle. Both the green and red dot have two reticles for a total of four different designs. The optic has a wide variety of different brightness settings, ranging from dim to something bright enough to rival the Florida sun.

The Dagger Defense Holographic sight is fast to get on target and makes rapid transitions easy. For close quarters shooting, it’s hard to beat a holographic optic in simplicity and ease of use. The Dagger Defense holographic red dot is quite small and lightweight and takes very little Picatinny rail space. The optic could easily be mounted on a rifle or shotgun but could also find its way onto a large handgun with a bit of rail space.

The Dagger Defense is an excellent option for those looking for a versatile optic. The optic can withstand the recoil of nearly any rifle, handgun, or shotgun without losing zero. An important feature of this red dot is that it could be strapped to a battle rifle in .308 or larger. This is surely one of the best EoTech clones.

Dagger Defense affordable, best budget red dot reveiw on the DDHQ and 45 B.U.I.S

Sightmark Ultra Shot

The Sightmark Ultra shot is probably the most prevalent holographic optic outside of the Eotech brand, and it deserves its place. For a reasonable price, the Sightmark offers a combination of precision optical quality and rugged durability. The Sightmark Ultra Shot has an aluminum construction including a full sun shade to protect the glass. The Sightmark is water resistant and shockproof, capable of holding up to the brute recoil of a 12 gauge without losing a hair of zero.

The Sightmark (see full specs) is simple to mount and de-mout since it’s equipped with a quick detach throw lever. The Sightmark features easy to reach and easy to use controls. The Sight Ultra Shot has the option of co-witnessing with a standard AR front sight and with the right rail can even co-witness with an AK.

The Sightmark has a very crisp and bright reticle that is easy to pick up on the brightest of days. The optic takes its cues from the original EOTech and is capable of being used for self and home defense, hunting, and dynamic shooting competition. On the list of the best EoTech clones, this product will surely be near the top.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Plus Reflex Sight Review

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope

If we’ve learned anything from EOTech, it’s how diverse a holographic optic can be. These optics are capable of being mounted to a variety of weapons and work very efficiently is a variety of roles. The Mueller Quick shot rifle scope has the optic’s purpose in its name, and on top of a rifle the optic excels. First off, the Quick shot provides a clean and clear sight picture with the option of four different reticles. The optic mounts to any Picatinny or Weaver rail. The Mueller designs use a very thin frame, which allows the user to have a wider peripheral view, and those using the Bindon aiming concept will appreciate this.

The Mueller Quick Shot (see full specs) is also capable of self-adjusting to the brightness level to the light conditions outside. The optic features two sensors that can pick up the light around the optic and auto adjust the reticles brightness. This is an awesome feature I am surprised is not more popular. You still have the option to override the settings with a manual adjustment of ten different brightness settings.

The Mueller Quick shot may have rifle in its name, but the optic would be perfect for a shotgun as well. The rise on red dots on turkey guns is constantly on the rise and the Mueller is perfect for a shotgun. The third use is a bit out of the ordinary, but the optic can be attached and used on a compound, or crossbow as an extra sight. The Mueller is extremely versatile and affordable, which means, if you’re on a budget (and who isn’t these days), this is one of the best EoTech clones for you.

Mueller Rifle Scope Review

Vector Optics Red Dot Sight

The Vector optics red dot sight is simple square framed window, tubeless design made for carbines. The Vector red dot sight comes equipped with a quick-detach mount and riser to co-witness with standard AR front sights. The Vector is also extremely lightweight and compact, capable of taking very little rail space, and adding very little weight to your weapon.

The Vector has four different reticles and the option of changing the color from red to green. The Vector features 5 different brightness levels than can accommodate most conditions I’d imagine a shooter being placed in. The controls are streamlined and simplistic, making the manual of arms easy to memorize and used under stress.

The Vector is made from a high-quality aluminum and is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. The Vector is perfect for close range engagement inside two hundred meters on a rifle. The optic can be mounted to a shotgun as well, and is strong enough to resist the recoil. This is a great knock off Eotech.

Vector Optics Omega US Design 8 Reticles Combat Tactical QD Reflex Red Dot Gun Sight

Affordable But Not Cheap in Quality

There is a big difference between affordable and cheap. Cheap implies a low price, backed by low quality and little durability. Affordable is a good price, at the sacrifice of a few bells and whistles, but never at the cost of poor quality and durability. These optics are examples of what’s affordable, not what’s cheap. These are the best EoTech clones for the money, and we hope these reviews have helped you make a good choice.

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