The 6 Best Glock Accessories – Glock Upgrades Review 2023

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Asking for the best Glock upgrades and accessories is like asking for the best accessories for a small block Chevy engine. There are a TON of amazing products that are highly regarded and very popular. But with a bit of determination, I found a few wildly popular accessories that Glock owners seem to not be able to live without. Ranging from tools to scope mounts and even kits to convert your favorite Glock into a carbine, if it can be thought of, can fit a Glock and is legal, it’s out there somewhere.

We’ve picked six of the best Glock accessories and upgrades out there:

Tactical Scope Mount

Now this Glock accessory is just plain fun. Handguns fitted with scopes and red dots are extremely popular for hunting, advanced target shooting and certain competition. Because Glocks are quite suitable for hunting (the mighty 10mm round is great for medium sized game), target or competition, a high quality scope mount is a no brainer. Made in Israel, where some of the most innovative firearms research on the planet takes place, the Mako Glock scope mount is a no-gunsmithing-needed drop-in part that is easily installed and fits many common and popular models of Glock pistols. With a built in top Weaver rail that also fits many Picatinny accessories, this lightweight scope mount is just the ticket for adding your favorite red dot or long eye relief scope to your Glock.  It’s one of the best Glock uprades period.

Talon Textured Grips for Glocks

While Glocks are pretty awesome right out of the box, sometimes the grips are, well . . . lacking something. Fortunately, Talon Grips has the solution with their patented, adhesive wrap around grips for most popular Glock model pistols. An ideal Glock accessory, these grips give all the feel of custom stippled grips without making any permanent modifications to your favorite gun. Ideal for tactical and competition uses, these grips provide a positive feel, and reduce the chance of slipping due to sweaty hands, rain, or other adverse conditions. This is the sort of little upgrade that really changes how your entire handgun feels and works for you, and is definitely worth getting if you are not satisfied with stock factory grips.

Glock Tools

OK, we lied. We are going to look at five items but, these two go together like baseball and steroids scandals or baseball and hotdogs. First up is the aptly named Glock tool. Designed to aid in a full takedown of your handgun, it is made of coated metal and is needed for more than a basic field strip, or for taking apart your magazines. And right on the heels of this important tool is the precision nut driver you need to remove your Glock front sights:

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important tools you’d need for your Glock. This inexpensive combo is a must have for any Glock owner who does more than just the barebones upkeep on their handgun. Bar none, these are among the best Glock accessories on the market.

Pearce Grips Frame Insert

You know that little hole in the bottom of your Glock frame? Well a lot of people think it looks ugly, so Pearce Grips offers a wonderful little plug for pretty much every Glock out there. This inexpensive little item makes your Glock more aesthetically pleasing, helps keep dirt, water and debris out of your handgun and makes inserting magazines a bit easier. These grip plugs and frame inserts are some of the most common, affordable, and best Glock upgrades out there, and there is no reason not to get one for each of your Glocks or even to hand them out to friends as gifts who own Glocks!

Jentra Extended slide lock lever

There are few complaints about the Glock automatic pistols. There is very, very little that can be done to make the weapon better. One of those complaints is the slide release is too small and hard to use. The Jentra extended slide lock lever is one solution to this problem. This extended slide release is much easier to engage than the standard slide release. There is also the fact the Jentra slide release can be used easily with gloves. The slide lock levers are aggressively textured and slip free.

The Jentra extended slide lock lever is easy to install, and can be done without a gunsmith. It’s a simple drop in model and fits the vast majority of Glocks. The only model it will not work with is the single stack models. It will work with all generations of the standard double stack models. The slide release is also made from stainless steel, and gives the Glock an awesome two-tone appearance. And this price, you really have nothing to lose in getting this, which is one of the best Glock accessories for the money.

The Options Never End

Now really, we could go on and on and on about Glock accessories. There are sights (see our recommendations), and holsters (recommendations), and lights (recommendations), and lasers (recommendations), all manner of tools, assembly guides, books, even shoulder stocks and carbine conversion kits. If you can imagine it, it probably exists for a Glock. Yet there are always a few things most any Glock owner needs, like the basic tools, and a couple of simple yet highly effective upgrades.  They might not be the sexiest accessories but sometimes you’d need the basics before moving onto bigger and brighter things.

But after you’ve taken care of the basic upgrades you’ll probably find you don’t need much else. After all, the motto is “Glock Perfection” for a reason. Out of the box many people are satisfied with their purchase and never change a thing. But if you do like to tinker and personalize and make your weapon you own, there are a ton of excellent choices out there for you. We listed some of the most common and appealing ones, and hope you agree with our assessment on the best Glock accessories. Good luck

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