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best 22 pistol scope

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The .22-caliber handgun has grown in popularity recently, due to the rise in handgun sales and folks looking to shoot an affordable, low-recoiling training or hunting pistol. Ruger even resurrected the Charger platform to meet the demand. A .22-caliber handgun is easy to shoot but made even more so with the addition of an optic. Since there is a wide variety of .22 pistols, you have to expect a wide variety of .22-caliber optics.

Some handguns like the Ruger Charger is designed for long range shooting, which a magnified optic with a traditional crosshair reticle would work better. Other .22 Pistols, like the S&W Victor or Walther P22 with a scope mount, would work better with close range optics—sights that allow rapid transitions and quick target engagements.

Here below are our suggestions for the 4 best .22 pistol scopes on the market:

Simmons Pro Hunter Truplex

Simmons is a respected maker of rifle and handgun scopes that are well known for their affordability and their reliability. The Pro Hunter pistol scope is an excellent scope for a long range .22 handguns. The Simmons offers a variable magnification that ranges between 2 to 6 power. This is perfect for bench resting the weapon and maximizing accuracy.

The 32mm objective lens sits on the large side of handgun scopes but is capable of gathering light in all situations, including low light situations. The Simmons Truplex scope has fully multi-coated lenses that provide a high definition level of quality when it comes to sight picture. The Simmons Prohunter is stainless steel and is nice and attractive, but, more importantly, weather resistant.

The Simmons Pro hunter uses a simple reticle consisting of a crosshair that is thin enough to allow easy viewing of far targets. The Pro Hunter has a true zero windage and elevation adjustment system that allows for a locked in zero, regardless of the rounds fired. The Pro Hunter is fog proof, waterproof, shockproof, and recoil proof. The Pro Hunter is a high-quality optic that allows shooters to get a clear line of sight on the target, and always hit where they’re aiming. This should belong on anyone’s list of the best .22 pistol scope (just check out the video below–it’s the same scope but with a matte finish).

Ruger Charger Takedown - 25 shots @ 100 yards

Eotech XPS2

While not cheap, the Eotech brand of holographic optics has always been popular on rifles and shotguns. The XPS2 is one of their first small optics. While it can be used on a rifle, it is the perfect size for a handgun all well. The XPS2 shrinks all the unimportant parts of the Eotech optic while reserving the sight window to Eotech’s standard dimensions. This gives you a small optic with a massive field of view.

The EPS2 (see full specs) is perfect for shooters looking for a reflexive scope to increase their engagement speed while maintaining high levels of accuracy. The XPS2 gives shooters an excellent reticle system that allows for both precision engagement at extended ranges and close range engagement for rapid shooting. The XPS2 would be perfect equipped on a Taurus Tracker or an S&W Victory .22 and used for hunting rabbits and other small game.

The XPS2 runs off of a single 123 battery and provides 600 hours of battery life. The XPS2 greatly improves target acquisition, accuracy, and increases control. The XPS2 can even be used with a magnifier if the desire to give the shooter a 3 power magnification. The Eotech XPS2 is a premier optic that is guaranteed to never let you down. If you could afford it, this just might be the best .22 pistol optic period.

NcStar Pistol Scope

If you are looking for a mixture of both close and long range shooting ability with your .22 pistol, the NcStar pistol scope will most likely fit your needs. The NcStar pistol scope is a fixed power optic that gives the user a 2.5 power magnification and a 30mm objective lens. The limited magnification allows the optic to be used efficiently at closer ranges but also gives the user the ability to shoot at extended distances.

Priced quite affordably, the NcStar pistol scope is priced to go with any affordable .22 caliber pistol. This includes weapons like the Smith and Wesson .22A or Beretta Neo. The NcStar pistol will work for a variety of firearms, though, regardless of the price. The 30mm objective lens gathers light in an effective manner. This results is a bright and easy-to-see sight picture.

The NcStar pistol scope uses a simple plex reticle for easy but precise shooting. The NcStar Pistol Scope has an extended eye relief that makes using it with any handgun simple. The NcStar scope weighs a mere 11 ounces, but it 9 inches long, so you need a dedicated scope rail. And you can’t beat the price. This is easily among the best .22 pistol scopes for the money.

Burris Fastfire 2 With Pic Mount

The Burris Fastfire 2 is a miniature red dot sight that’s perfect for .22 LR handguns. This sight is designed for handguns through and through and fits them perfectly. The sight adds barely any bulk or weight to the gun, but its big enough to easily use. The Burris Fastfire 2 will add both speed and accuracy to your .22 LR handgun. Finding a small red dot is a lot easier than trying to align iron sights and take a shot.

A red dot is also much easier to see in low light environments. The eye is also going to pick up a glowing red dot much faster than any iron sight. The use of a red dot also adds extra range and precision to your shooting skills. Once the optic is properly aligned you just put the dot on the target, pull the trigger and you’ll hit it. The Fastfire 2 gains its name from the speed it lends shooters.

This little optic comes in multiple configurations but is likely best suited when equipped with a picatinny scope mount. A picatinny scope mount is compatible with most optic’s ready 22s. The Fastfire 2 lasts 20,000 hours on a single battery and is completely waterproof. You’ll shoot straight and fast with the Burris Fastfire 2—and is easily one of the best .22 pistol scopes around.

Review of the Burris FastFire II Red Dot Reflex Sight

Catch .22

Twenty-two pistols are some of the most fun shooting handguns on the market. Their low recoil, affordability, and excellent accuracy mean they aren’t disappearing anytime soon. An optically enhanced .22 caliber pistol really gives you the ability to maximize your accuracy, and the speed of your shooting. The best .22 pistol scopes can work wonders with an experienced shooter and will always outperform iron sights. Get yours today!

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