Kryptek vs Sitka Gear – Which Is Better? (ANSWERED)

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Sitka and Kryptek are two of the big names in modern camo, which is actually the golden age of camouflage. The combination of high technology and a better understanding of how animals see have given us a variety of amazing camouflage patterns.

Both Sitka and Kryptek modern technology and unique patterns to make you blend into the wild around you. Both companies are state of the art and asking which is better isn’t a simple A or B question. We got to dig into it, and only then will we know who’ll win the Battle of Kryptek vs Sitka.

But first, what is Sitka? Sitka is a high-end clothing brand that produces their own camouflage patterns for a wide variety of different terrains. Sitka is built for and by hunters. Sitka makes pants, shorts, jackets, and shirts of all weights and thickness levels. Sitka gear is often feature-filled but also a premium brand comes with a premium price tag.

And what’s Kryptek? Kryptek is mostly known for their unique snakeskin-like camouflage patterns. It’s a 2D surface that gives you a 3D appearance. Kryptek is bigger into the tactical world, but their expanse into the hunting realm has been met with great acclaim. Their gear is a premium grade but also a more simple and affordable option than Sitka (generally, though price fluctuations do happen):

Sitka gear vs Kryptek Round 1: Road Pattern Selection

Who has the most patterns? Well, they both fall close to each other. Who has more patterns designed for hunting? Well, that’s Sitka without a doubt. Kryptek’s tactical background means they have camo patterns for urban environments that would suck for hunting deer. Kryptek produces a wide variety of patterns, but Sitka’s patterns are all designed for hunting.

Designs Worth Noting: I live in the southeast and most of my hunting season is still rather warm, maybe a bit chilly in the mornings. The mid and lightweight options for both companies are widely available and available in a variety of patterns. All things considered, Sitka offers the most midweight options in standard camo patterns.

SITKA Core Midweight Zip T

The Core Midweight Zip T is probably an excellent place to start. This midweight shirt comes in over half a dozen different colors and patterns for hunting around the country.

The Core Midweight Zip t-shirt uses comfort stretch fleece for increased mobility which could be critical when shooting, climbing tree stands, or up and down mountains. The fleece is also a Quick-Dry design that Sitka is famous for. If it gets wet, it won’t be wet for long. This guarantees warmth and ensures you stay comfortable after a little splash or two.

This shirt also has odor control technology called Polygiene. This technology uses silver salt to neutralize odor caused by sweat. This reduces your signature when hunting even when you are sweating and stinking. The Gore Windstopper technology also keeps you toasty when the wind blows, especially in those early mornings. You won’t be shivering and scaring deer off due to your teeth chattering.

Bean Outdoors Product Review Sitka Core Heavyweight ZipT

Kryptek Men’s Stalker T-Shirt

Kryptek offers a much simpler, a little lighter, and much more affordable option in their Stalker T-shirts. Stalker shirts are 100% cotton in a combed jersey pattern. What you may notice is a degree of military design within the shirt. Without a doubt, the tactical clothing Kryptek makes influences all their clothing.

The Stalker gives you excellent mobility and extreme comfort. The design also takes cotton and makes it as durable as it can be. The shirt has low shrinkage, and the colors are designed to resist fading. The Stalker shirts are simple base layers that are effective at camouflaging the body while not breaking the bank. The benefit of a low-cost shirt is that you can own several Stalkers for different days or in different patterns generally for the price of one Sitka.

Kryptek Tops Review Video #3 - The gear of Top Priority

Sitka gear vs Kryptek Round 2: Colder Weather

When things start to get colder we look to thicker and warmer layers. The thicker the layer the trickier it can be for water resistance, mobility, and comfort. The Sitka brand has numerous cold-weather options ranging from it’s chilling to let’s hike Mt Everest in winter.

SITKA Gear Duck Oven Jacket

For something a little bit in-between chilly and Everest, we have the Duck Oven Jacket (see full specs). The Duck Oven jacket is made for keeping you warm and keeping you moving. It’s packed with features that accommodate the price tag. The Duck Oven sports Gore-Tex Infinium, which is a premium water-resistant technology that’s also quick drying and as close to silent as you can get.

The Windstopper laminate does exactly that: it stops that wind that’ll kick your butt on a hunt. The jacket is well-lined for increased comfort, and the performance fit is perfect for hunting where you are adventuring.

Sitka Films: Duck Oven Jacket

Kryptek Dalibor 3 Camo Hunting Jacket

For a relatively budget price, Kryptek has the Dalibor 3 jacket (see full specs). It’s available in their most popular hunting camo patterns but still incorporates some tactical elements into its design. This includes the placement of four of its six pockets. You have two on your shoulders and two slanted pockets across the chest. You also have traditional hoodie pockets.

The Dalibor jacket has the water-resistant DWR coating to keep you nice and dry as well as dose of spandex to improve the jacket’s mobility and your ability to move and groove. The hood design keeps your head warm and camouflaged but is specifically designed to give you the most peripheral vision possible.

Both jackets are designed for rugged terrain and wear. They look great, but they perform even better than they look. That’s a theme you’ll find with both Sitka and Kryptek gear: they are both incredibly well-made and designed to last.

Kryptek and Sitka are much different in their approach to camouflage patterns, but their designs are almost always well thought out, comfortable, and destined to improve your hunting trips.

Kryptek Dalibor Hunting Clothing Review

Sitka gear vs Kryptek Conclusion: the Deceivers

It doesn’t matter what you are hunting from deer to ducks, Sitka and Kryptek have you covered. The variety of their patterns and the designs of their clothing are always made to match a place or goal.

Both companies produce extremely high-end gear with proven patterns that are made to deceiver. To deceive the watchful gaze of both man and animal. Camouflage is all about deceit and both Kryptek and Sitka are deceivers in the only acceptable way.

Bottom line: how deep is your wallet? If it’s very deep indeed, go with Sitka. If not—and who has extra cash these days?—then go with Kryptek. Good luck!

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