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best scope for scar 17

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The Scar 17 is one of the most modern, heavy hitting battle rifles out there. Designed by FN and marketed to the Special Operation community, the SCAR 17 has the ergonomics of an assault rifle but with the powerful .308 chambering. Because the Scar 17 is a precise rifle, it needs a good quality optic to take advantage of its max range. The 7.62 NATO/ .308 Winchester round is a heavyweight quite unlike the dainty 5.56mm. This means any optic topping the Scar 17 needs to be strong and resistant to recoil. A good optic needs to compliment the Scar and take advantage of its seamless ability to transition from a designated marksman rifle to a hard hitting close-quarters battle weapon.

Here, in our humble opinion, are the 4 best Scopes for Scar 17 rifles:

Trijicon ACOG BR .308

If money were no object, this is the best scope for Scar 17 period. The Trijicon ACOG is well known for its military use on standard M4 and M16 rifles. However, these rifles are chambered in the 5.56mm, and the reticle and bullet drop compensator is ineffective on the .308 round. A Scar 17 needs the ACOG BR .308 (the BR stands for ballistic reticle). This ACOG by Trijicon is specifically tailored for the .308 round and takes bullet drop into account. This is in the form of a BDC that shows the user where the exact holdover is for certain ranges.

The Trijicon ACOG (see full specs) has a 3.5x level of magnification and a 35mm objective lens. The model comes with either a green or red reticle that is illuminated but completely battery free. The scope uses a combination of tritium and fiber optics to absorb light and provide internal illumination.

The optic is nearly a pound and 8 inches in length so it’s no slouch in the size department. However, the Trijicon ACOG optics are known for their last lasting durability and bulletproof strength. The ACOG brand has proven itself through two wars and a decade of experience. This is an optic even a Marine can’t break. The Trijicon ACOG compliments a Scar 17 very well and allows the rifle to act as both a close quarters and ranged battle rifle.

Trijicon ACOG TA11J-G BDC Basics

Vortex Viper PST

Vortex is slowly making themselves a serious competitor in the world of tactical scopes. Although Vortex has been producing quality binoculars and spotting scopes for over a decade, their recent dabble into tactical rifle scopes has been met with open arms. Up until now Vortex has dealt with close range combat optics but the Viper is an attempt to reach out and touch someone . . . relatively far away, that is.

The Vortex Viper (see full specs) is a 1-4x power optic with a 24 mm objective lens. The 1-4x is a bit light of magnification, but for the Scar 17 is perfect. This allows the optic to engage at a variety of ranges and seamless transition from an overwatch role to a CQB role. In overwatch, you have a fully multi-coated lens with Vortex’s proprietary XR coating. This provides a very clear picture, with surprisingly light transmission when you factor in the small objective lens. The optic is also one piece construction which aids in increased accuracy.

When social work is required and you have to get close, you get a brightly illuminated, eye-catching reticle. The Viper is tough as nails and completely waterproof, and debris proof. The Viper Vortex is argon filled to prevent internal fogging, and the optic is shockproof. The Viper is an excellent optic that allows the rifle to shine. This is one of the best scopes for Scar 17.

Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24mm TM/CQ MOA Scope Review

Nikon P-308

With .308 in the name of the Nikon P-308, I hardly have to explain why this optic is an excellent choice for the Scar 17. The Scar 17 is in .308, and the Nikon P-308 is made for the .308 round—it’s a match made in heaven, you can say. The Nikon P-308 is for the Scar 17 owner looking to extend their range for target shooting or hunting even. The use of semi-auto, modern sporting rifles as hunting implements is on the rise.

The Nikon P-308 features a bullet drop compensators to provide easy to use holdovers to make long range shots. This BDC allows the shooter to make shots out to 800 yards. Of course, the scope can do its job if you can do your job. The Nikon P-308 is a 4-16 power optic, which provides a good level of magnification for most shooters with a .308 rifle. The objective lens is a large 42mms.

The glass is fully multicoated, and when combined with the large objective lens provides a large amount of light transfer. The scope is rugged and reliable, perfect for field work. The scope is waterproof, shockproof, and argon filled to prevent internal fog. The Nikon P-308 is an excellent long range choice for the Scar 17.

M1A Battle Rifle (Part 1) Nikon P308 Rifle Scope

Elcan SpecterDR Scope

Do you want what the pros use? I don’t mean pro-competition shooters either. I mean the pros who hunt men with rifles. The Green Berets, the MARSOC Raiders, the Navy SEALs, and even the Delta guys use this optic. They use the SCAR 17, and one of their favored optics is the Elcan SpecterDR. The SCAR 17 is a heavy and powerful rifle that is capable of striking out at extended ranges as well as up close and personal. The Elcan SpecterDR is an interesting variable optic.

It features a one power setting as well as a four power setting, and that is it. There are no 2x or 3x settings. The optic comes from 1x to 4x, and that’s it. This design is odd, but it works well with weapons like the SCAR 17. At one 1X, you have an excellent close-quarters optic that allows you to shoot from 1 to 100 yards easily. The same goes for making target transitions as well as using the weapon indoors for close quarters shooting.

At 4X, the optic allows you to reach out to as far as five to six hundred yards without much difficulty. The Elcan SpecterDR is what shooters from the most elite units in the world use. The system works brilliantly and allows for the instant ability to swap magnification settings for a diverse engagement portfolio. To top it all off, and I mean literally, there is a set of built-in iron sights on the top of the optic for quick engagements or in case the optic goes down. If you’d like a tough-as-nails, experts’ optic, this is the best scope for Scar 17.

Conclusion – The Versatile Scar 17

Versatile—that is the word I use to describe the Scar 17. It’s functional at close, medium, and long range, and can provide long range precision or room clearing maneuverability. The Scar 17 can be fit with a multitude of different optics, and there is no wrong way to use the Scar, but there is a wrong kind of scope. That kind of scope does not take advantage of the Scar’s strengths and is often cheap, and hardly capable of withstanding the same abuse the Scar 17 can handle. Fortunately, the scopes listed here can stand the abuse and provide you with excellent target-sighting for years to come. Good luck!

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