The 4 Best SIG Sauer P239 Holsters – Reviews 2022

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Anyone who owns a SIG Sauer P239 should know how high qualityof a firearm it is.  Therefore, he or she should also recognize the importance of owning a top of the line holster for it as well.

Since the P239 is small enough to be carried concealed and yet just large enough to be worn as a duty firearm if necessary, you can definitely consider both IWB and OWB holsters for your pistol.  It would probably be nice to have at least one of each in your holster collection.

But regardless of whether you use an IWB or OWB holster, it has to be of very high quality.  The worst thing you can do is purchase a crappy holster for your seven hundred dollar gun.  Look for holsters that are smooth enough to draw your pistol quickly and yet have enough of a retention to keep your P239 secured.  You’ll also want a holster that is very comfortable to carry while also riding the grip of the pistol close to your body.

Here are 4 of the best holsters for Sig P239 handguns that feature these criteria and have additional nice features as well:

Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Pancake Holster

You’ll be very happy with the professionally made Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Pancake Holster as it fits the P239 very well with only a limited break-in period.  This holster is designed primarily for duty carry rather than for concealed carry use, but would still be an excellent choice for plainclothes police officers.  As with all Gould & Goodrich products, the Gold Line Pancake holster is manufactured in the United States and made to the very highest quality; in this case, with top grain vegetable tanned genuine leather.  The Gold Line Pancake holster can either be worn straight up or tilted, but either way, it will be placed up to 1 and 3/4  inches on your  belt.  This should be on anyone’s list of the best Sig Sauer P239 holsters.

Gould & Goodrich at SHOT Show 2012

Galco Stow-N-Go IWB Holster

The Stow-N-Go series of IWB holsters from Galco are a superb combination of affordability and  performance.  The open top design of the holster means that your SIG Sauer P239 will be able to be drawn very quickly in the event of an emergency; re-holstering is equally as smooth since the mouth is reinforced and the leather streamlined.  The weapon will be secured to your belt in a vertical fashion, without an angle or cant, thanks to the durable nylon clip.  The holster can be worn appendix carry on the front of the hip, in the cross draw position, or on the strong side right hip position.  All belt one and three quarters of an inch or less will work with the Stow-N-Go holster.

Desantis Thumb Break

Old School Cool is the first thing I think when it comes to the Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard. The second is usefulness and reliability. The Desantis thumb break scabbard is an OWB holster made from leather and uses an old school thumb break with an FBI cant. This presents the gun at a downward angle that makes it a more natural movement when drawing the gun. This style of holster is what’s known as a pancake style, and it holds the gun very tight to the body. This makes it extremely easy to conceal and comfortable at the same time. Desantis makes some quality holsters and they always have. This classic design is without a doubt one of the best holsters for Sig P239’s.

DeSantis thumb break scabbard holster review featuring 1911

Safariland ALS

The Safariland series of holsters is famous and famous for a reason. They work and work very well. Safariland holsters are extremely popular with law enforcement, and concealed carries. Their holsters are exceptionally well made and designed for a secure and custom fit. ALS stands for Automated Locking System which secures the weapon in the holster. To defeat the retention device you press down on a lever with your thumb and pull upwards. The SIG P2309 will be rock solid and secure in its holster.

The Safariland ALS holster also utilizes a paddle system to position the weapon for a quick and easy draw. It also keeps the gun close to the body and makes it very easy to conceal. The inside of the holster has a suede lining to protect your gun’s finish. The Safariland ALS holster is designed to last, and it’s common to see them serve for years and years with police forces. The Safariland ALS holsters are perfect for long-term use and carry and easily one of the best holsters for Sig P239 pistols around

Safariland® Model 6378 ALS® Concealment Paddle & Belt Slide Combo Holster

What Kind of a Holster Would You Want for Your SIG Sauer P239?

There are a wide variety of available holsters for the P239 out on the market because it has become such a popular pistol in the United States.  For this reason, we have included both IWB and OWB holsters on our list.  So what kind of holster would you want for your P239?

The fact is that the P239 is neither a tiny nor a full size weapon, and fits various niches and thus fits well in multiple holsters as a result.  It’s a single stack firearm that carries well both OWB and IWB.  Many women even carry the P239 in a full size or medium purse.  It doesn’t add much weight and it’s certainly is an efficient way to carry the gun as well.

But when it comes to actual holsters, the P239 is more than adequate for deep concealment.  The SHTF Gear holster we talked about first causes the P239 to hug very close to your body, but the medium to small controls and smooth finish of the P239 make it perfectly acceptable for this option.  At the same time, the P239 is large enough of a weapon that it could be open carried in an OWB holster as well and sit very comfortably there thanks to its light weight.

The point of this is that there is no one best holster for P239 handguns; it depends on what you’re using it for.  We do recommend that you carry your P239 in a belt holster just like any other compact sized carry pistol, where it will conceal well and not get in the way as you go about your daily business.  Good luck!

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