The 4 Best Sig MK25 Holsters – Sig Sauer P226 Reviews 2023

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The MK 25 is the chosen variant of the Sig Sauer P226 the U.S. Navy SEALS choose. It’s accurate, reliable, and heavy. The weapon’s weight makes proper holster selection extremely important. A poor holster will make carrying the MK 25 difficult, uncomfortable, and possibly painful.

Below we provide with our recommendations for the 4 best Sig MK25 holsters. Take a gander if you please.

Israeli Military Industries Holsters

Israeli Military Industries, more commonly known as IMI, produces a very wide variety of different tactical pieces of gear. This includes extremely modern holsters for full-sized tactical weapons. The MK 25 is the preferred Sig P226 for the Seals and is outfitted with a rail. If you make use of that rail by attaching a light system you’ll need a holster that can accommodate a light. IMI actually produces one of the better and more affordable options for a light-bearing SIG pistol.

This holster (see full specs) is designed for outside the waistband carry and this holster is specifically designed for tactical operations. It’s considered a level 2 holster that provides the user with a secure holster. This holster uses an active retention device that uses a thumb release on the back side of the holster to release it. This prevents any bad guys from attempting to take your gun.

The IMI holster can rotate for any chosen cant the user desires. This allows the holster to be worn comfortably in a variety of positions around the belt. The IMI is also compatible with a variety of platforms. This includes the basic paddle and belt options as well as a drop leg and low ride platform. The IMI MK 25 holster is exceptionally modular and perfect for the light-bearing MK 25 handgun. It’s without doubt one of the best Sig P226 MK25 holsters you can buy.

REVIEW - IMI Defense Z1600

Gould and Goodrich Pancake Holster

Normally when I say pancake, you think of a delicious hot cake. In this context, we are talking about a specific type of holster. A pancake holster is made from a malleable material like leather. This material flattens, like a pancake, and holds the weapon tight to the body for easy concealed carry. The Gould and Goodrich make concealing the big Mk 25 actually possible. What’s important to remember is that the MK 25 is not a standard Sig P226.

The MK 25 features an aggressive, all-steel Picatinny rail. This rail is used to attach accessories, but even when it’s not used, it makes fitting a weapon to a holster difficult. The rail needs to be accounted for when producing this holster. The Gould and Goodrich Pancake holster accounts for this rail in its design. So the weapon fits in the holster with ease and slides out just as easy.

The Gould and Goodrich holster is made from fine leather and is black to blend in with most color clothing. This Pancake holster uses two slots to cant the weapon slightly forward. The holster features a leather thong to secure the weapon in the holster. This is a button attachment that is easy to defeat, and can be done simultaneously with the draw. This holster is a classic design with an exceptional reputation for quality. It can hold the old boat anchor with ease, and is easily one of the best Sig MK25 holsters period.

Gould & Goodrich at SHOT Show 2012

Galco Miami Classic 2

One of my all time favorite shoulder holsters is the Galco Miami Classic. The Miami 2 is pretty much the perfect shoulder holster. It is comfortable, adjustable and most importantly, supportive. The MK 25 is not a lightweight weapon; it has a boat anchor on it for a reason. The Galco Miami Classic 2 is all leather and extremely supportive, as well as tough and good-looking.

The Miami Classic 2 (see full specs) gains its name from its use in Miami Vice, one of the seminal shows that made shoulder holsters famous. The Galco Miami Classic 2 positions the weapon directly under the armpit and makes concealing the massive weapon a little easier than a waist mounted holster. Of course, to conceal the holster, you’ll need to an overshirt or a jacket to cover it.

The Miami Classic tucks the weapon under your weak arm for an easy draw with your strong arm. Under the strong arm, you have a set of twin magazine pouches. This allows you to carry three magazines in a concealed and efficient manner. The Miami Classic is the only shoulder holster I would trust to carry a weapon as big and heavy as the MK 25.

Sigtac Retention Holster

Why go anywhere else when you can go straight to the maker for a holster? Well, there may be a few reasons, but the Sigtac retention holster is still worth looking at. Sigtac Holsters are paddle holsters that rotate easily and are based on an Israeli design. The Sigtac retention holster is made entirely from Kydex with minimal metal parts. This makes the holster sweat and moisture proof. It also prevents snags, tears, and fraying that can happen to leather.

The Sigtac holster retains an active retention device that makes drawing the weapon rapid but prevents anyone from easily taking your weapon. The active retention device is where the trigger finger naturally falls when you grip the butt of the pistol. Simply press the button and draw the weapon. There is no wasted time in this movement.

The open bottom design of the holster allows the MK 25 to fit with a threaded barrel. While threaded barrels are not a factory standard option for the MK 25 they are a common aftermarket addition. There is also a long protective sight channel to accommodate aftermarket suppressor height sights. The Sigtac Roto holster can, you guessed it, rotate in any direction you choose. So selecting cant is quite intuitive and easy to do. If you run a cant on your pistol, this is easily one of the best Sig Mk25 holsters for you.

SIGTAC RHS Holster Short


The MK 25 is the chosen weapon of the U.S. Navy SEALS for good reason. It’s strong, dependable, accurate, and extremely capable in the right hands. The weapon is well-suited for combat, and a joy to shoot. Find the best Sig MK25 holster is a prudent decision indeed. The wrong holster makes carrying such a big weapon a major pain, and we hope with this article, you can prevent this problem. Good luck!

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