Burris Veracity vs Vortex Viper – Which Is Better? (ANSWERED)

burris veracity vs vortex viper

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Burris and Vortex are two big players in the new generation of optics, which might be the best range of rifle scopes and sights in history. Both companies are huge and produce everything from red dots to spotting scopes and everything in between.

When looking between their selections, you must look closely—and this sounds deeper than it first appears. You see, from the outside, their optics often look quite similar, but they are very different in reality. For example, two of their most popular optics lines are the Burris Veracity and the Vortex Viper.

Today we are doing an in-depth rundown of both optics, and by this article’s end, you should have a good idea who’ll win in the Battle of Burris Veracity vs Vortex Viper.

The Burris Veracity

The Burris Veracity is designed from the ground up to be a premium grade hunting scope. It uses a 5X zoom system and offers shooters a variety of magnification ranges. This includes a 2-10, a 3-15, a 4-20, and a 5-25 power scope. The Burris Veracity is covered with the Burris Forever Warranty that is transferred between owners. The Veracity is designed to be rugged, reliable, and versatile—and it most assuredly is.

The Vortex Viper

The Viper is a huge line of optics. It’s absolutely massive compared to the Veracity and honestly most rifle scope lines. The Viper series covers tactical optics, competition optics, hunting optics, and more. They come in at every price range. The Viper line is covered by the VIP warranty that promises to fix or replace your optic. The Viper line is massive and promises clear and feature-filled optics. The Viper comes in magnifications from 1-6X all the way up to 6-24X.

Vortex Viper Riflescope

Burris Veracity vs Vortex Viper Round 1: Features

The Burris Veracity (see full specs) is built to be a hunting optic and has the features hunters want and desire. The Burris comes in FFP and SFP designs. The Veracity optics also feature a larger field of view than most competing scopes. The majority of the Veracity optics allow you to choose between a front focal plane optic to ensure the reticle measurements are correct at any magnification or a second focal plane scope that has the reticle the same size at all magnification settings.

The Veracity Optics (see full specs) are compatible with the new M.A.D. knobs from Burris. These customizable knobs allow you to customize the optics for your rifle, load, and task.

The Viper series being so big means there is something for everyone. Like the Burris, the Vortex Viper optics come in both FFP and SFP designs, but it has more options than the Veracity. The Viper series does offer optics designed for tactical use on modern rifles like the Viper 1-6x or for long-range shooting with the 6-24X50. In between are plenty of magnification settings designed for hunting, plinking, and competition tasks.

The Viper series comes with fingertip adjustable tactical turrets as well as capped turrets better suited for hunting. The Viper series comes with well-made one-piece aluminum tube and is known for being relatively lightweight. The Viper series truly has something to offer anyone.

Burris Veracity vs Vortex Viper Round 2: Clarity

This is a tough one. The Veracity series and the Viper series can punch well above their weight when it comes to clarity. They are cheaper than they should be, especially when it comes to clarity. The Viper and Burris are nearly equal among many of their scopes. But because the Viper series is so large, they do have some truly amazing optics in their catalog. The high-end Vipers like the HSLR is going to beat the Veracity, but it’s also going to cost a lot more.

Burris Veracity 2-10x42 review

When you compare like with like what you’ll notice is that the Burris tends to give you a brighter view, flush with color and high definition views. The Viper tends to provide an excellent picture and better than picture over high levels of magnification. The Burris Veracity is a hunting scope and most hunters don’t take shots beyond 250 yards, so color and visibility are more important. The Viper is designed to be a bit more versatile and useful for long-range shooting.

Burris Veracity vs Vortex Viper Round 3: Durability

The Veracity (read reviews) is designed for hunting, and because of that, it’s got to be ready for anything. The Burris Veracity is built to be tough and rugged. It’s fog, shock, and waterproof. It’s nitrogen-filled to prevent fog for decades. The Veracity optics are built like tanks and because of that, they are a little heavier than the Viper series.

The Viper series (read reviews) vary in durability based on their price range, but as far as base level durability the Viper series are water, fog, and shockproof. They are designed with a one-piece tube for maximum durability. The Vortex Viper also has a lens coating designed to resist abrasions which most certainly adds to the optic’s durability.

Burris Veracity vs Vortex Viper Round 4: Reticle Selection

The Veracity has a highly functional and easy to use Ballistic plex reticle available for most of their optics in the Veracity line. The downside is that only the 5-15 power optic has any real reticle selection. Your kind of stuck with one reticle.

In contrast, the Viper series has tons of different reticles aimed at a variety of different tasks. This makes the Viper a clear winner when it comes to reticle selection. Their reticle differs greatly and offer more versatility for different tasks.

Burris Veracity vs Vortex Viper Conclusion: the Veracic Viper

You have tons of options when it comes to rifle optics, especially in the variable realm. The Burris Veracity and the Vortex Viper are both well made, and precision grade optics. They come in at a variety of magnification ranges and price ranges, but each model is a well-made scope. You can’t go wrong with either, but just weigh your needs and budget to find which one is right for you. Good luck!

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