The 4 Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories – Sig Sauer Upgrades Review 2022

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Why get the best M400 accessories when the M400 Enhanced is already Sig’s flagship AR15? Well, from the factory, it’s a mighty fine rifle, but, even with the best rifles, there is always room for improvement. I’ve never seen a rifle come completely ready, and even the M400 is no different.

When it comes to upgrades, you’d want to focus on accessories that are guaranteed to last and are made to improve the function and performance of your rifle. With the M400 being a lightweight rifle, we are also going to focus on keeping the weapon lightweight.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best Sig M400 Enhanced accessories on the market:

Sig M400 Enhanced Accessory 1: Inforce Weapon Mounted Light

The Inforce Weapon Mounted Light, or Inforce WML, is designed for the most modern of rifles. The design is slim and sleek and functions with a thumb over bore style shooting stance. The SIG M400 has an MLOK rail system that allows for the offset mounting of lights. The WML is a light designed to be offset and forward mounted so it fits perfectly with this rail system, provided you mount a small section of rail.

This particular model of the Inforce WML is the Generation 2. A variety of changes were made to the Gen 2 designs and they are tougher and they last longer. This model is also the 400-lumen model, making it a perfect option for close quarters combat and outdoors use. The Inforce WML also features an ambidextrous on and off switch mounted to the rear of the light. This massive broad button is easy to hit with the thumb and makes quick reaction shots possible.

The Inforce WML’s on switch is a two-stage switch. The first stage is activated when you half press the button. This is your momentary on option for quick flashes in tactical situations. The Inforce WML is a modern light and the SIG M400 is a modern rifle, so they blend in well together. It’s one of the best Sig M400 upgrades for the money.

InForce WML Gen2 Review - Incredible Weapon Mounted Light

Sig M400 Enhanced Accessory 2: The Trijicon MRO

The Trijicon MRO is an ultra modern red dot sight designed by one of the most popular and revolutionary optics companies on the market. The MRO is a small and lightweight red dot sight that walks the line between miniature and full size. The Trijicon MRO features a 25 mm objective lens, and the main selling point is the massive viewing area. This larger viewing area gives you less of a tube effect when viewing through the optic. This makes using the optic more natural and increases your situational awareness when using a two eyes open shooting style.

The Trijicon MRO uses a very simple red dot reticle that’s 2 MOA (see full specs). This small and fine dot is useful for shooting at precise distances. At close range you can almost ignore the dot and just fill the sight with you target. The reticle has 8 different brightness settings as well. The optic features an aircraft grade aluminum body made from 7075 aluminum, which is also what the Sig M400’s lower receiver is made from.

Like any Trijicon optic, it’s made to last. Through rain, through sleet, through snow it will just keep ticking. You can give this optic a beating and it’ll just ask for more. The MRO, aka Miniature Rifle Optic, is perfect for the lightweight SIG M400. At only 5.8 ounces you’ll hardly even notice it—until you start shooting, of course.

Trijicon MRO Video Review 2016 - The American Made Rugged Red Dot Sight

Sig M400 Enhanced Accessory 3: Vickers Combat Applications Sling

When it comes to the art of the modern rifle, Larry Vickers knows a thing or too. He served with Delta Force and participated in more combat operations than most men have birthdays. He’s been there and done that, and the Vicker’s Combat Applications Sling is his brain child and AR sling of choice. This two point sling claim to fame is the pull tab that allows you to rapidly tighten and loosen the sling on demand.

This allows to to wear your Sig M400 tight to your body when patrolling or moving up and down rough terrain. Once the shooting starts, however, you grip and rip the tab and the gun is ready to rock and roll. This is a two point sling that connects to the front and rear of your SIG M400. The Vickers Combat Application Sling is made from 1.25 webbing, and Blue Force Gear sells a wide variety of mounts so you can pick and choose how you attach the sling.

The BFG Vicker’s Sling is the sling of choice for the United States Marine Corps, and has been issued to nearly a quarter million troops. I’m a huge fan of this sling and carried in in and out of combat. It’s the only sling I’d use with my AR15, which, needless to say, makes it one of the best Sig M400 upgrades in my book.

Blue Force Gear® Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ Shoulder Transitions Live Fire

Sig M400 Enhanced Accessory 4: Operator Survival Tool

The majority of SIG M400s have a neat pistol grip. Sig built in a storage compartment in their pistol grip with a small swinging door that allows you to store small parts, batteries, and even small tools. With small tools in mind the Operator Survival Tool is an excellent choice. Rather than just toss in one or two little items in the kit you can toss in this mini tool kit. The OST is a mini, all in one tool kit designed specifically to fit inside the AR 15 pistol grips. The OST comes with three tools.

The first is a carbon scraper that will grind the carbon off of the most vital parts of your BCG and AR 15 in general. This stainless-steel scraper is designed to get in deep and go hard. This scraper is designed for serious use and will last just about forever. The second tool is a fire starter rod. You can use the carbon scraper to create sparks with this rob, and therefore start a fire.

The last tool is a knife sharpening ceramic rod that allows you to fine tune your knife’s blade. It’s simple, but it works and allows you to keep a blade sharp while in the field. The entire kit is packed in a bright orange container that is the same size as two CR123 batteries. The orange container also doubles as a handle for the knife sharpener and fire starter. This is an awesome tool that sits inside your rifle for when you need it most.

O.S.T. - Operator Survival Tool

The Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories

The SIG M400 is an outstanding rifle that’s a premium design and an all around excellent gun. With just a few accessories it goes from an excellent rifle to an absolutely outstanding rifle. The accessories listed above are designed to enhance the positive features of the rifle. Good luck!

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