The 4 Best Rifle Borescopes – Bore Scope Reviews 2023

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The rifle is the most accurate platform on the market, and this is due to its long barrel and how stable it is. When it comes to purchasing a used rifle, an important factor is checking the rifle’s bore, the inside of the barrel. A good borescope makes it’s possible to spot rust, pitting, and deep corrosion. You can also inspect the rifling and the general internal condition of the borescope. A good borescope needs to have a light installed because bores are dark, and a method of taking pictures, and recording. The images need to be of high enough resolution to inspect the bore. A good borescope does wonders for a rifle buyer, without which the customer might be blind.

Here are our opinions for the 4 best rifle borescopes on the market:

Autel Digital VideoScope

The Autel Digital video scope is an all in one system for inspecting your rifle bore. The Autel comes with a built-in monitor, screen, controls, and, of course, the bore camera. This is the perfect all in one kit that can be placed into a range bag and will require nothing more than a charged battery to get going. The Autel kit is a self-contained unit that allows the user to take pictures, and record as well. This is done through removable SD cards that plenty common.

The Autel kit (see full specs) has a 5-power magnification attached to it, so you can access the fine details of your rifle bore. The camera is attached to a small white LED light that illuminates a dark rifle bore for easy viewing. The camera itself is sealed from moisture, including caustic chemicals, carbon, and anything else you may meet in a dirty rifle bore.

The Autel kit has can also connect to a laptop, or any computer with a USB port, or to a television with a composite video jack. The Autel kit comes with two different probe heads, an 8.5 mm, and a 5.5mm. The 5.5mm kit will work for nearly every small bore weapon, including the popular AR 15. This is one of the top rifle bore scopes you can buy period.

Introduction of Autel Maxivideo MV400 digital videoscope

Blue Fire Borescope

The Blue Fire borescope is an interesting camera that allows users to connect the camera to their smartphone. The Blue Fire scope can be plugged into any modern smartphone scope that has OTG USB connections and UVC functions. The Blue Fire scope is also one of the most affordable options for anyone who already owns a modern smartphone. For a song, the Bluefire endoscope can provide users with a basic borescope for effective inspection. It’s one of the most economical and best rifle borescopes around.

This small, pocketable, borescope can be carried easily at the gun show, or the gun shop and allows for easy and effective bore inspection. The Blue Fire camera is a 7mm scope and is best reserved for large, full powered rifles. The scope is equipped with a 6 adjustable LED light for clear and easy inspection.

The Blue Fire is water resistant and provides protection against whatever you could find in a rifle’s bore. The scope itself is designed to withstand whatever foul chemicals it may come into contact with. The Blue fire camera provides an impressive resolution for the small size of the camera and provides images and videos at 640 x 480. The low cost of the borescope and the highly effective manner it connects to an object already have makes it an incredibly effective borescope.

Lyman Borecam

Lyman is well known for their reloading products, but their introduction of a borescope was certainly welcome to the firearms world. The Lyman Borecam is not just an endoscope but a dedicated borescope as well. It’s designed for guns and gives you the ability to inspect bores starting at .20 caliber and goes as high as you need. The Lyman Borecam is a rigid camera built into a solid rod. This makes it easy to direct and to control. The external portion of the camera is the 20-inch camera is marked with 1-inch hash marks. This is invaluable for knowing where problem areas are and this allows you measure exactly where they are in the barrel.

The Lyman Borecam (see full specs) has a high definition video camera and comes with an integrated light. The light itself has three different brightness settings to make it easy to spot problem areas. The Borecame also comes with a 3.5-inch digital display that gives you a high definition and easy to see a picture of whats inside your barrel.

The monitor also has an SD slot and the ability to push a button so you can take photos of your bore. They can then be transferred to a laptop for easier viewing. The Lyman Borecam is well made, purpose-driven, and built to last. Bottom line: this is one of the highest tech cameras and rifle bore scopes out there.

Lyman Borecam® Digital Borescope

Teslong Industrial Endoscope

The Teslong Industrial Endoscope is an all in one system suitable for most guns. The camera and wire are 5.5mms in diameter and allows you to check most bores. This would not be appropriate for guns with calibers below .22. It’s too big for .17 caliber weapons for example, and tight in 22 caliber weapons. However, as an all in one system, it comes with both a camera, a long cable, and a high definition camera. The camera itself provides 6 LEDs so you can see what you are looking at and is IP67 waterproof, and it comes in 1 meter or 3-meter camera lengths.

The included monitor offers a bright and clear 3.5-inch LCD color screen that allows you to see as you work. Additionally, the included and installed 8G Micro SD card allows you to record and then review the footage via a larger screen. The Teslong Industrial Endoscope is flexible, and not soft. As a flexible bore camera, it’s somewhat rigid and it doesn’t just flop around.

This makes it much easier to insert and run through a barrel as you search and record. The Teslong Industrial Endoscope comes with a 6-hour internal battery that is rechargeable of course. The system also comes with a hard-plastic case that will keep everything protected when not in use. Additionally, you get an 18-month warranty just in case things go wrong. This is one of the best rifle borescopes for the money.

Airangel - Teslong

Bored Out

The ability to inspect the bore of a rifle is critical when it comes to purchasing a quality weapon. This is especially true for surplus military rifles that range from beautiful bores to rust pitted wonders. A good rifle borescope can prevent you from making a major mistake when purchasing a rifle. An inaccurate rifle is no rifle at all but a coat hanger.

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