The 4 Best Remington 710 Accessories – Upgrades Review 2023

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So why get accessories for your Remington 710? Well, even though the 710 is a great rifle—the classic Remington 700 platform with a few improvements—no rifle is perfect.

Besides, the the Remington 710 is designed to be customized, and to squeeze perfection out of the rifle, you need a few accessories. And we’ve got a few upgrades that might be helpful. So, without further ado . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best Remington 710 accessories on the market:

Remington 710 Accessory 1: GVN Tactical Shell Holder

Extra ammo—it’s something you never think you need until you really, really need it. The Remington 710 is a bolt action rifle that holds either 3 or 4 rounds depending on the caliber. In some situations, that’s 3 to 4 times more ammo than you need. In others, however, that’s absolutely nothing. There is also situations where some loads are better than others so you may want to keep a few different types of ammo on hand.

The GV Tactical shell holder is a multi purpose tool that’s perfect for the Remington 710. It straps around the stock of the rifle and provides you with 7 slots to keep extra ammo on hand. Exposed ammunition can be a problem if you’re hunting due to moisture or rough terrain. The GVN buttstock shell holder comes with the ability to detach the shell holders easily and to cover the shells. The actual loops can detach from the rest of the system.

The shell holder also acts as a padded cheek rest. This provides you with a nice and soft means to rest your cheek against the gun. A solid cheek rest is critical to the fundamentals of marksmanship. The high rise pad is perfect for scopes mounted low or high and it never gets in the way. Pulling rounds from the shell holder is easy, but they’re tight enough to stay in place as you cross rough terrain.

Remington 710 Accessory 2: Allen Cascade Neoprene Sling

Any and every rifle needs a sling. I’ve said it once and I’ll always say it. The Remington 710 is designed basically for hunting. Sure, it can for other purposes, but at its heart, it’s a hunting rifle. The Allen Cascade is a classic and simple sling with some modern touches to it. Since the Remington 710 is equipped with sling swivels, the gun is ready to go out of the box. The Cascade takes the classic and well-proven two-handed hunting sling and makes it more comfortable and easier to carry.

The Allen Cascade feature the cobra style design. This means the end of the sling facing the barrel slowly gets larger and flares outwards. This wider padded portion is designed to be the portion that rests on the shoulder. The wider portion of the sling helps reduce pain and fatigue associated with slinging a rifle. This wider pad better distributes the weight of the weapon better and makes it comfortable for carrying for long periods of time.

What’s different about the Allen Cascade sling is that it’s not just nylon or cordura. The sling uses neoprene to aid in the sling being carried comfortably. Neoprene stretches a bit and is a softer overall material. This little bit of stretch allows it to move as you move, increasing comfort. It’s an excellent addition to any Remington 710.

Remington 710 Accessory 3: The CVLife Bipod

The Remington 710 is a highly accurate bolt-action rifle capable of putting round after round into a target. The slow fire nature of a bolt action rifle really stresses accuracy and sure shot placement. What helps with sure shot placement and increased accuracy? A bipod! Since the Remington 710 is equipped with sling swivels it’s pretty easy to attach a bipod to. The Remington 710 and the CVlife bipod are a perfect pair.

The CVlife Bipod attaches to the sling swivel of a weapon and locks in place nice and tight. Once in place, it offers anywhere from 9 to 13 inches of clearance via its fully adjustable legs. The legs can be adjusted independently, meaning you can easily compensate for uncertain and uneven terrain. The bipod weighs only .78 of a pound. Yes, that’s right, only a little more than three quarters of a pound. Not only is it super lightweight, but it’s also made entirely of steel and aluminum. This means it’s light but incredibly durable.

It’s also priced surprisingly well. The legs have 5 different settings so they are quite adjustable. You can really fine-tune the height of this bad boy and get on target without having to muscle your rifle. The Remington 710 comes chambered in some powerful calibers, including the .300 Winchester Magnum. The CVLife bipod can easily withstand and absorb the recoil of any caliber the 710 chambers.

Remington 710 Accessory 4: Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn

Pop quiz: When is most hunting done? Easy answer: As the sun rises and the sets. Deer especially tend to move and feed around these times. For deer, it’s nice and cool then, with enough light to search for food. Once the heat of the day sets in, they like to bed down and relax. These exact situations are what the Dusk and Dawn are built for. It’s literally in the name. The Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn scope is a simple scope that’s made for low-light hunting.

The low-light capability starts with the Dusk and Dawn Brightness coating on the lenses (see full specs). This low light specialized coating is designed to ensure every little bit of light comes into scope. These coating is applied to every lenses that touches air. When it comes to hunting you may have less than a second to get the gun to your shoulder and your eyes on target. That’s where the fast-focus eyepiece comes into play. It’s quick and easy to get on target and take that shot.

The Bushnell Dusk and Dawn scope is the perfect companion to any Remington 710 designed for hunting. This 3 to 9 power scope and its simple 40mm objective lenses are perfect for most calibers. It’s water, shock, and fogproof so it’ll last forever too.

The Remington 710

The Remington 710 maybe be technically discontinued, but it lives on in the hands of many a sportsman. The Remington 710 is an excellent rifle: it’s well made, and it shoots straight. Just a few accessories can modernize and take the rifle from average to superb. Good luck!

Remington 710 bolt disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.

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