The 4 Best 600 Yard Scopes on the Market – Reviews 2023

600 yard scope

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For most shooters, six hundred yards is when you begin to leave medium range shooting and graduate to longer range work. At 600 yards, the scopes become more important and more costly, and that is why the use of a proper optic can make all the difference.

At six hundred yards, you can still utilize a bullet drop compensator and effectively reduce variable. At 600 yards, you may also start to notice your target isn’t as bright and vivid unless you are utilizing a scope with excellent light transmission. At 600 yards, you are looking for a high-end scope, one capable of doing the work required at 600 yards.

Here are, in our humble opinion, the best 600 yard scopes on the market:

Nikon M-223

The Nikon M223 is designed to reach out and touch targets out to 600 meters with ease. It is easy, because the optic is designed with a bullet drop compensator out to 600 yards. The bullet drop compensator places hash marks from one hundred to six hundred yards, and basically does the elevation compensation for you. The Nikon M223 is designed for the lighter .223 and 5.56mm rounds, these rounds being the most popular in existence and the crowned caliber of the AR series of rifles.

The round is also perfect for 600 yard shooting. However, the M223 (see full specs) is not stuck to one rifle. The M223 is very easy to use, and is excellent for those just diving into extended range shooting. The M223 is a durable, hearty design that is O-ring sealed to prevent dust, debris, and water from entering the optic. The M223 is also shockproof and can take a beating without stopping.

The Nikon M223 also has an ultra clearcoat optical system that provides shooters with a massive amount of light transmission, up to 95 percent. The scope uses a somewhat mid-sized 42mm objective lens, but still achieves that level of light transmission out to six hundred yards and 12 power magnification. The smaller objective lens does allow the scope to use low mounts, which are more precise, and when a scope is mounted low it is often easier to zero.

Nikon M-223 Scope Review

Bushnell Elite XRS

The Bushnell Elite XRS is a premium rifle scope, built to the highest specifications, and built to last. The XRS uses quality materials, including the scope body, the lenses, and the internal engineering. The XRS has a brilliant level of clarity, which is due to three distinct factors. The first is the high quality, HD rated glass used, which is then taken and fully multi coated. This coating protects the lenses, and magnifies the light that goes through the scope. The last factor is the large 50 mm objective lens.

The Bushnell XRS (see full specs) has finger tip adjustable, push/pull target turrets that offer the user plenty of feedback when making adjustments. The 6500’s turrets are easily reset to zero as well, and the magnification ranges from 4.5 power to 30 power, which is a broad range. At 600 yards at 30 power, you’ll see your target and probably be able to read what company makes the target. If you have the dough, this just might be the best 600 yard scope to blow it on.

Bushnell Elite Scopes

Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn

The Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn is a mid level optic that packs quite a bit into its affordable and useful self. The Banner is made from high quality pieces of glass, that provide a bright and high definition sight picture. The lenses are multi coated and use Bushnell’s proprietary Dusk and Dawn brightness coating. This coating is specifically designed for hunting, and the reason is that most hunted animals are most active as the sun rises and sets.

The Bushnell Banner uses a 3 to 9 power magnification level and wide 50mm objective lenses, making it perfect for low light shooting. Its magnification is more than capable of making six hundred yard shots. The Banner uses a simple Multi X reticle. The Reticle is a thicker external X with a thinner internal X. At six hundred yards your target may be quite small, and the thin internal reticle makes the target easy to see, even at six hundred yards.

The Bushnell Banner is one hundred percent waterproof, and is purged to prevent the buildup of fog. The Banner has a fast focus eyepiece, this provides shooters with a focused platform as the range or magnification increases. It allows the user to quickly get on target, and place accurate shots at 600 yards and beyond.


Tasco World Class

The Tasco World class scope is a no frills, simple 3 to 9 power rifle scope. This is a remarkably affordable optic that is capable of allowing shooters to get accurate shots on target at 600 yards easily. The World Class does use high definition glass for a bright and clear picture with 40mm objective lenses, which provide users plenty of light transmission and allow the user to mount the optic nice and low on the rifle.

The Tasco World Class is built to last as well and is 100 percent waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. This impressive rating is even more so when you look at the price point. The Tasco’s magnification level is sufficient for 600 yard shooting and the simple 30/30 reticle is perfect for new shooters, and appreciated by experienced shooters.

The World Class features a serrated magnification ring that allows users to smoothly control the magnification, and remain in control. The scope is in a basic configuration that requires no time to learn, it’s basic, simplistic, and zen-like. Even better, the Tasco is cheap, making it the best 600 yard scope for the money.

Tasco 3-9x40E Scope Review


At six hundred yards you may realize a bit of a jump in difficulty, and the accuracy required to make efficient, and consistent shots. The best 600 yard scopes can truly make a huge difference. Reducing the variables is an important step in becoming a solid shooter at anything past 500 yards, and with 600 yards you are dipping your toe in the wide world of long range shooting, so make sure you do it with a proper optic.

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