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The Stevens 320 is a budget-friendly shotgun that comes in a wide variety of different configurations, including home defense, field grade, and tactical. While the Stevens is popular due to its price, it can be difficult to find quality accessories for. You have to be careful when purchasing accessories for the Stevens 320 or really any 12 gauge shotgun. The rough recoil can do some serious damage to cheaply made, poor accessories. You want to purchase quality items, rock solid gear that won’t move, shift, or simply fall off. Always look for gear that is built for a shotgun, specifically made for the mighty 12 gauge.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best Stevens 320 accessories on the market.

Condor TSRS Shotshell Strip

If you are looking for an easy method to carry some additional ammunition on your Stevens 320 you are in luck. The most popular option for holding ammo on a weapon is a side saddle. The side saddle positions ammunition near your breach and chambers, making it easily to rapidly reload your weapon. The Stevens 320 doesn’t have a dedicated option available to it, this is largely due to the fact the shotgun is rather new. The Condor TSRS is designed to be used with any shotgun and is easily removable.

The TSRS mounts via velcro to the receiver of your weapon. This makes it easy to attach and detach at a second’s notice. The TSRS is made entirely from hardened nylon, and adaptable, and lightweight material that can last pretty much forever. This nylon material stretches to accommodate the 12 gauge rounds and can hold 6 rounds. The Condor company has a solid reputation, and this shotgun card is well built and designed for shotguns like the Stevens 320.

The Condor Nylon TSRS holds an advantage over a traditional plastic or polymer shotshell side saddle. First off, it is cheaper, and just as durable. Next, once you run empty on the side saddle you can pull it off the receiver and toss on another shotgun card. Having multiple of these items offers users the option to swap side saddles and to easily carry extra ammunition for their shotgun.

Stevens 320 Sling

If you are looking to carry more than six rounds on your shotgun, and don’t mind making it a bit heavier, then this sling is for you. The Stevens 320 sling allows the user to carry 25 12 gauge shotgun shells. That’s 5 total reloads for your Steven’s shotgun.

These many shotgun shells is going to be quite heavy, but because the loops run the length of the sling it is well balanced. This sling in my opinion is better suited for home defense, and roles where the shooter isn’t moving long ranges or need their weapon to be light and carry friendly. For example, a bird hunter may feel weighed down by this sling.

Since the Stevens 320 is mainly designed for tactical use, it’s not really an issue. This sling is cut and measured for the Stevens 320 shotgun, which keeps it from being baggy and ill fitting. The sling itself is made in the United States, and is made from nylon and uses metal clips to attach to the weapon. The sling is quite thick, and helps displace and distribute the weapon and ammos weight across the body. The sling is two inches wide and built to last.

The nylon shotgun shell loops holds the ammo nice and tight, and keeps the shells from shaking out and falling out. The loops are stippled with rubber gripping strips, which retain the shells brilliantly. It fits perfectly with the pump shotgun and slings are critical accessories in my opinion, and at the price it’s hard to beat. Slings aren’t glamorous but that doesn’t mean they aren’t among the best Stevens 320 accessories.

Streamlight TLR 1

The Streamlight TLR 1 is an extremely high quality flashlight designed specifically for firearms. The TLR 1 does require a Picatinny rail mount of some kind (like the mount we’ve shown above), but it’s one of the few lights I recommend for a shotgun. The reason being is that a 12-gauge shotgun, like the Stevens 320, is incredibly powerful. This power turns into recoil and can easily damage and destroy a weaker flashlight. The Streamlight will hold together round after round, without missing a beat.

The Streamlight TLR 1 (see full specs) is specifically designed to use a short section of rail, just like the mount I mentioned earlier. Some may point out that the TLR 1 is a handgun light, and to a degree they are right. Rifle lights are typically more powerful and offer longer range lighting solutions. Since the Stevens 320 is a short range weapon, the Streamlight TLR 1 is perfect. It’s very light and keeps the shotgun pointable and easy to move.

The Streamlight TLR 1 offers a blinding 630 lumens, enough to stun a target and kill their night vision. The light can be attached and demounted with a single hand, and you never have to reach past the barrel of the shotgun. The lenses are shock mounted to prevent any damage happening due to the recoil, and the light itself will last for a decade or more. Hands down, it’s one of the best Stevens 320 accessories. Just check out the vid below; the light’s mounted on a Remington 870, but it’s pretty much the same thing on your Savage.

STREAMLIGHT TLR-1 for Remington 870

Safariland B-Square W-Inchter Gun Scope Mount

The Remington, Mossberg, and even Winchester are by far the most popular shotgun makers, and have tons of accessories for them. When you shop for alternative shotguns you can be a little let down, especially if you want to mount a red dot or reaction optic. Luckily, there is a mount designed for the Winchester series that fits perfectly on the Stevens 320 shotguns. It requires no modification to install and will fit the tactical and field models of the 12-gauge Stevens 320.

Shotguns don’t need big hulking optics, but they benefit from red dots in terms of speed and accuracy. With this lightweight and simple mount, tossing a red dot on your 320 isn’t an issue. This allows both day and night time use and will extend your effective range with slugs over the simple bead sight. The mount itself is a no-mar mount so you won’t need to worry about that precious finish on your gun.

You also get plenty of room to move the optic back and forth until it’s comfortable and easy to use. Finding this kind of mount for the 320 is a god send if you have poor eyesight and prefer a red dot over a small bead sight. Plus, as far as shotgun mounts go it’s quite affordable and necessary. Sometimes, even if you find the best Stevens 320 accessories optics-wise, how are you going to attach them?

B-Square Maverick 88 Shotgun Saddle Mount Installation

Meet Mr. Stevens

The Savage Stevens 320 shotguns are designed to take abuse, and to be a solid pump action shotgun. The shotgun is very affordable, and for the price it’s hard to beat as a stripped down home defense shotgun. The 320 may seem like it has a nonexistent aftermarket, but in reality all someone needs to do s shop around or you can follow my guide to fully deck out your shotgun.

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