The 5 Best Stevens 350 Shotgun Accessories – Reviews 2022

stevens 350 shotgun accessories

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So why get some accessories for your Stevens 350 shotgun? Well, the 350 is an interesting design. The bottom ejection really sets the gun apart and makes it a truly ambidextrous tactical shotgun. Sure, it’s a great shotgun out of the box, but to make it better suited to tactical use, it needs a few accessories.

The key to choosing good accessories is choosing accessories that complement the shotgun and address its weaknesses. Shotguns are close range powerhouses and you want to keep them as light as possible for increased maneuverability. We’ve chosen a few accessories that work together to make your Steven’s 350 shotgun a bad guy’s nightmare.

Below are our reviews of the 5 best Stevens 350 shotgun accessories on the market:

Stevens 350 Shotgun Accessory 1: AmmoPal

One of the biggest issues with shotguns is the bulky and heavy ammunition. It’s hard to carry, and you are really limited in your carry options. Most systems that work aren’t intuitive or quick. The AmmoPal aims to change that. The AmmoPal is essentially a large box magazine that holds shotgun rounds. It doesn’t feed directly into your gun, but allows you to easily shuck rounds from the Ammpal into the gun. It mounts to any MOLLE system and offers ten rounds of 12 gauge on tap.

You can also stick these in double magazine pouches and fill a chest rig or mount to a MOLLE belt. This admittedly odd system is actually easy to use and very intuitive. There is no need to use a belt or bandoleer. The AmmoPal is more consistent than both of those since the shotgun shells it feeds are always in the same place. Simply shuck the round from the AmmoPal directly into your gun. This system is excellent for any fighting shotgun, and perfectly paired with the Stevens 350.

The AmmoPal works best when you pair it with a sidesaddle on the shotgun. You can reload the gun from the side saddle and reload the side saddle from the AmmoPal. This creates a system where your side saddle is constantly loaded and ready to rock and roll for speed reloads. That being said, the AmmoPal is still faster than any ammo pouch or bandoleer style mounting system.

AmmoPal Vs Sidesaddle

Stevens 350 Shotgun Accessory 2: NC Star Universal Side Saddle

NC Star is mainly known for their budget optics and tactical nylon gear. What few people fail to realize is just how expansive their inventory is. One item I think is a must have on any tactical shotgun is a side saddle. A side saddle is designed to carry anywhere from 3 to 8 extra rounds on the gun. It facilitates rapid reloads and allows the shotgunner to have spare ammo always on hand. The NC Star Universal Side Saddle is perfect for the Stevens 350.

The NC Star Universal side saddle uses a strong adhesive to secure the side saddle to the receiver of your Stevens 350. The NC Star side saddle is unique and allows you to split the side saddle into two pieces a 4 round main part and a 2 round mini saddle. This lets you carry less ammo if you want to keep the gun light as possible. What I would use it for is splitting my shotgun rounds up.

The Stevens 350’s unique bottom ejection leaves both sides of the receiver smooth. So, you can mount 4 rounds of buckshot on the left-hand side for normal reloads. On the opposite side you can mount the two-shell holder loaded with a specialty round like slugs or breachers. This easily makes the NC Star side saddle one of the best Stevens 350 shotgun accessories for the money.

Stevens 350 Shotgun Accessory 3: Tactical Hero 2 Point Sling

The Stevens 350 comes ready with two sling swivels. With the addition of a set of rings you are ready to mount a sling. There are lots of great options for slings out there, but I’m going to toss the Tactical Hero two point out as the best option for the Stevens 350. Like the Stevens 350, it’s an affordable and robust choice. It’s simple, reliable, and gets the job done well under budget. A modern two-point is always my go to choice for a shotgun.

Two points offer solid support and help balance the weight of a shotgun. It keeps the gun secure to the body and is simple to take on and off. The Tactical Hero can be adjusted to work with body armor or load bearing gear and offers a generous adjustment range. The sling can adjust from 30 to 56 inches. It comes outfitted with removable HK clips, and without the clips the sling can thread through standard box swivels.

The sling also comes with a quick adjustment tab. You push or pull the tab to rapidly change its size. This allows you to run the sling tight for moving and run it loose for shooting. The sling is also outfitted with a nice wide pad for increased comfort over long term carry. Hands down, it’s one of the best Stevens 350 shotgun accessories around.

Shotgun Sling Techniques - (Trigger Talk)

Stevens 350 Shotgun Accessories 4 + 5: Elzetta ZSM-T and Streamlight PolyTac

Any home defense shotgun should be outfitted with a white light so the shooters always knows what they are aiming at. In the dark there is a fine line between defensive shooting and tragedy. The Elzetta ZSM-T shotgun mount is a universal shotgun light mount attaches to both the magazine tube and barrel of your Stevens 350. The mount is designed to hold flashlights anywhere from .7 inches in diameter to 1.05 inches in diameter. This means most popular flashlights from companies like Surefire, Streamlight, and more will function with the mount.

The perfect light to work with this mount is the PolyTac by Streamlight. The PolyTac fits in the mount with ease and is a full-sized tactical flashlight. Once adjusted correctly the on/off switch will be accessible by the support hand with the pump fully forward. You can hit an opponent with 275 lumens and 9,500 candela. This bright light will last for 3 hours at its brightest setting and 65 hours at its lowest setting.

The Elzetta ZSM-T mount and Streamlight PolyTac flashlight are a winning combination for your tactical Stevens 350, and together, make some of the best Stevens 350 shotgun accessories.


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The Stevens 350 is a great budget shotgun and proves anyone can defend their home on a budget. Once you add an accessory (or 5) the guns gets even better. It becomes more versatile, easier to use, and more efficient. Good luck!

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