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best tactical shotgun sling

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The tactical shotgun serves across the United States, in police cruisers, and next to bed in many homes. No shotgun is complete without a solid sling. A tactical shotgun sling keeps the weapon connected the user’s body, and prevents the weapon from being taken by a bad guy. A shotgun sling should support the weapon comfortably since shotguns are not always the lightest weapons, and it can be downright painful to use an unsupportive sling.

Here below, after researching the matter, are our suggestions for the 4 best tactical shotgun slings for the money:

Condor Speedy 2 Point Slings

The Condor Speedy 2 point slings is a very affordable and simplistic sling that works perfectly with the tactical shotgun. The sling is made from strong nylon that can offers a rapid attach and detach method of mounting a sling to a tactical shotgun. The 2-point nature of the sling supports the weapon during tactical movements and allows the shooter to carry the weapon comfortably.

The sling has two buckles at each end of the slings. These buckles are coordinated with the attachment points of the sling. This allows the user to rapidly drop the sling is situations where the sling is in the way. The transition loc tabs allow for rapid adjustments from a carry sling to a fighting sling. This variable carry method is an important consideration with tactical shotguns.

The Condor Speedy 2 shotgun sling is made from an inch and a quarter of nylon material that can support the biggest, heaviest shotguns. This includes models like the Mossberg 500, the Remington 870, and the Benelli M4 and M3. This sling is very affordable, supportive, and capable of taking the abuse a shotgun offers. This sling is very versatile and can transition from shotgun to shotgun with ease. In fact, it’s one of the best tactical shotgun slings.

Troy Industries VTAC sling

The Troy Industries VTAC sling is one of the more comfortable slings on the market for heavy weapons since a fully loaded twelve gauge can be heavy. The VTAC has a wide padded rear that makes carrying the heavier weapon so much more comfortable. This sling may not be the cheapest model, but it is highly efficient and extremely comfortable.

The Troy Industries VTAC sling (see full specs) is fully adjustable when in use and allows the user to transition to multiple positions. The sling allows the user to easily transition the shotgun from shoulder to shoulder while remaining slung. The VTAC sling can adjust to a variety of different sizes. Tactical shotguns tend to vary from full sized war rigs to compact convenient door breachers. The VTAC is an inch wide at the attachment points and 2 inches wide at the center.

These dimensions provide for an incredibly strong sling. The rear of the VTAC sling is made from closed cell foam that provides unparalleled comfort and strength. The front of the sling is where the adjustment comes from. The VTAC sling is an excellent option for the shotgun wielder.

Blackhawk Shotgun Sling

The Blackhawk Shotgun sling combines a simple concept with a number of handy features. The sling is a very wide portion of nylon webbing that helps distribute the weapon’s weight easily over the body, and prevent snap straps from digging in and causing pain to the user. The sling comes with softer elastic webbing that allows the user to mount up to fifteen 12 gauge shotgun shells on the sling itself.

The shotgun and its ammo are a heavy beast, and this sling does tend to make the shotgun front heavy. However, it’s hard to beat 15 extra rounds already on the weapon. This front heavy weight may not be perfect for the tactical operator, but this sling is perfect for the home defense shotgun. The operator has a vest or belt with the ability to carry extra ammo. The home defender is often in his or her pajamas and doesn’t have the time to throw on tactical gear. This sling allows for instant ammo access as soon as you grab your shotgun.

The Blackhawk sling features two simple and durable steel spring hooks that can mount to any two-piece mounting system. The shotgun sling is adjustable to fit most shotguns and body types. The Blackhawk sling is my choice for a home defense sling. It’s also one of the best tactical shotgun slings for the money.
Shotgun Tactical Slings

Vickers Combat Applications Sling

The Vickers Combat Application sling is almost endlessly adjustable and adaptable to almost any weapon system. It was designed by renowned Delta Force operator and firearms instructor Larry Vickers. The sling is designed to function with carbines, shotguns, and submachine guns. The sling itself is a traditional two point design but is vastly improved by the knowledge and first-hand experience of Larry Vickers. The sling is 1.25 inches of webbing and comes in both padded and unpadded variants.

The Vickers Combat Application sling also comes in a variety of different colors and can be utilized with a variety of different hardware. The Vickers sling is designed to be easily adjustable, a pull tab on the right-hand side can be gripped and ripped. This gives the user the ability to loosen and tighten the sling instantly. The advantage is your ability to swap for comfortable carry to the dynamic fighting position.

The Vickers sling is well made, and designed to last through years of abuse. The Vickers sling is the choice of the United States Marine Corps and several special forces units. The shotgun isn’t the lightest weapon, so you need a magazine that’s durable and tough enough to carry it. The Vickers sling is not only one of the best tactical shotgun slings, it’s one of the best slings period.

Blue Force Gear Vickers Two Point Sling Setup Changes


A shotgun sling can save your life. The shotgun is a close range weapon that forces users to be in social distance of an attacker. At these ranges, there could easily be a physical encounter that results in a struggle over your weapon. In these scenarios, a sling is what keeps your weapon yours. Buying a bad sling or a one that is poorly suited for a shotgun could result in something terrible happening.

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