The 4 Best Scope Mounts for Remington 700 – Rings & Bases Review 2023

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The Remington 700 is a spectacular rifle. It’s served hunters, police, and the Marine Corps Scout Snipers well for decades. The Remington 700 is a rifle designed to be scoped, and a lot of people pay attention to the gun and scope but not to its mounts. But without a good set of scope mounts to connect the scope to the rifle both are kind of useless.

A good set of scope mounts keeps the scope in place shot after shot. Scope bases provide an appropriate height for the optic of choice (in this article, we use mounts, bases, and rings interchangeably). A good set of scope rings are to be made with precision and have extremely tight tolerances. Good scope mounts will also fit your needs as a shooter.

Most people use the Remington 700 for precision and long range so the 4 scope mounts we’ve found are designed for precision and long range. They’re the best scope mounts for Remington 700 on the market that we could find.

Larue Tactical Cantilever

Larue is a name that is associated with high quality. Simply put, the gear they make is legendary and is often found on the rifles of professional gunmen worldwide. Larue scope mounts are perfect for the Remington 700. The Larue Tactical cantilever scope mounts give the user a rock solid grip on your optic that will not slide, slip, jiggle, or wiggle. The Larue Tactical mounts are made for 30, 34, 35 millimeter scopes as well as standard 1 inch tubes.

This specific set is a quick detach model (see full specs) that is more or less designed for tactical applications. A Quick Detach mount allows the user to remove the optic rapidly and then mount a night vision or thermal optic. For hunters this does allow a very quick way to detach a scope if necessary for travel, or repairs. They QD levers allow the mount to consistently have a tight and constant application of force to the scope’s rail.

The base of the Larue Scope mount has an extremely innovative backbone that connects the actual rings. This gives the user a more dynamic and robust platform for mounting scopes. These are machined mounts that give extremely tight tolerances and grips your optic of choice and locks it down. Needless to say, these are among the best scope mounts for Remington 700 period.

Installing LaRue Mounts With Vertical Rings

Leupold Mark 2

The Leupold brand is one already one synonymous with high-quality optics. It makes sense that Leupold would bring this experience to building scope mounts. What we get is an excellent scope mount that provides you with an excellent option for your Remington 700. The Rifleman Detachable rings by Leupold are a simple, affordable, but effective solution to your scope mounting problems. This is a two-ring system that allows you to use a slightly lighter two piece picatinny rail system.

These are low mounts so they should be used with a scope that has a 50mm objective lens or smaller. These low mounts aid in precision when it comes to overall accuracy and help maintain your elevation adjustments. The Rifleman rings are made from aircraft grade aluminum and black anodized for a rough and tough finish.

The Rifleman rings are exceptionally well-made and machined with precision to provide a nice tight optic grip. The Rifleman rings are one of the lightest options available and give the user a very simple but effective means of mounting a scope to their weapon. They use a hex key mounting system for both the rings and the picatinny rails. These should be on anyone’s list of the best scope rings for Remington 700 rifles.

Remington 700 Integral Scope Mount

One of the more interesting options for the Remington 700 is an integral mount. This does away with the need for picatinny scope rails of any kind. The benefit here is the backward motion created by recoil is less likely to ever make the scope slide. Because the rails are installed directly into the receiver the force holding it down is vertical, not horizontal. This option limits you to a standard objective lens size and smaller.

Installation is simple, especially since most Remingtons come drilled and tapped for a scope already. Installation simply requires the user to screw the scope mount into the holes tapped for a rail system. To ensure the screws will stay put, the system uses Torx8 tactical screws that resistant to force and extremely strong.

The scope rings (see full specs) are made Z-2 alloy, which has proven to be as much as 50 percent stronger than aluminum of any kind. The scope is designed to fit either a 30mm tube or a 1 inch tube with inserts. Using inserts can be tricky, so be careful, and pay attention to fitting your scope into the mount. If you can change a light bulb without blinding yourself you can install a 1 inch scope and inserts.Bar none, these are among the best scope rings for Remington 700.

Mount a Scope to the Model 700

Game Reaper Mount

If you are a long-distance hunter, the Game Reaper is be perfect for you. Simple can often be better. Simple is traditionally a more tested platform that has been adopted by more users. Simple also most commonly means affordable as well; simple is easier to produce and cheaper to maintain. The Game Reaper is all of these qualities and more.

The Game Reaper is made entirely in the United States, and machined from one solid block of 6061T6 aluminum. This is what AR 15 receivers are commonly made out of so you know it is strong and durable. It’s also lightweight, easy to install, and stays true round after round. If you desire simplicity, this is likely the best scope rings for Remington 700 rifles you could buy.

The Game Reaper Scope Mount


The Remington 700 is a superb platform for accuracy, and long range precision. Without the best scope bases, however, you’ll never achieve your rifle’s true potential. A great rifle and a great scope are nothing without a solid system to connect the two. Good luck!

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